Organic SEO is Outdated for Local Businesses!

Organic SEO is Outdated for Local Businesses!

Don’t Waste Your Advertising Budget on Organic SEO!

As someone who has been active in building local businesses in 47 states and 9 countries for the last 40 years, I read a lot to keep up with changes in the marketplace. In a recent study of local businesses, it was reported that 85% would be seeking to implement Organic SEO this year. The problem is Local SEO has replaced Organic SEO for all local businesses, so many local businesses will be wasting their advertising dollars on outdated Organic SEO.

So what is “SEO”? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is sending the signals to Google and all other search engines that your content is most relevant to the term searched. Done properly, it will get your website listed near the top of page #1 of Google for your top keywords.

Advertising Budget

Organic SEO is Outdated for Local Businesses

So how is Organic SEO outdated? The problem with organic SEO is you are competing with million-dollar websites like Yelp, Wikipedia,, Tripadvisor, etc… to try to gain position in search results. These million-dollar sites have so much “SEO juice” that your little local website will never surpass them in the search results. The top organic search results are taken up by these million-dollar, national websites.

Organic SEO Does Not Appear in Google Maps

So what are the other problems with Organic SEO? Another place Organic SEO loses a huge part of their market share is in Google Maps. Google Maps is about 50% of all Google searches, and organic listings DO NOT get displayed in Google Maps.

Google My Business positioning example

So what avoids missing a majority of the market share for any business? Google Plus which is also known as Google My Business. Google created Google Plus so that Local Businesses do not have to compete with national, million-dollar websites. In the example above, look at the listings highlighted in the red box I added so you can easily see where Google Plus results are positioned on the page.

Small Businesses Versus Big Businesses
Google My Business

With Google Plus, your results are positioned at the very top of the search results, above organic search results. Additionally only Google Plus listings are displayed in Google Maps, doubling your exposure. So by using and optimizing your local business listing to the top 3 listings of Google Plus you will get 400% more results because consumers do not have to scroll down and your listing is displayed in Google Maps, which is half of all Google searches.

Only 10-20% of the Competition

Because 80-90% of local businesses are focusing on outdated Organic SEO, there is only 10-20% of the competition in Google Plus. This gives the “early implementers” a huge competitive advantage!

Local SEO Costs Less!

So how much does it cost to implement? The good news is Local SEO costs less to implement than outdated Organic SEO. I have Google Plus Local SEO Profits Programs starting at only $247 per month! Every business is different and has a different level of competition online, so their situation needs to be evaluated to make a plan to beat your competition.

Please feel free to call Larry at (702)940-9750 for a FREE SEO Audit to show you exactly how Local SEO will work as the most consistent, cost-effective source of new business and profits.

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I hate to see local businesses waste money on advertising! If you have tried organic SEO and not received the results you wanted, we should talk. If you are thinking about implementing Organic SEO, call me BEFORE you waste your money! I look forward to speaking with you soon to show you how to get the most consistent, cost-effective advertising possible. Call Larry at (702)940-9750 to create the most consistent, cost-effective advertising available.

How to Increase Your Advertising Response by up to 721%!

It is easy when you know how… Marketing 101 is:

  • The Right Message
  • To the Right Market
  • At the Right Time
  • In the Right Media

Starting in 1976, I built and sold 3 service businesses in Newport Beach, CA against a horde of 1500 other competitors in Orange County. I was stunned when the Branding advertising strategies I learned in my college advertising and marketing classes did not work for local businesses.

Advertising Response and Profits are Directly Tied to

the Strength of Your Marketing Message

What I learned in the real business world was that the strength your marketing message will make or break all your advertising Return On  Investment. I excelled in the premiere Media at that time, Yellow Page advertising, to the point where I was getting most all the calls under my category, because I had the most compelling marketing message.

The same is true today with the marketing message a prospect sees at a dental practices website, Google My Business and Yelp pages. The information available about your business has to be the most compelling that your prospect sees to win their business, especially now with 85% of local prospects going to the internet.

When I improved my marketing message in my first business, my advertising Return On Investment shot up 721%! That more than tripled my profit margin. I knew I had a secret formula very few business owners knew. That ad was so successful Bill Blazer asked me if he could share it in his book, “Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful”. It appears on page 26 of his book.

High Level Consultation

The top marketing consultant to my industry Joe Polish, who has the top selling marketing course at Nightengale-Connant, told me, “Larry you know more about marketing messages than anyone I’ve met. You should write a book!”

I thought about it, and he was right. So I went about assembling and researching every possible “response trigger” that could be added to a marketing message to make it so powerfully compelling that few prospects could resist its’ attraction. I assembled a list of 12 Response Triggers that pique the interest level of any prospect.

The Prospects’ Ladder of Interest

1) Between 1 – 3 Response Triggers = interest level barely raised

2) Between 4 – 6 Response Triggers = interest level increased

3) Between 7-9 Response Triggers = interest level increased significantly

4) Between 10-12 Response Triggers = interest level peaked and immediate response activated

Marketing Secret Discovered

The marketing secret I discovered was that by increasing the Response Triggers in the marketing message, I could increase my advertising response and profits by up to 721%, because it dramatically raises the prospects level of interest in what is being sold, so that they act immediately, which virtually eliminates the competition.

Hundreds of Dental practices I have worked with in 47 states have found that their powerfully compelling marketing message has created the dominant practice in their area. Doing tens of millions of dollars of “testing” of marketing messages for dentists all over the United States has shown me exactly which headlines, response triggers, and new patient offers outperform all the other options in attracting patients that pay, stay and refer their family and friends.

Having all your advertising outperform your competition gives you a competitive advantage because you are able to attract new patients at half or a third of the cost your competitors must spend. Now you can go “herd-to-head” and win against your toughest competition in the most competitive Media. This allows you to grow your practice and profits more consistently and predictably than all your competitors.

Several Doctors have commented that the marketing messages I crafted for their practices have paid for their vacation homes!

What Questions Need to be Answered for a

Prospect to Make a Buying Decision?

There are 10 questions that have to be answered in  the prospects mind before they make a buying decision.

The 10 Questions Your Prospect Has to Have Answered to Make a Buying Decision:

1) What’s in it for me?

2) What’s the risk to me?

3) Who can I speak to if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

4) Why should I do business with you above any and all choices?

The first 33% of prospects make a purchase here


5) Who else has done business with them?

6) How easily accessible are they?

7) How do I contact them and what do I do next?

8) Why should I buy or make an appointment right now?

The second 33% of prospects make a purchase here.


9) How can I find out more about this?

10) What if I want to speak to a real person to ask a question before I make a buying decision?

The third 33% of prospects make a purchase only after seeing overwhelming evidence that your business is their best choice of local provider.

Here are the 12 Advertising Response Triggers that are proven to work in ANY Media, online or offline

These 12 response triggers answer all 10 questions prospects have in their mind when making a buying decision.

1) Unique Selling Proposition – this details what makes you different and better

2) Targeted, Benefit Filled Headline – should stop your ideal target prospect in their tracks

3) Emotional, Pertinent Photo or Graphic with Caption

4) Guarantee, Personal Promise – shows you stand behind your work

5) Powerful Testimonials – adds credibility to your marketing message

6) Bullets – summarizes the benefits of doing business with your business

7) Secondary Means of Response

8) Offer For New Ideal Clients –their main judgment on the value you provide will be determined in their first purchase

9) Call to Action

10) Where to position key content, in your website

11) Reader Gravity, Continuity and Layout – continuous eye flow

12) Phone Number(s), Soft Offer

Avoid Wasting Your Marketing Dollars on Advertising that Will NEVER Work!

Many local practices wrongly believe that their advertising dollars should be spent on “building the Brand”. What they fail to realize is they are attempting to Build a Brand against Nike, Coca-Cola, Target and other conglomerates that spend $500 million to establish their brand, and maybe $100 million a year to maintain that Brand Identity”.

Advertising dollars for local practices need to be accountable and make the phone ring with new patients as a first priority, with Branding being secondary to building the practice.

So see how many of these 12 money-making response triggers are in your practices marketing message, especially in your website. Add as many response triggers as you can to increase your response.

Marketing Message Help is Available

If you want help upgrading your marketing message, I can assure you it is much cheaper to upgrade your marketing message to a powerfully compelling one than to keep losing patients you should be getting by using your weak old marketing message. Call me today for FREE, Friendly Phone Advice at (702)940-9750.

Google Plus Marketing Gets Your Business to Page #1 of Google’s Search Results

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus marketing is the most cost-effective place to start your internet advertising.

Google Plus Marketing!

Recent advertising studies confirm the rapid decline of print advertising response. 85% of prospects that used to go to the Yellow Pages and local print publications now search for the products and services they want to buy on the internet. Google positions their “3-pack” of local Google Plus pages on page #1 of Google’s local search results, and Google Plus has replaced the old, printed Yellow Pages for sourcing local vendors of products and services.

ALL businesses should be dedicating 85% of their advertising budget to internet advertising starting with their Google Plus page, and only 15% to print advertising. Failing to adapt to this quantum shift in the way prospects buy will put many local businesses out of business.

Charles Darwin said, “It is the species that is quickest to adapt to changes that survives and thrives.” The same is true for local businesses. They must quickly adapt to the new way prospects source products and services on Google Plus to not be losing thousands in sales. Is your business quickly adapting to these changes in the way people find local vendors of the products and services they want to buy right now?

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Get Search Engine Optimization Henderson NV

Search Engine Optimization Henderson NV

20 years ago many businesses relied on Yellow Pages to bring them a steady stream of new clients and patients. Now people use the Yellow Pages 5% as much as they did 20 years ago, and local businesses are asking, “Where should I invest my advertising dollars for the best return on my investment in 2015?”

The answer is prospects now do 85-90% of their local vendor searches online. Google gets 85% of those searches, and although there are thousands of other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, today we are going to focus on Google because it completely dominates the search engine market. Without first page visibility on Google, businesses are invisible to 85% their prospective clients. The Yellow Pages are not coming back, and the internet is not going away, so now local businesses really need to build their visibility on page 1 of Google for their top keywords.

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How Business Marketing Agencies Make You Money!

There is a lot of confusion about what a good, legitimate business marketing agency can do for your local business. All too frequently I see business marketing agencies that push 1 Media because that is where their knowledge is the strongest. But that does not usually provide the best results for that business.

Business Marketing Agencies Should Audit Your Advertising

I have found that the best way to help any business is to analyze where they are spending their advertising dollars, analyze the strength of the marketing message in their advertising, and then make recommendations on how to make ALL their advertising more cost-effective. Frequently we choose to drop the worst performing ads and use those advertising dollars where they will return more profits.

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Quit Wasting Your Money on the Wrong Type of Advertising!

Today, I am going to expose one of the myths of small business advertising. The myth I am speaking about is the myth that the primary purpose of a small businesses advertising is to build your Brand. The actual primary purpose of advertising is to get your phone to ring with qualified prospects that are ready to buy what you sell.

90% of the success of any advertising is in the headline. Prospects scan headlines just like they are reading a newspaper. They scan the headlines, then go back to the ones that looked interesting and had benefit to them. So if prospects are looking for interesting and benefit laden headlines, which headline do you think will get more attention and response – “Charlie’s Carpet Cleaning” (the name of his business – Branding) or “You Get the Most Sparkling Clean, Fresh and Fluffy Carpet Ever Seen or It’s FREE!”?

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Testimonials and Reviews Increase Advertising Profits in Print Ads AND Online!

Testimonials are one of the most potent weapons a business owner has in his arsenal. They cannot be overused! 

“You want to capture and utilize as much social proof and testimonials

as humanly possible” – Marketing Guru Joe Polish.

Don’t operate on the arrogant presumption that what your claims in your advertising will be automatically trusted and believed. That’s just brain-dead stupid! At least half of everything that you claim in your advertising will be instantly discounted, discredited, and disbelieved.

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Website Development Strategies

There are many facets to website development. One facet of website development is how your website navigation is set up. Some websites have the navigation tabs on the left column, and some have the navigation tabs across the top of the website, left to right. Either of these is more personal preference than a critical function, until you see what your website visitors prefer.

But should you own personal preferences outweigh the preferences of your website visitors? Not if you want to maximize sales from your website!

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Website Design Conversion to Sale Strategies

I frequently get people asking me about profitable website design. I fix a lot of “broken websites”. Broken websites usually have to do with a website with no traffic, or website designs with traffic but no sales. In this post, I am going to address website designs with traffic, but no sales.

Clients call me to tell me that they completed their website design, and added all the content they wanted to add. They have initiated a pay-per-click or SEO strategy to get traffic to their website. They have qualified traffic to their website, but they get no calls or sales from their website.

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How to Position Your Business to Get FREE Clicks on Page #1 of Google Search

Every business owner has heard, “You need to have presence on the internet.” This leads to them usually at least building a rudimentary website. There is a belief that “If you build it, they will come.” This belief proves to be false when it comes to your website design and development.

Website Development for Henderson NV Businesses

A website on the internet is like building a convenience store in the middle of the Mohave Desert with no roads leading to it. Yes, you have a business. But no one knows how to get there, or how to buy from you. This is a major problem for many people with underdeveloped websites on the internet. Websites that are difficult to find because of their Google ranking will never establish traffic to the website unless you pay for Google AdWords or have another driving force directing traffic to your website. That is probably the most expensive way to get traffic to your website.

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