How to Increase Your Advertising Response by up to 721%!

It is easy when you know how… Marketing 101 is:

  • The Right Message
  • To the Right Market
  • At the Right Time
  • In the Right Media

Starting in 1976, I built and sold 3 service businesses in Newport Beach, CA against a horde of 1500 other competitors in Orange County. I was stunned when the Branding advertising strategies I learned in my college advertising and marketing classes did not work for local businesses.

Advertising Response and Profits are Directly Tied to

the Strength of Your Marketing Message

What I learned in the real business world was that the strength your marketing message will make or break all your advertising Return On  Investment. I excelled in the premiere Media at that time, Yellow Page advertising, to the point where I was getting most all the calls under my category, because I had the most compelling marketing message.

The same is true today with the marketing message a prospect sees at a dental practices website, Google My Business and Yelp pages. The information available about your business has to be the most compelling that your prospect sees to win their business, especially now with 85% of local prospects going to the internet.

When I improved my marketing message in my first business, my advertising Return On Investment shot up 721%! That more than tripled my profit margin. I knew I had a secret formula very few business owners knew. That ad was so successful Bill Blazer asked me if he could share it in his book, “Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful”. It appears on page 26 of his book.

High Level Consultation

The top marketing consultant to my industry Joe Polish, who has the top selling marketing course at Nightengale-Connant, told me, “Larry you know more about marketing messages than anyone I’ve met. You should write a book!”

I thought about it, and he was right. So I went about assembling and researching every possible “response trigger” that could be added to a marketing message to make it so powerfully compelling that few prospects could resist its’ attraction. I assembled a list of 12 Response Triggers that pique the interest level of any prospect.

The Prospects’ Ladder of Interest

1) Between 1 – 3 Response Triggers = interest level barely raised

2) Between 4 – 6 Response Triggers = interest level increased

3) Between 7-9 Response Triggers = interest level increased significantly

4) Between 10-12 Response Triggers = interest level peaked and immediate response activated

Marketing Secret Discovered

The marketing secret I discovered was that by increasing the Response Triggers in the marketing message, I could increase my advertising response and profits by up to 721%, because it dramatically raises the prospects level of interest in what is being sold, so that they act immediately, which virtually eliminates the competition.

Hundreds of Dental practices I have worked with in 47 states have found that their powerfully compelling marketing message has created the dominant practice in their area. Doing tens of millions of dollars of “testing” of marketing messages for dentists all over the United States has shown me exactly which headlines, response triggers, and new patient offers outperform all the other options in attracting patients that pay, stay and refer their family and friends.

Having all your advertising outperform your competition gives you a competitive advantage because you are able to attract new patients at half or a third of the cost your competitors must spend. Now you can go “herd-to-head” and win against your toughest competition in the most competitive Media. This allows you to grow your practice and profits more consistently and predictably than all your competitors.

Several Doctors have commented that the marketing messages I crafted for their practices have paid for their vacation homes!

What Questions Need to be Answered for a

Prospect to Make a Buying Decision?

There are 10 questions that have to be answered in  the prospects mind before they make a buying decision.

The 10 Questions Your Prospect Has to Have Answered to Make a Buying Decision:

1) What’s in it for me?

2) What’s the risk to me?

3) Who can I speak to if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

4) Why should I do business with you above any and all choices?

The first 33% of prospects make a purchase here


5) Who else has done business with them?

6) How easily accessible are they?

7) How do I contact them and what do I do next?

8) Why should I buy or make an appointment right now?

The second 33% of prospects make a purchase here.


9) How can I find out more about this?

10) What if I want to speak to a real person to ask a question before I make a buying decision?

The third 33% of prospects make a purchase only after seeing overwhelming evidence that your business is their best choice of local provider.

Here are the 12 Advertising Response Triggers that are proven to work in ANY Media, online or offline

These 12 response triggers answer all 10 questions prospects have in their mind when making a buying decision.

1) Unique Selling Proposition – this details what makes you different and better

2) Targeted, Benefit Filled Headline – should stop your ideal target prospect in their tracks

3) Emotional, Pertinent Photo or Graphic with Caption

4) Guarantee, Personal Promise – shows you stand behind your work

5) Powerful Testimonials – adds credibility to your marketing message

6) Bullets – summarizes the benefits of doing business with your business

7) Secondary Means of Response

8) Offer For New Ideal Clients –their main judgment on the value you provide will be determined in their first purchase

9) Call to Action

10) Where to position key content, in your website

11) Reader Gravity, Continuity and Layout – continuous eye flow

12) Phone Number(s), Soft Offer

Avoid Wasting Your Marketing Dollars on Advertising that Will NEVER Work!

Many local practices wrongly believe that their advertising dollars should be spent on “building the Brand”. What they fail to realize is they are attempting to Build a Brand against Nike, Coca-Cola, Target and other conglomerates that spend $500 million to establish their brand, and maybe $100 million a year to maintain that Brand Identity”.

Advertising dollars for local practices need to be accountable and make the phone ring with new patients as a first priority, with Branding being secondary to building the practice.

So see how many of these 12 money-making response triggers are in your practices marketing message, especially in your website. Add as many response triggers as you can to increase your response.

Marketing Message Help is Available

If you want help upgrading your marketing message, I can assure you it is much cheaper to upgrade your marketing message to a powerfully compelling one than to keep losing patients you should be getting by using your weak old marketing message. Call me today for FREE, Friendly Phone Advice at (702)940-9750.

There is a lot of confusion about what a good, legitimate business marketing agency can do for your local business. All too frequently I see business marketing agencies that push 1 Media because that is where their knowledge is the strongest. But that does not usually provide the best results for that business.

Business Marketing Agencies Should Audit Your Advertising

I have found that the best way to help any business is to analyze where they are spending their advertising dollars, analyze the strength of the marketing message in their advertising, and then make recommendations on how to make ALL their advertising more cost-effective. Frequently we choose to drop the worst performing ads and use those advertising dollars where they will return more profits.

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Testimonials are one of the most potent weapons a business owner has in his arsenal. They cannot be overused! 

“You want to capture and utilize as much social proof and testimonials

as humanly possible” – Marketing Guru Joe Polish.

Don’t operate on the arrogant presumption that what your claims in your advertising will be automatically trusted and believed. That’s just brain-dead stupid! At least half of everything that you claim in your advertising will be instantly discounted, discredited, and disbelieved.

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When I am consulting small businesses on website design and sketch animation videos, I usually get the same questions. One of the first the business owner asks is, “What content should I include in my website design?”

The answer most website design and sketch animation video consultants give creates a poorly designed website. When you really think about your website design, you want to identify the top keywords that prospects will use for your business that are achievable first. By achievable I mean you do not want to choose words other competitors are spending a lot of time and money on, unless you have a lot of time and money to compete with them.

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What are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when building a website? Well today, I am going to cover a mistake I have made and see many small business owners making – Hiring multiple contractors to complete different tasks on your website.

When you search Google for the keywords “website design” or “website development”, there are websites that will let you leave a summary of the work you want done so many contractors can bid on it for you. On paper, this seems like a good and workable idea. In application, I have found it to be a complete and total disaster. So why does it turn your website design into a disaster when you hire multiple vendors to complete different parts of your website?

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Everyone is adding short videos to the home page of their website to improve visitor engagement, and increase their national and local Google rankings. Video works great for website rankings because you can syndicate your video and get massive exposure. When your video is done right, your website will outrank all the competitors websites without video in the search engines.

3 Types of Video Produced for Websites

The first is just a basic video of your store or office, the owner, and possibly the staff. The second type of video is where still images are used in a video sequence. But the newest and most exciting type of video is the sketch animation video. Have you see sketch animation video on website or TV yet? You are going to see a lot more of it, because it works!

All 3 types of video are proven to be more engaging that plain text on your home page. Video is great for your prospects because it “spoon feeds” them your marketing message without them even having to read it. Now that’s EASY, and prospects like easy.

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Why are headlines so critically important to the success of any advertising, offline or online?

The biggest reason that headlines are so important is because if your headline does not stop your ideal prospect in their tracks, it is as if they never saw your advertising. This is true for print, radio, TV, and online advertising. It is said that your headline is 90% of your response in advertising, but it could be argued that it is 100% because if your headline fails to stop your ideal prospect in their tracks, they will not be returning to read the rest of the copy in your ad.

With print advertising, the prospect just turns the page if your headline fails to attract their interest. With your website, the prospect simply clicks the “Back” button or on another link, and they are on to the next search for the benefits they seek.

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When you go to hire a graphic designer, you need to ask yourself this question, “Do I want a pretty ad, or one that compels my ideal prospects to call me?” Any graphic designer can make you a pretty ad, but I see many pretty ads with horrible eye flow and typography. These mistakes kill your advertising response and profits.

Eye Flow in Graphic Design & Website Design

The eye flow in your advertising should start at the top left, and end at the bottom right. You should be able to take a pen and draw a continuous line where the prospect’s eye should flow through your ad or website. If your ad has bad eye flow, your prospects will jump over most of your copy, so they will not get your complete marketing message and call you.

Bad Typography Reduces Comprehension Which Reduces Sales

If your ad has bad typography, your prospect will not be able to comprehend what your ad says, and they will not be responding to your ad because prospects do not buy what they do not understand. The biggest mistake I see with typography is using all CAPITALS.

Typography is what creates your “voice inflection” when writing. WHEN YOU USE ALL CAPITALS,  it is like you are shouting at your prospects. Not only are you shouting at them, but studies have proven that you reduce comprehension when you use all capitals. Your comprehension will improve in your advertising when you use more effective methods like using Title Caps in your headlings and subheadings. There is only 1 place where you should use all capitals, and unfortunately it is the response trigger I see completely missing in most ads I audit.

So What Are the Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes I See

When I Audit Advertising?

The biggest mistake I see in graphic design eye flow is having too many graphics. Prospects are used to viewing the graphics in an ad first, especially the ones with pictures of people. When your prospects look at the graphics in your ad and then look right from there, (prospects read left to right naturally in this country) are they looking at the ad to the right of yours or turning the page? The job of a graphic or image in any advertisement is to draw the eye to the beginning of the ad, and to lead into your headline to help begin your marketing message loaded with response triggers. If your graphic(s) cause the reader to jump over some or all of your copy, this is killing your advertising response.

Another HUGE mistake I see in graphic design typography is ruining the comprehension by using difficult to read typestyles, using centering when it should be left justified as in the case of bullet points, and using colors and graphics behind the copy that reduces the contrast between the background and the copy. When you reduce the contrast, studies have proven that you simultaneously reduce the comprehension.

One commonly used typestyle actually reduces comprehension in scientific studies from 87% to only 12%! Ironically, I see many Henderson, NV graphic designers, web designers and developers that obviously do not understand the importance of a high comprehension typestyle as their entire website is in the typestyle that reduces comprehension from 87 to 12%. Prospects do not buy a selling proposition or offer they do not understand, so these typestyle mistakes kill sales and advertising response.

So next time you want to hire a graphic designer, I recommend you have me put your proposed ad or website design through my trademarked 60-Point Advertising Audit Process™. This Advertising Audit will show you the strengths and weaknesses in your advertising BEFORE you run it so you can maximize your advertising’s effectiveness and profits. Then I can show you how to get the most profitable graphic design or website design possible.

FREE Offer

For a FREE 60-Point Advertising Audit, email your best ad or website domain to contact me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website. I look forward to showing you how to increase your profits from your existing advertising with perfect graphic design eye flow and typography.