Organic SEO is Outdated for Local Businesses!

Don’t Waste Your Advertising Budget on Organic SEO!

As someone who has been active in building local businesses in 47 states and 9 countries for the last 40 years, I read a lot to keep up with changes in the marketplace. In a recent study of local businesses, it was reported that 85% would be seeking to implement Organic SEO this year. The problem is Local SEO has replaced Organic SEO for all local businesses, so many local businesses will be wasting their advertising dollars on outdated Organic SEO.

So what is “SEO”? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is sending the signals to Google and all other search engines that your content is most relevant to the term searched. Done properly, it will get your website listed near the top of page #1 of Google for your top keywords.

Advertising Budget

Organic SEO is Outdated for Local Businesses

So how is Organic SEO outdated? The problem with organic SEO is you are competing with million-dollar websites like Yelp, Wikipedia,, Tripadvisor, etc… to try to gain position in search results. These million-dollar sites have so much “SEO juice” that your little local website will never surpass them in the search results. The top organic search results are taken up by these million-dollar, national websites.

Organic SEO Does Not Appear in Google Maps

So what are the other problems with Organic SEO? Another place Organic SEO loses a huge part of their market share is in Google Maps. Google Maps is about 50% of all Google searches, and organic listings DO NOT get displayed in Google Maps.

Google My Business positioning example

So what avoids missing a majority of the market share for any business? Google Plus which is also known as Google My Business. Google created Google Plus so that Local Businesses do not have to compete with national, million-dollar websites. In the example above, look at the listings highlighted in the red box I added so you can easily see where Google Plus results are positioned on the page.

Small Businesses Versus Big Businesses
Google My Business

With Google Plus, your results are positioned at the very top of the search results, above organic search results. Additionally only Google Plus listings are displayed in Google Maps, doubling your exposure. So by using and optimizing your local business listing to the top 3 listings of Google Plus you will get 400% more results because consumers do not have to scroll down and your listing is displayed in Google Maps, which is half of all Google searches.

Only 10-20% of the Competition

Because 80-90% of local businesses are focusing on outdated Organic SEO, there is only 10-20% of the competition in Google Plus. This gives the “early implementers” a huge competitive advantage!

Local SEO Costs Less!

So how much does it cost to implement? The good news is Local SEO costs less to implement than outdated Organic SEO. I have Google Plus Local SEO Profits Programs starting at only $247 per month! Every business is different and has a different level of competition online, so their situation needs to be evaluated to make a plan to beat your competition.

Please feel free to call Larry at (702)940-9750 for a FREE SEO Audit to show you exactly how Local SEO will work as the most consistent, cost-effective source of new business and profits.

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I hate to see local businesses waste money on advertising! If you have tried organic SEO and not received the results you wanted, we should talk. If you are thinking about implementing Organic SEO, call me BEFORE you waste your money! I look forward to speaking with you soon to show you how to get the most consistent, cost-effective advertising possible. Call Larry at (702)940-9750 to create the most consistent, cost-effective advertising available.
Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus marketing is the most cost-effective place to start your internet advertising.

Google Plus Marketing!

Recent advertising studies confirm the rapid decline of print advertising response. 85% of prospects that used to go to the Yellow Pages and local print publications now search for the products and services they want to buy on the internet. Google positions their “3-pack” of local Google Plus pages on page #1 of Google’s local search results, and Google Plus has replaced the old, printed Yellow Pages for sourcing local vendors of products and services.

ALL businesses should be dedicating 85% of their advertising budget to internet advertising starting with their Google Plus page, and only 15% to print advertising. Failing to adapt to this quantum shift in the way prospects buy will put many local businesses out of business.

Charles Darwin said, “It is the species that is quickest to adapt to changes that survives and thrives.” The same is true for local businesses. They must quickly adapt to the new way prospects source products and services on Google Plus to not be losing thousands in sales. Is your business quickly adapting to these changes in the way people find local vendors of the products and services they want to buy right now?

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There is a lot of confusion about what a good, legitimate business marketing agency can do for your local business. All too frequently I see business marketing agencies that push 1 Media because that is where their knowledge is the strongest. But that does not usually provide the best results for that business.

Business Marketing Agencies Should Audit Your Advertising

I have found that the best way to help any business is to analyze where they are spending their advertising dollars, analyze the strength of the marketing message in their advertising, and then make recommendations on how to make ALL their advertising more cost-effective. Frequently we choose to drop the worst performing ads and use those advertising dollars where they will return more profits.

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Today, I am going to expose one of the myths of small business advertising. The myth I am speaking about is the myth that the primary purpose of a small businesses advertising is to build your Brand. The actual primary purpose of advertising is to get your phone to ring with qualified prospects that are ready to buy what you sell.

90% of the success of any advertising is in the headline. Prospects scan headlines just like they are reading a newspaper. They scan the headlines, then go back to the ones that looked interesting and had benefit to them. So if prospects are looking for interesting and benefit laden headlines, which headline do you think will get more attention and response – “Charlie’s Carpet Cleaning” (the name of his business – Branding) or “You Get the Most Sparkling Clean, Fresh and Fluffy Carpet Ever Seen or It’s FREE!”?

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Testimonials are one of the most potent weapons a business owner has in his arsenal. They cannot be overused! 

“You want to capture and utilize as much social proof and testimonials

as humanly possible” – Marketing Guru Joe Polish.

Don’t operate on the arrogant presumption that what your claims in your advertising will be automatically trusted and believed. That’s just brain-dead stupid! At least half of everything that you claim in your advertising will be instantly discounted, discredited, and disbelieved.

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In my website reviews, I see the same common, costly mistakes made that kills any chance of the website producing steady profits. Does your website contain these 5 costly common website design mistakes?

Website Design Mistake #1

Using a template to build your website. There are many interfaces that will offer you a free website. All you do is drag and drop your content and images into their template, and you “instantly” have a website. Some “professional” website designers build your website from a template because it is easier. The problem is Google has difficulty locating and indexing content from a template website.

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Most businesses have been told they need a website to be found on the world wide web, aka “the internet”. So many businesses now have a website. Some used templates that are easy to construct and build, only to find out Google and the other major search engines have trouble indexing their content. If the search engines do not index your content, it is as if you do not exist on the internet. That is why so many owners of template websites have trouble ranking well in Google. The truth is they will never rank well in Google until they upgrade their website to a Word Press or HTML site.

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When you go to hire a graphic designer, you need to ask yourself this question, “Do I want a pretty ad, or one that compels my ideal prospects to call me?” Any graphic designer can make you a pretty ad, but I see many pretty ads with horrible eye flow and typography. These mistakes kill your advertising response and profits.

Eye Flow in Graphic Design & Website Design

The eye flow in your advertising should start at the top left, and end at the bottom right. You should be able to take a pen and draw a continuous line where the prospect’s eye should flow through your ad or website. If your ad has bad eye flow, your prospects will jump over most of your copy, so they will not get your complete marketing message and call you.

Bad Typography Reduces Comprehension Which Reduces Sales

If your ad has bad typography, your prospect will not be able to comprehend what your ad says, and they will not be responding to your ad because prospects do not buy what they do not understand. The biggest mistake I see with typography is using all CAPITALS.

Typography is what creates your “voice inflection” when writing. WHEN YOU USE ALL CAPITALS,  it is like you are shouting at your prospects. Not only are you shouting at them, but studies have proven that you reduce comprehension when you use all capitals. Your comprehension will improve in your advertising when you use more effective methods like using Title Caps in your headlings and subheadings. There is only 1 place where you should use all capitals, and unfortunately it is the response trigger I see completely missing in most ads I audit.

So What Are the Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes I See

When I Audit Advertising?

The biggest mistake I see in graphic design eye flow is having too many graphics. Prospects are used to viewing the graphics in an ad first, especially the ones with pictures of people. When your prospects look at the graphics in your ad and then look right from there, (prospects read left to right naturally in this country) are they looking at the ad to the right of yours or turning the page? The job of a graphic or image in any advertisement is to draw the eye to the beginning of the ad, and to lead into your headline to help begin your marketing message loaded with response triggers. If your graphic(s) cause the reader to jump over some or all of your copy, this is killing your advertising response.

Another HUGE mistake I see in graphic design typography is ruining the comprehension by using difficult to read typestyles, using centering when it should be left justified as in the case of bullet points, and using colors and graphics behind the copy that reduces the contrast between the background and the copy. When you reduce the contrast, studies have proven that you simultaneously reduce the comprehension.

One commonly used typestyle actually reduces comprehension in scientific studies from 87% to only 12%! Ironically, I see many Henderson, NV graphic designers, web designers and developers that obviously do not understand the importance of a high comprehension typestyle as their entire website is in the typestyle that reduces comprehension from 87 to 12%. Prospects do not buy a selling proposition or offer they do not understand, so these typestyle mistakes kill sales and advertising response.

So next time you want to hire a graphic designer, I recommend you have me put your proposed ad or website design through my trademarked 60-Point Advertising Audit Process™. This Advertising Audit will show you the strengths and weaknesses in your advertising BEFORE you run it so you can maximize your advertising’s effectiveness and profits. Then I can show you how to get the most profitable graphic design or website design possible.

FREE Offer

For a FREE 60-Point Advertising Audit, email your best ad or website domain to contact me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website. I look forward to showing you how to increase your profits from your existing advertising with perfect graphic design eye flow and typography.

Website design and development are increasingly important in internet marketing. Google is where most prospects now conduct searches for local vendors. Small businesses need to have a website these days to be found on Google. There are many ways to build a website that range from easy to more difficult. But no matter what type of website you choose, you want it to be one where you can be found on Google.

The last 2 clients I have worked with both had template websites that were not ranked well by Google. Template websites are easy to build with many sources supplying them essentially for free. But is this really the shortcut to being found online?

The answer is a resounding “NO!” Unfortunately, template websites are not indexed well by Google, so part or all of your pages are unlikely to get indexed or ranked when you take the template website shortcut.

The Best Website Design Format Is…

The best format for websites now is Word Press. The Word Press format was specifically created so that Google would be able to index it easily. Both of my clients who had template website had problems with their Google ranking due to many pages not being indexed.

Once we converted their websites to Word Press, you can search Google and see that every page of their website is now indexed. Both of my clients had previously worked with someone on their SEO, but that person had failed to tell them that they will never get a great Google ranking with a template website. Maybe that SEO person didn’t know a template website will kill your Google ranking.

They both spent a lot of money on SEO on their website when upgrading to a Word Press format would have done more to get them ranked well in Google. So it turns out that template websites are the long way to getting a website that gets traffic because you will eventually have to upgrade it to Word Press or a more complex HTML website.

Most web developers that will convert your website to Word Press charge per page. So the sooner you upgrade to Word Press, the less investment will be involved. I recommend you convert your website now before you add more content that will just cost you more to convert over to Word Press.

Word Press Makes Changes Easy!

One of the tremendous benefits of a Word Press website is that most business owners can make changes to their website as easy as changing a Word doc. Word Press requires no HTML coding knowledge for text. Google loves new content so you can easily add new content or change existing content when it needs updating or correcting.

Word Press has many plug-ins and themes that can accommodate most every need. Some themes even take care of much of your SEO for you as they preset your keywords for all your content.

FREE Website Design & Development Strategy Session

If you want your current website evaluated because you want more of your prospects to find your website on Google, please contact me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website so that we can review where you are now, and where you want to go with your website traffic and sales.

As you begin to understand the wide variety of ways you can use mobile marketing for local business marketing, the question comes up, “Where should I start? With adding QR codes to my ads, or would a SMS text option be better?” I get this question all the time at my Local Mobile Marketing Agency.

These are very valid questions. QR Codes look cool, but will they get used so that my prospects can find the information they seek to make a buying decision? Once you understand QR Codes, you will see that you will need more than one. Some interesting things you can do with QR codes is:

1) Make them the color of your logo or company color for better branding.

2) Use them to drive traffic to your home page of your website.

3) Use them to drive traffic to your mobilized website pages.

4) Use them to drive traffic to a special offer.

5) Use them to drive your prospects to the information they seek.

6) Use them to drive prospects to your loyalty program and enroll to receive monthly specials.

I’ve been reading 2 hours daily about mobile marketing, and what people are finding in the application of QR Codes is that if the prospect has not already downloaded the app to read QR Codes, then the propsect is very unlikely to use the QR Code because their phone can not read it.

The other option is SMS texting. SMS texting is where you display a word followed by some numbers that your prospect can use. SMS texting will probably replace 85% of emails because email open rates are below 50% and declining, while text open rates are about 95% get opened and read within 5 minutes. With SMS texting, you can literally send out a message when you are slow and get response within 1 hour! Mobile phone marketing is a perfect way to quickly fill your calendar with appointments.

There are now more than 400% more smart phones in the world than personal computers, and that number is growing daily. Will use of smart phones replace most uses of personal computers? YES! It is happening already. And texting has already been adopted by the masses.

Smart phones are better than personal computers when it comes to reaching your prospects because prospects carry their smart phone and cell phones with them. Their phones are at arms reach 24 hours a day. By comparison, people are in front of their computers only about 4 hours per day on average. So it is 600% easier to reach your prospects with a text message than with an email message. For that reason, you should be focusing your mobile marketing efforts on building a text message list. I believe that one of the easiest ways to do that is with SMS texting.

I set up a demonstration of SMS texting for you to see for yourself how it works. I have a demonstration/loyalty program set up for your to view. You can see how it works by texting LOYALTY to 313131. Once you do that you will see my return message, and receive my special deals.

For your business, I recommend you have prospects and patients enroll in your loyalty program with SMS texting. It takes no extra apps to make it work, so there is no barrier to the information the way there is with QR Codes. You can set up a loyalty program this way very easily, and then include it in ALL your advertising.

You can also use mobile ads to drive traffic to your loyalty program or any information you want your prospects and/or patients to receive.

URGENT! What is happening with mobile marketing and SMS texting is for every text set of numerals, (mine are 313131) there is only 1 word available. Two people can not have the same numbers 313131 and word “LOYALTY”. So the prime words to use are going fast. I highly recommend starting using SMS texting ASAP before your competition gets ahead of you and secures the word(s) you will want to use.

I can help with your mobile marketing including SMS texting set up. Once we set it up, I can add the SMS texting to your ads and website for you. Mobile marketing is a very important part of your businesses future, and the sooner you get started, the less you will be left behind by this ingneious method to reach affluent prospects on their smart phones.

So to answer the question, “Should I use QR Codes or SMS texting to begin my mobile marketing?”, I prefer SMS texting at this point because QR Codes are not being adopted due to the need of a separate app to read them. If you want to discuss how to design a mobile marketing strategy for your practice or business you can contact me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website.