Who Has the Biggest Search Engine Market Share Worldwide?

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As someone who optimizes websites and Google My Business pages for local businesses daily, I want to be sure I am positioning my clients in front of the majority of internet buyers. I also pay attention to trends of which search engines are becoming more and less used.

So this week I conducted a little online research as to market share of the different search engines. What I found was both shocking and predictable. What was predictable is that Google still has, by far, the most market share.

What was not so predictable is that globally, Google moved up 10% in just the last year to 77.43% of all internet searches!

Here are the other search engine’s market share:

No Search Engine Compares to Google!

Baidu – 8.13%

Bing – 7.31%

Yahoo – 5.6%

Ask – .16%

AOL – .04%

Excite – .01%

How Many Internet Searches

Are Conducted Daily?


6,586,013,574 searches globally every day!

That’s 6.5 Billion with a B! So for Google to have 77.43% of all searches (4,464,000,000 searches daily) shows just how critically important being highly visible on Google Search and Google Maps is for all local businesses and practices.

Another key market share consideration is, “What is the primary search engine for your desktop?” Here are the rankings for the US:

Google – 75%

Yahoo – 8%

Bing – 7%

DuckDuckGo – 2%

AOL – 1%

Ask – 1%

Baidu – 1%

How Many Mobile Internet Searches

Are Conducted Daily?


But with the dramatic increase in mobile searches, what is the primary search engine prospects use on their mobile devices in North America?

Google wins again with a whopping 78% market share!

Yahoo drops to 5%

Bing drops to 3%

DuckDuckGo drops to 1%

And Ask and AOL remain at an insignificant 1%

Globally the mobile search engine market share is as follows:

Google move up to 96.17%!

Yahoo down to 1.39%

Bing, Baidu, Ask, Excite and AOL are all below 1% market share

Are You “Fishing in the Wrong Pond?”


If you were going to take a child fishing for the first time, would you go where 5% of the fish are, or would you go to where 75% of the fish are found? Of course you would go where the odds of catching a fish are 15 times greater.

What I see some local businesses and practices do is devote 70% of their marketing budget to something like Yelp or YellowPages.com, that have very little market share. They wind up with too little marketing budget left to be effective with their marketing “Where the fish are!”

They are “Fishing in a Pond” when they should be Fishing in the Ocean!

Are the Mobile Internet Searches Still Increasing?


Yes! More rapidly than ever.

Mobile usage equaled desktop back in 2015. Now mobile usage is outpacing desktop usage dramatically. I have a client with a smog check station and another client with an award-winning hamburger diner. Both of these local businesses get more than 80% of their traffic from prospects searching for a local provider on a mobile device like a smart phone or notepad/tablet.

Mobile users have proven to be more affluent and likely to buy than any other group, so ignoring mobile is a costly mistake for local businesses.

Mobile traffic and user experience is more important than ever. With some mobile page load speeds as slow as 20 seconds, you want your mobile pages to load super quick, so that a prospect does not click away waiting for the page to load.

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