How Business Marketing Agencies Make You Money!

There is a lot of confusion about what a good, legitimate business marketing agency can do for your local business. All too frequently I see business marketing agencies that push 1 Media because that is where their knowledge is the strongest. But that does not usually provide the best results for that business.

Business Marketing Agencies Should Audit Your Advertising

I have found that the best way to help any business is to analyze where they are spending their advertising dollars, analyze the strength of the marketing message in their advertising, and then make recommendations on how to make ALL their advertising more cost-effective. Frequently we choose to drop the worst performing ads and use those advertising dollars where they will return more profits.

Dan Kennedy and Larry Conn in Insider's Circle

Veteran Direct-Response Marketing Experts Dan Kennedy and Larry Conn.


When I was first being coached by veteran direct-response expert Dan Kennedy in 2001, I developed a system to audit the strength of any businesses marketing message by evaluating the strength of the 12 possible response triggers in their advertising. When I explained my advertising audit system to him, Dan Kennedy said, “That’s brilliant!”

Business Marketing Agency Excellence

So what I have been doing for businesses in 47 states and 9 foreign countries since 2001 is offering a 60 point advertising audit that immediately shows the strength and weaknesses in any advertising. Once I explain to my client how to improve their marketing message, I am usually hired to create a marketing message for their business that clearly stands out from the competition, and positions their business as the “Vendor of Choice” for what they provide in their local area.

I have the Vendor of Choice program entirely systematized so that the strongest possible marketing message is created for my client. The way the vendor of Choice program works is first I review the application to be sure I can meet their requirements and deadline. Once that is established, I email them a questionnaire that has all the questions I need answered to write their powerful marketing message.

Their answers are then reviewed and I can see what products and services they want to feature in their advertising. I then write 4-6 headlines typically that I feel would be ideal for their business. My client then reviews the headline choices and picks the one that best fits their business.

Once the headline is chosen, I write the rest of the body copy to support the headline with multiple response triggers. I have found that 12 response triggers gives my clients the strongest marketing message, and one that really stands out from the competition. Including all 12 response triggers usually takes a full page ad size. When I am working with smaller ad sizes, some of the response triggers need to be deleted so that the copy is legible in the ad space available.

Perfect Eye Flow Increases Advertising Profits!

After all the copy and images for the ad are approved, I send it to one of the graphic artists whom I have trained to position each response trigger in the ad so that the eye flow is perfect and continuous. Continuous eye flow is essential in any advertising or website as once your prospect jumps over any part of the copy, they are very unlikely to go back and read the copy they jumped over.

To see if your ad or website has perfect eye flow, take a pen or pencil and start at the top left. Since we read left to right, top to bottom, you should be able to draw a continuous line of how the prospect’s eye should flow through your advertising. Don’t be surprised if the eye flow in your current advertising leaves a lot to be desired. Very few business marketing agencies understand or even consider what is necessary for perfect eye flow in print or online advertising, and the profits from that advertising suffers comprehension and conversion to sale problems because of the poor eye flow.

Leverage Your Marketing Message that

Stands Out from Your Competition

Some of my most successful clients have had me complete a full page ad with up to 12 advertising response triggers first. Then I have remodeled that same marketing message into other ad sizes for other Medias for them for only a $200 editing and layout charge. One of my clients has found this method so successful for her practice that I have created 18 different size ads from the 1 original full page ad  I created.

This is what works best in advertising. First create a UNIVERSAL marketing message that will work in ALL Medias, and stands out from your competition. Then leverage that powerfully compelling marketing message in every Media that returns a profit.

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