Why Do You Need to Hire A SEO Company Near You?

2018 will be an exciting year – particularly where SEO (search engine optimization) is concerned. With 200+ factors in the algorithm that Google will be using, it is not surprising that SEO is one complex science that few people really understand.

In fact, the ever-changing nature of its rules and the game of ranking means that you may need an expert to handle that side of your business.  If so, read on to increase your industry knowledge and corresponding expectations of service providers before making serious mistakes in your strategic online marketing investments. [continue reading…]

There has been a dramatic shift in how people are now sourcing local vendors. 20 years ago, 85% of local vendors were sourced through the Yellow Pages. Now 85% of local vendors of products and services are sourced on the internet, and 78% of that is on Google (up 10% from last year!).

See a 3500% increase in Google views Case Study Here

I used to get asked, “How can I dominate my competition in the local Yellow Pages?” Now I am asked, “How do I make my business highly visible on page 1 of Google?”

That question has 2 answers – You can optimize your website, and you can optimize your Google My Business page. I am going to focus on Google My Business pages, as it appears ABOVE the organic listings, is essential to your local ranking, and is your best chance of being seen on page 1 of Google quickly.

78% of Buyers of Local Products and

Services Now Go to Google First

Google My Business, Google Search and Google Maps have completely replaced the Yellow Pages as the #1 source of new business and sales.

Many local practice and business owners do not realize you will not appear in Google Maps, which is more than half of all Google searches, if you do not have a optimized Google My Business page because GMB pages are the only listings in Google Maps!

No local business can afford to be invisible to 78% of their potential sales, which is why your business needs to be listed on page #1 of Google for your top keyword search queries.

Google is constantly changing and evolving local search with updated algorithms. What worked well 2 years ago can damage your Google ranking now. Keeping current with what will get you on page 1 of Google is a dynamic, constantly changing understanding of search engine optimization. I personally spend 10 hours a week reading about Search Engine Optimization to stay current.

“Google My Business page optimization is where most local businesses will get the most bang for their buck when it comes to being visible on page 1 of Google for their ideal target prospect.”

Then when you optimize your website after optimizing your Google My Business page, they work together synergisticly to build you a higher organic ranking for your website too! So how do I help local businesses increase their Google My Business page ranking and get them on page 1 of Google the best way possible?

Make Your Small Business Marketing

Stand Out from the Competition

I have created a comprehensive 11-step Google My Business page optimization local marketing process. Here is what that includes:

1) Verify or create your Google My Business page

2) Do keyword research for your top keywords WITH TRAFFIC ($97.00 Value!)

3) Use my competitive analysis tool to analyze your Google My Business page, and see how you compare to your top 5 competitors. This shows me exactly how to get you ahead of many or all of them!

4) Analyze reviews for your business and competitors businesses

5) Optimize 10+ images with your top keywords, and upload to your Google My Business page in the correct browser

6) Write the 200-character business description to include the top keywords WITH TRAFFIC ($77.00 Value!)

7) Conduct category research with my category research tool to be sure your business is listed in every possible category that pertains to your business. More categories creates more Google page 1 listings for your top keywords.

8) Add hours, payment methods, and other pertinent information

9) Research which local directories you are listed in, and if all information listed is correct about your business

10) Syndicate your business listings, and clean up errors (Yext charges $499 for just this service)

11) Submit your website to all the major search engines ($197.00 Value)

I use my paid optimization tools, software, and local marketing experience to drive your business up Google’s search rankings. Once this is done, you should rank higher than your competition that has not gone through this process.

You can claim your own Google My Business page, but you will never be able to optimize it the way I will because I have keyword tools, competitor analysis software, category research tools, the ability to optimize photos with your keywords, my comprehensive 11-step process, and more than 40 years of marketing knowledge of how to implement the information for the best possible results.

#1 Small Business Marketing Social Media

Creating a Google My Business page is the #1 Social Media page ANY local business marketing plan needs to implement immediately! Before Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and all the rest.

Every local business that does not have an optimized Google My Business page is losing visibility on page #1 of Google in the Google “3-pack” that shows up when you search for a category recognized in Google My Business.

I have helped dozens of local businesses get listed in the Google 3-Pack on page 1 of Google which increases sales. Until your businesses Google My Business page is set up and optimized over your competition, you are losing thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in sales to your competition. Google and Google My Business is where 85% of vendor searches are now conducted for local providers.

Google My Business marketing is the equivalent of the modern Yellow Pages; it is that essential that you are listed and optimized to get your share of the local sales.

Small Business Marketing Excellence!

I use optimization tools and resources that very few people even know exist to always get the best possible results when I optimize Google My Business pages.

The combination of a WordPress website and a Google My Business page optimized with my exclusive 11-step process is the best way I know of to get multiple listings on page #1 of Google for your local business.

Offer for New Clients

Google My Business page optimization is my top selling product, and it has worked for 100% of my clients. I have seen other companies charge as much as $1000 per month with a 24-month minimum for this same service. I offer affordable Google My Business page optimization plans, depending on your level of competition, that start at only $247 per month to continually optimize with my 11 step process, maintain the page adding up to 10 directory citations per month, manage and respond to your reviews, keyword optimize and upload photos of your business, add the best Google categories and then review the analytics of your Google My Business page.

You also can lock-out your top 2 competitors from hiring me. So if you know of a business that wants to take advantage of this tremendous value, have them contact me before their competition does!

FREE Advertising Success Consultation to create a local marketing strategy that is cost-effective and will make the phone ring with new clients.

FREE Advertising Success Consultation & Small Business Marketing Strategy Session

For a FREE Advertising Success Consultation, email your website domain name to My Email, and 2 possible times to discuss your situation on the phone.

I look forward to showing you how to increase your profits from all the local prospects referencing Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business. You can trust your business to the Direct-Response Marketing experts  and SEO Specialists at Instant Local Marketing Profits. I look forward to speaking with you soon! FREE 15-Minute Marketing Strategy Session

To Your Profits,

Larry Conn

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

As an expert in local marketing for local practices and businesses, I get this question a lot, so I thought I would give you an explanation here. So what is search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing, also known as “SEM”, has become the #1 way to reach consumers. It is very targeted and cost effective, when implemented correctly.

20 years ago, 85% of vendor searches were done in the Yellow Pages. Now Search Engine Marketing has become “the Yellow Pages of the 21st century”. About 85% of vendor searches are conducted on the internet. So you really need to have your business website found on page 1 of Google to be found by your consumers and clients.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting you listed on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing, which account for the vast majority of all vendor searches on the Internet. My Google Analytics data clearly shows that 78% of my visitors to this website come from Google, so your focus should be on great Google visibility and rankings, first and foremost.

Search Engine Marketing by Website Optimization

The best way to get on page 1 of Google Search and Maps is by positioning your website as more relevant for your top keywords than your competition, so that you appear in the organic search results below the paid ads. Did you know that consumers find the organic ads more relevant to their search query, because they know that you can pay to appear in the paid search results regardless of relevance to the search topic?

Internet consumers find the organic search results more relevant to their topic than the paid search results.

This is a complex process which requires a solid understanding of Google’s current algorithm that ranks websites which is updated every few weeks now. What used to get you to the top of the search results a year ago will not get your there now. Search Engine Optimization, also know as SEO, is a dynamic science that is constantly changing, and requires constant study to keep abreast of changes in Search Engine Algorithms, SEO strategies, and tactics. SEO and SEM go hand-in-hand, and are frequently viewed as the same topic.

Search Engine Marketing “Promises in the Night”

There are many good companies that provide search engine marketing to small businesses, but Instant Local Marketing Profits is better and here’s why. First of all, I will not promise you a page 1, #1 ranking on Google without doing research as to your competition and how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword. At Instant Local Marketing Profits, we will conduct keyword research to check the competition and traffic for that keyword, then explain to you the process necessary to get you a top ranking.

Analytic Data Increases Your Sales!

We set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and ranking tracking of your top keywords that convert to sales. This will tell you important data like:

  • Number of Visitors to Your Website
  • Pages Visited in Your Website
  • Time Spent on Your Website
  • Whether Visitors Are Using a Personal Computer or Mobile Device to Access Your Website
  • Keywords Prospects Are Using to Find Your Website
  • Problems Google Located in Your Website
  • Ranking Tracking for Your Top Keywords
  • And So Much More!

Anyone operating a website without this data is literally “Flying Blind”. Local practices and business that use this data will outperform their competition is Flying Blind.

Search Engine Marketing Has Many “Hats”

There are 3 types of SEO strategies, but at Instant Local Marketing Profits we exclusively use White-hat techniques because they are the only ones that last. Black-hat and Grey-hat hacking strategies last less than a month now with all the Google algorithm updates every few weeks. Google penalizes those websites that use Black-hat and Grey-hat hacking techniques with a lower Google ranking. They can even put you in the “penalty box”. or they can ban you from Google permanently!

Search Engine Marketing Research

Most practice and business owners guess at your keywords. But I like accurate data, so I use an incredible free software available from Google called Google Analytics to discover the keywords prospects are actually using to reach your website.

Google Analytics tells us – where your prospects are coming from, how long they stay at your website, which pages they visited, how long they stayed at each page, which search engine they used, which browser they used, your top landing and exit pages, and even your click through rate for each keyword and page. Google Analytics provides the data needed to get your website to perform optimally.

Using Google Analytics data gets us out of guessing at your top keywords like your competition is likely doing. Then we make sure these keywords are keywords that convert to sales. Once we have identified the top keywords that convert to sales for your business and evaluated the competition, then we can tell you honestly what will be required to get a top ranking on Google in their organic (free) search listings.

Attract FREE Prospects with Your Website Textual Content

Other companies focus on giving you a beautiful, even stunning website, but fail to inform you that Google ranks websites based on textual content, and not its’ design and images. Google’s bots that crawl websites are effectively blind to all images, unless they are keyword optimized.

Websites designed by expert copywriters that focused on your top keywords will always outrank websites designed by artists because they contain the textual content that Google uses to rank the relevancy of your website to your keywords.

As 1 of only 7 Dan Kennedy Certified copywriters in the world, I am uniquely qualified to write the copy for your website targeting your top keywords that convert to sales.

Search Engine Marketing | Drive Organic Traffic

Most websites are not set up to receive organic traffic from the search engines because:

1) They were designed by artists to look pretty, not highly-trained direct response copywriters targeting your top keywords that convert to sales.

2) Keyword research was not done prior to building the website, so it is not optimized to rank for your top keywords with traffic. Websites should be entirely designed to focus on your top keywords that convert to sales, or you will have to redesign your website later. If you listen to this bit of website design advice, you can save thousands in expenses, and years of time having your website set up wrong.

3) They do not contain the elements that Google uses to favorably rank your website.

4) They do not contain the necessary advertising response triggers to promote your business and products to the level where you stand out from your competition and your prospects buy from you.

5) The eye flow jumps all over the page as eye flow was never considered or understood by the web designer. Any copy the eye jumps over is like it was not there because the reader is very unlikely to go back to read every word when the eye flow is set up to jump all over the page.

6) They are not responsive to mobile devices or load slowly (some mobile sites take up to 20 seconds to load), so mobile users will go to the competition’s website that loads in about 2 seconds, and can be read on a mobile device.

7) They do not attract free traffic by ranking as relevant with Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top 3 search engines where 95% of all Internet vendor searches are conducted.

FREE Advertising Success Consultation for Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of whether you are considering designing a new website, or have already designed one and found that it is not set up to focus on your top keywords that convert to sales, Instant Local Marketing Profits can help.

The best thing to do is simply Contact Me by clicking on the button below or going to the Contact  tab of this website, so we can schedule some time to discuss your project. This planning is sure to save you thousands of dollars and months of time in setting up a website that gets favorable ranking with the top search engines. I look forward to speaking with you about your project soon!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of developing your website and internet presence so that you appear on the first page of the Google search results. An ideal Search Engine Optimization result is getting your website listed in position #1 on Google for your highest traffic keywords.

An outrageously good Search Engine Optimization result is getting MULTIPLE listings in the top positions on page 1 of Google, so you push your competition off Google’s page 1, and give the consumer the choice of – you, you, or you!

Outrageously Good Search Engine Optimization Results Are Achievable!

I have been achieving outrageously good SEO results by getting my company to be many of the top listings for my top keywords that convert to sales.

Steps to Achieving Top Google Listings with Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a science that reviews more than 200 factors Google’s algorithm uses to rank your website’s relevance to the search query. Keyword research is essential for great SEO results.

First, you must find relevant keywords, and this is key, THAT CONVERT TO SALES. Then you must access the level of competition for that keyword. There is no point in trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword, if the competition has already spent a lot of time and money optimizing for that same keyword.

The next step in foundational Search Engine Optimization is to see who ranks in the top 3 positions for the keyword that interests you, and audit their websites to predetermine their strengths and weaknesses. Some of your competition may have spent so much time and money optimizing for that keyword that it may be outside of what you are willing to do and spend to out position them in the Google search results.

So the object is to find your top keywords first that:

  • Have traffic
  • Are relevant to your website
  • That do not already have a high level of competition
  • Convert to a sale
SEO Strategy

Avoid Fraudulent Vendors of Search Engine Optimization

Watch out for Search Engine Optimization people who:

Promise you page 1 position 1 results without even looking and auditing how competitive the keywords you want to rank for are.

Do not give you access to reports that show the work that has been completed that month, and the results in raising your Google ranking.

Cannot show you first page Google results they have achieved using White-hat SEO strategies and tactics.

Do not have at least 10 years full-time experience in marketing (many people who were down-sized from other jobs have set up shop as an “SEO Expert” because there is no certification or licensing to do SEO work.) Sadly, 80% of people doing Search Engine Optimization work are not properly trained, and cannot provide you exceptional SEO results.

There are 3 types of Search Engine Optimization.

The first is “White-hat SEO” which uses strategies that Google likes to achieve their results. The second is “Black-hat SEO” which uses strategies that trick Google’s algorithm into believing you are the most relevant. I recommend you avoid Black-hat SEO because all your gains will be washed away when Google updates their algorithm and downgrades your website for trying to trick them.

Then there is “Grey-hat SEO”. Gray-hat SEO masquerades as White-hat SEO, but is really Black-hat SEO that will only provide very short-term results. The only SEO that will give you long-term results is White-hat SEO, and that is what we specialize in exclusively at Instant Local Marketing Profits. Black-hat and Grey-hat Search Engine Optimization tricks can get you banned from Google permanently, and are not only a waste of money, but are just not worth the risk of being permanently banned from Google.




I have seen many “Search Engine Optimization Experts” that really only have 2-3 tricks they do to get your website to rank highly. The problem is you really need comprehensive White-hat SEO strategies, and tactics because so many businesses are hiring SEO people creating increased competition.

Ranking websites with Search Engine Optimization gets tougher each day as more of your competitors engage in SEO activity. I still recommend comprehensive White-hat SEO strategies, because they are still getting my clients to page 1 of the Google search results.

I have more than 40 years marketing and advertising experience building profits in local businesses since 1976. I have been studying Search Engine Optimization since my first e-commerce website was launched in 2004.

We use only COMPREHENSIVE WHITE-HAT SEO strategies that give you much longer lasting results than the SEO people who only do 2 or 3 things. I can show you a list of what is covered in our monthly Search Engine Optimization programs, but it is too extensive to cover here and changes monthly to conform to the most recent Google algorithm updates which occur about every 30 days now.

Once you have predetermined your top keywords, you should do some foundational SEO. This means setting up social media pages, and up to a hundred local directory listings that all link back to your website. This foundational SEO will give you the back links and citations Google looks for to evaluate your relevance for your keywords.

I have an incredible foundational Search Engine Optimization program called the “Get Found on the Internet” program. It includes all the foundational SEO work you need to get started building your ranking. It even includes the keyword research necessary to find your top 5-10 keywords.

social media marketing

It is the most consistent and cost-effective source of new clients and sales available.To discover what is included in this tremendous value, please Click this Link to go to the full description of this money-making program. This investment will get all this foundational SEO work done correctly for you. For some local businesses, this may be all they have to do to rank #1 locally for a low competition keyword.

Since all Search Engine Optimization situations are different, they need to be evaluated to show you where you have the highest possibility of getting on page 1 position 1 of Google’s search results. Because every situation is different, I offer a FREE Website and SEO Audit ($177.00 Value!) so that you can get a real good idea what would be the next best step for you and your situation. After I evaluate your situation, I will consult you as to what is the best next steps for your practice or business.

For a FREE Website and SEO Audit ($177.00 Value), you can contact me by clicking the button below or by going to the Contact Me page in this website. Once I get too busy to do this FREE, I will have to remove this complimentary website and Search Engine Optimization evaluation and audit process. I recommend you contact me today before you get distracted, forget, and miss out.

Copywriting is the oxygen that gives your advertising life. If you use generic copywriting in your advertising, your ads will fail to stand out in a positive way from the competition, or compel your ideal prospects to call you. I have been studying copywriting for decades now, and am one of only 7 Dan Kennedy Certified copywriters for direct response advertising worldwide. I have written ad copy that produced millions of dollars in sales for businesses in 47 states and 9 foreign countries since 1977. I have produced several ads that made over $1 million dollars in sales the first year, and 1 ad that even launched a national franchise!

Generic copy written by novices is what causes advertising to fail to stand out from the competition. Your copy needs to highlight your strengths and diminish your weaknesses in the most powerfully compelling way. My copy contains the 12 advertising response triggers that are proven to answer the 10 questions and objections in a prospect’s head so that your ideal target prospect feels ready to buy after reading it. You can read more about how the 12 Advertising Response Triggers I use everyday in my Local Marketing Advertising Agency to position my client’s businesses as the Provider of Choice in their areaHere.Your website should be your best salesperson, putting your best “sales pitches” in print. If you are getting no sales from your website, odds are good that you have a website full of bad copy. If you want compelling copy that sells your products or services, the best investment you can make is in copy written by a proven successful direct-response copywriter.

Here’s Feedback I Received Recently from my Clients:

Copywriting Evaluation

The best way to find out what the investment would be for your copywriting is to contact me to discuss the specifics of your project. Copywriting jobs vary in size so much it is impossible to quote you a price without first speaking with you about the details of what you want done. My copywriting is systemized so that you can review it as it is being developed, and be sure that you will be thrilled when your copy is completed.

The best ways to contact me is to call me directly at (702)940-9750, or by clicking the button below and filling up the contact form on the next page. I look forward to discussing your project with you, and working to make your copy as effective as possible.

From keyword research to Advertising Success Plan implementation, Instant Local Marketing Profits is on the cutting edge of what is working in local small business marketing right now.

I have personally tested hundreds of small business marketing strategies, and tactics with my own money to be sure they produce a favorable Return On Investment before recommending them to my clients.

This ensures my proven recommendations will be profitable for you too. Instant Local Marketing Profits is implementing Local Marketing ideas, that most SEO companies are not even considering, with tremendous results

Since 1976, I have been dedicated to preventing small local businesses from wasting their advertising dollars and becoming advertising victims. In that time, I have become friends with, and shared the stage at marketing events, with the top direct response marketers in the world including Dan Kennedy, TJ Rohleder and Tim Paulson.

Local Marketing Ideas

Helping hundreds of local businesses and practices with innovative local marketing ideas in 47 states and 9 countries over the last 40 years has given me expertise, insights and direct knowledge into what actually works in marketing that so few in this industry possess. I have also built and sold 3 businesses of my own, and owned a successful e-commerce website since 2003.

My clients like to benefit from my experience, knowing what local marketing ideas work, and what will never work, to increase their sales and profits quickly. Below is my simple 3 Steps to Advertising Success to create profitable advertising that quickly pays for itself!

3 Simple Steps to

Advertising Success

Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard earned money on advertising with no trackable results or increase in sales? Here is my simple 3-step process that will turn local marketing ideas into reality, and give you trackable results to increase your sales and profits by increasing your Conversion to Sale and Return On Investment for ALL your advertising and promotions. My goal is to make ALL your advertising pay for itself in just 6 – 12 months!

  • Step 1: Audit your current advertising expenses to see where spending can be shifted and local marketing ideas implemented to quickly increase your Return On Investment.
  • Step 2: Audit the strengths and weaknesses of your internet marketing, website and the strengths and weaknesses of your top 3 competitors locally.
  • Step 3: Make an all-inclusive, affordable marketing success plan to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, with the ultimate goal of making your advertising, marketing and promotions self-funding within a 6 – 12 month target time.

Frequently, I can point out advertising that should be cancelled due to bad Return On Investment. This way the new, high ROI, local marketing ideas can  be funded with the money from the cancelled advertising with no additional cost.

FREE Advertising Audit

  • Determines percentage of your ad budget that should be devoted to internet marketing
  • Creates your lowest cost source of new clients and sales
  • Reduces your advertising expenses, and makes it “self-funding”
  • Allows you to predictably grow your business and profits
  • Uses my 40 years advertising experience in multiple Medias in 47 states and 9 countries to advertise where prospects “have their wallet out”, and are ready to buy your products and services now
  • You get local marketing ideas and strategies tested and proven with my own money before I recommend them to my clients

Click here to download your FREE Advertising Success Audit

I have affordable solutions, which can include your local Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, and a new website design or website redesign. If you do not yet have a website, there are less expensive options that can still get top rankings, like the Restoreologie’s #1 Google ranking for used furniture above.

The consultation is FREE, and can be completed over the phone wherever you are located, or in person if you are in the Las Vegas Valley area. I am here to turn your local marketing into profits!

You have nothing to lose and advertising that pays for itself to gain, so call TODAY for your FREE Consultation! ($497.00 Value!) You will come away from the FREE Advertising Success Consultation with a step-by-step local marketing success plan ready to be implemented immediately, and a FREE CD on how to double sales by increasing your closing ratio on incoming calls from your advertising.

You can download your Advertising Success Audit form here:

Click here to download your FREE Advertising Success Audit

Local Advertising with Google My Business

and Directory Marketing

Google My Business pages have replaced the “Yellow Pages”, and are where the majority of prospects go to source vendors of products and services THEY WANT TO BUY NOW!

Not highly optimizing your Google My Business page is like not having a highly productive Yellow Page ad was 20 years ago. A highly optimized Google My Business page is likely to put you near the top of the #1 source of new prospects, wallet in hand, seeking to buy your products and/or services.

Today, local businesses have to do more than just having a website to be found online. Advertising has changed from the Yellow Pages, newspaper and magazine ads, to building trust and credibility online.

The majority of prospects now source their local vendors online, and 78% of them now use Google!Appearing in the top of Google Search and Google Maps results, where the vast majority of prospect search for a local provider, is very important to the health and future of your local business.

Advertisments “Shelf Life”

The good news is that the online advertising I am recommending here has a much longer “shelf life” than traditional print advertising in Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines and local shopper papers. Newspapers have about a 1-day shelf life before being thrown out. Magazines and local shopper publications have a shelf life of between a week and a month before they are thrown out.

But the advertising I am recommending here lasts for years and years, so it is much more cost-effective than traditional print advertising, and it makes your business visible where the majority of consumers look today, on the internet.

Insider Secret – Don’t tell anybody… but it is cheaper and quicker to get your Google My Business AND your website to page #1 of Google than a website alone!

If you haven’t built a website yet, I recommend you focus on just a highly optimized Google My Business page first, as it is much cheaper to set up and complete the Search Engine Optimization. You can even add a Google micro-site with links back to the main pages of your website. Ask me how to work this magic for your business.

In the last 20 years, the way prospects find local vendors has changed from looking in the Yellow Pages to going to the internet. But where on the internet do the majority go? 78% go to Google to search for a local provider, and most are in the final stages of making a buying decision.

If you are still spending money on Yellow Pages, magazine, newspaper, or other “old-school” print advertising, you should shift your spending to where prospect now go to find local merchants. Recent studies show that 97% of prospects do online research first when they are sourcing products and services.

About 61% of those searches are now done on a mobile device like a smart phone or notepad. An optimized Google My Business page sets you up to get sales from mobile buyers, even if your website is not yet mobilized.

(***If you have a website, I can mobilize it for you very reasonably, so you can get back the 61% of the online searches you are losing by not being readable on mobile devices. Non-mobilized websites will continue to lose more than 61% of their sales to a competitor until they mobilize their website, because visitors immediately click away when they can’t read it or have to scroll left to right to try to read it.)

If you do not shift your advertising to where 97% of the buying public are now searching online, your print advertising that worked in the past will not get response, and your business will weaken and fail.

I recommend you dedicate 85% of your advertising budget to cost-effective online advertising, and reduce your print advertising to only 15% of your budget, because you need your sales message in front of the majority of potential buyers to be successful in advertising today.

“Word-of-Mouth” Advertising Online

Word of Mouth Advertising | Instant Local Marketing ProfitsOver 80% of prospects read and trust the reviews they see online. Online reviews are one of the biggest decision-making shortcuts consumers use daily when they are looking for reliable sources for the products and services they want to buy.

Word of mouth has always been the best advertising. Testimonials and online reviews are word of mouth in print.

Online reviews are much more powerful than word of mouth advertising, because the prospect does not need to be there to hear it in the few seconds someone is saying it “live”. So online reviews have a longer life than a word of mouth referral, and they are very important for the credibility and growth of local businesses.

Now word of mouth advertising has become what your clients are saying about you on the Social Media sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and hundreds of national and local directory sites.

Can Prospects Trust Your Business to be the Best Choice for Them?

The biggest driving force for prospects now is they are looking online for vendors they can trust.

Consumers now use online listings and reviews as a decision-making shortcut by using others experiences with your company to evaluate if you are are a provider of goods and services they can trust to provide a satisfactory or exceptional experience for them.

Local, regional and national businesses that correctly list their business in directory and social media sites dramatically expand their online reach and visibility. This increases sales exponentially when done in the very specific way that Google and other search engines value most in ranking your business in their search rankings.

The way that businesses attract and keep new clients has changed dramatically in the last 20 years from Yellow Pages and print ads to prospects sourcing vendors on the internet. It is not your fault that your business may not have kept up with all these changes. They have been hard to follow, and have happened very quickly. Now it is clear that the Yellow Pages is not coming back, and the internet is not going away.

Social Media and Google My Business Marketing

social media marketing
Local business marketing should include social media, but which social media will lead to sales, and which one will prove to be a complete waste of your time? The mindset of the person while they are on the social media is critical to consider.

Google My Business is superior in that regard because people are looking to source local vendors and spend money. That gives Google My Business the highest value of all social media opportunities for local small businesses.

There is only 1 social media that makes your website and business listed in Google Maps, so prospects can get directions to your front door. The only social media that links your business to its’ location in Google Maps is Google My Business.

When we verify your Google My Business page, we also submit it to Google Maps. Your business will really profit from being found on Google Search AND Google Maps, along with hundreds of local directories like Yahoo Local Bing Places, Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Facebook, etc…!

Here’s what Google says about social media, “While it is unclear exactly how much social networking will improve your websites Google rankings, Google My Business page optimization is likely to have the most impact.”

Google will always value its’ own properties’ like Google Maps and Google My Business pages highly when it comes to ranking your website in its’ algorithm.

Invest in Internet Marketing that Lasts for Years

social media marketing
So now is the time to invest in your businesses future by getting your marketing message visible online where studies show that 97% of all prospects start their search for vendors and services.

Even if your competition is ahead of you at this point, your best strategy is to begin your Directory and Google My Business Marketing now, because you are just getting further behind them. Businesses that do not react to this change will lose tens of thousands of dollars a year, or more, by not keeping up with the change in how prospects now source new vendors of goods and services online.

Charles Darwin found that it was the species that were “Quickest to Adapt” that survived and thrived. The same is true for local businesses. Local businesses that do not adapt to changes in the way prospects source products and services will go the way of the dinosaur!

Get Started NOW!

social media marketing
It is important that you act now, and get started. If you start now, you may even be able to surpass your toughest competition in the search engine rankings like Google.

It is estimated that 78% of all online searches are now conducted on Google, so owning and optimizing your Google My Business page and Google Maps listing are a very important local marketing strategy that can get you on page #1 of Google for your top keywords that make you money.

To get started implementing this proven process of directory and social media with Google My Business marketing, please call me at (702)940-9750 for your complimentary strategy session. Then we can discuss your current situation, and make a plan to dramatically increase your online visibility and sales, starting today!

What if you could syndicate your business across the internet and potentially get ahead of your competition in the extremely valuable Google and other search engine rankings?

What if you could do this with very little time and effort from you?

That is where my local marketing services with Directory and Google My Business Marketing fills the need for your business to be seen on the internet. The first step is to claim, verify, and optimize your Google My Business page. I have special software to identify additional categories for your business to appear in Google and other top search engines, which quickly expands your businesses’ online visibility exponentially.

I add your hours, business address, payment methods accepted, and connect your prospects with driving directions on Google Maps. Then I optimize your entire listing including 10 photos that I will keyword optimize before uploading to your Google My Business page, so that Google potentially views your page as more relevant to your top keywords than your local competition’s page.

Be Seen by Mobile Customers and Enable Them to Contact You Directly by Clicking a “Call” Button

Google My Business pages are automatically optimized for mobile devices like cell phones and notepads like iPads. When a consumer accesses your page on Google My Business from a mobile device, they automatically get a button that says, “Call” which enables them to call your business directly from their mobile device. This feature makes your online listing “mobile-friendly” automatically, which is a tremendous advantage over your competition!

Top Google Rankings with Trackable Marketing

This Directory and Google My Business Marketing program most always gets my clients on page #1 of Google’s search results, sometimes in the #1 position on the page! (Beware of companies that promise your #1 Google ranking WITHOUT examining your keywords and competition for those exact keywords.) This positions your business to immediately get more inquiries and sales from prospects searching online.

One of the great things about Google My Business pages is all the activity is 100% trackable. You will see graphs of how many views you have had, the number of clicks to your website from your Google My Business page, and the number of calls directly to your business from the “Call” button for mobile devices on your Google My Business page!!!

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On-Going Optimization and Google Ranking Improvements

We will list your business with up to 20 local directories in the first month, and directory listings will continue to be created locally, regionally, and nationally as long as you keep your subscription to this money-making program. Listings in these directories will improve your website and Google My Business page ranking, because the directories create valuable back links called “citations” that Google and the other search engines value highly in their ranking algorithm.

All available local, regional, and national directories including Yelp, Yahoo Local, YellowPages.com, and Bing Places will be evaluated as to which are most valuable for your business.

Your existing directory listings will be audited to be sure they do not contain errors in the way they were set up. These errors will be corrected first, which will send a favorable credibility signal to Google and the other search engines. Then a plan will be implemented to get your business listed in the directories that are most likely to bring you new clients first, maximizing your return on investment, by consistently building directory listings every month.

Errors Corrected Online that Hurt Your Reputation and Google Ranking

In the first year, you can have all your errors corrected in your existing business listings, and up to 120 new citations created from local, regional, and national directory listings. This will dramatically improve your ranking for both your website and your Google My Business page, which will increase your sales.

So why do we focus on your Google My Business page first? Because Google values its’ own pages highly by putting a 3-pack of them on page 1 for top keyword searches. Additionally, Google My Business is the top online site where prospects are in a mindset to buy, not socialize. This will bring you more sales than focusing on other social media sites. The prospect’s mindset is very important to consider when accessing social media sites potential value to your business.

Directory listings that are created over time and not all at once are what the search engines value most, so we prefer to add them over time. In cases where you have strong competition, this directory listing process should continue until you have at least outranked your top competition which usually takes 6-12 months, if your competition has a head-start on you.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management

We will search online for negative reviews for your business that could be killing sales, and make a strategy to post positive reviews, which will drown out the bad reviews, and push them down further on the page where they are less likely to be seen by your prospects. These processes will continue as long as you keep your subscription to our Directory Listings and Google My Business Marketing Service.

If you have not yet established your company online with local, regional, and national directories, and social media sites, you are losing business to your competition that has all these listings and places to be found on the internet.

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Competitive Advantage

So why would you want to hire me to complete your Directory and Google My Business Marketing? Because I have a competitive advantage by having more than 40 years personal experience in direct-response marketing, and having the experience of handling the local marketing for hundreds of businesses in 47 states and 9 countries.

Cost-Effective Marketing that Lasts for Years and Years

This Directory Listings and Google My Business Marketing Program is the kind of foundational, cost-effective, ongoing, online marketing that is sure to grow your business and bring you more sales!

This advertising is an extremely cost-effective system to get your products and services in front of your prospects, because it has a shelf-life that lasts for years and years. Using this Directory Listings and Google My Business Marketing Program will allow you to discontinue your least productive advertising in favor of long-term online advertising, which will save you thousands of dollars per year in advertising costs.

Every local business is losing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales a years until they adjust their advertising to online advertising where 85% of vendor searches are now conducted by the buying public.

The Google My Business services I offer start at only $247 a month. Please feel free to call to discuss your situation with me, so that we can determine which option is best for your business, based on your level of competition, at (702)940-9750. Many businesses I have helped are so successful with this Google My Business program that after 6-12 months, the Google My Business page was making so many sales it was paying for ALL their advertising and promotions!

FREE Advertising Success Consultation!

To get started implementing this proven process of directory and social media marketing, please call me at (702)940-9750 for your FREE Advertising Success Consultation, so that we can discuss your current situation, and make a plan to dramatically increase your online visibility and sales starting today!
Email: asklarryconn@Gmail.com

Why is Keyword Research for Online Marketing Important?

All internet traffic is driven by keyword search queries, the words and phrases that are typed into Google’s or other search engines search window. I see many websites and web pages built, not only with the wrong foundational structure like template sites and cumbersome HTML sites, but with no consideration as to what the keywords are that could drive new clients to that businesses online sales page.

When pages and websites are built with no consideration to keywords, it makes it impossible for that content to rank as relevant by Google for your top keywords with traffic. Websites and web pages built with no consideration of their keywords are doomed to the back pages of the Google rankings forever, or until the keyword problem is fixed.

In order to prevent this type of problem for my clients when I am building social media pages or a website, I do the keyword research first. Then base the entire page or website on the top keywords with traffic, so it will be obvious to Google that this content is relevant to those top keywords.

Who understands the difference between AdWords pay-per-click ads and free listings on the Internet? The top 1-3 ads on Google show “Ad” at the bottom left of the copy. These are AdWords pay-per-click ads which have become very expensive. Did you know that 4 out of 5 small businesses that try AdWords never make back the money invested in that advertising? AdWords ads also line the right column of the search results. Paid ads may or may not be relevant to your search term typed into Google because anyone can pay to be listed there.

Keywords for AdWords and Organic

Listings Are Different

Savvy internet users do not click on the AdWords ads because of lack of relevancy, and some of these paid listings contain viruses that can harm your computer. Smart internet users click on the ads below the paid ads as these are the ads that Google views as most relevant to your search term. Listings below the AdWords pay-per-click ads are called “The organic listings” where your clicks are FREE. Website and web pages that are NOT optimized for the top keywords with traffic will never appear on page #1 of Google, and will receive very little traffic.

So how do I research keywords, and find the ones with the most traffic?

My software does keyword research for the free organic listings, not the pay per click keywords on AdWords like the Google keyword tool. I use this software because it is the most accurate for getting a business ranked in the free organic listings.

I have keywords software and tools that show me exactly which keywords are going to bring the most QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. I look to see how many times that keyword is searched for a month, the total number of pages that keyword is an anchor link on competitors pages, and the level of competition for that keyword. This research reveals the top 5-10 keywords that are most likely to bring the most qualified traffic.

Keywords need to be infused into the content of your website or pages, the navigation tabs, blog categories, anchor links, meta description, meta title and optimized into any images properties to maximize keyword effectiveness. Some keywords need to be geo-specific for local business marketing.

Qualified Keyword Traffic

What do I mean by qualified traffic? Let’s say you find a keyword that is searched for 10,000 times per month for “Plumbing”, but you are a Dentist. You can optimize your website for that high traffic keyword, but you will be attracting UNQUALIFIED traffic because people searching for a plumber will immediately click away when they get a dental search result that is NOT relevant to their search queries.

The keywords not only have to have traffic, but they need to be relevant enough and have “Commercial intent” to deliver a qualified prospect to your website or page.

Healing Hands Massage Search page result

#1 Google Plus result for Healing Hands Massage.

In the example above, by using the top keywords with traffic, I was able to get my client “Healing Hands Massage” the #1 listing in the Google My Business listings. What is the value of this result? Multiply the number of clicks by the cost per click in AdWords, and that determines the value of being listed in the free, organic listings.

So can websites and web pages that have not had their keyword research done correctly prior to building the website ever be fixed and work right?

YES, I fix broken websites all the time that are not driving qualified traffic and new clients to the business. It is also a really good idea to repeat your keyword research every year or two and check your Google Analytics and Search Console, as top keywords can change over time.

Keyword Research Special:

Keyword research for top 5 – 10 keywords with traffic for any business. (Regularly $157) only $97!!! Saves you $60!

Most businesses have no idea how they rank online in comparison to their local competition, or how to beat their competition for the top Google rankings.

Special #2: FREE local online marketing and competition audit ($180.00 Value!) Shows your ranking for top keywords and your competition. This shows your competitions strengths and weakness and what will need to be done to outrank your competition on Google and all major search engines.

Any questions about how to get increased traffic and sales for your  businesses from the internet? Please Contact Me and I will answer them. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Global System Marketing Website Strategies

Google My Business marketing is the most cost-effective place to start your internet advertising.

Google My Business Marketing!

Recent advertising studies confirm the rapid decline of print advertising response. 85% of prospects that used to go to the Yellow Pages and local print publications now search for the products and services they want to buy on the internet. Google positions their “3-pack” of local Google My Business pages on page #1 of Google’s local search results. Google My Business pages have replaced the old, printed Yellow Pages as the #1 source local prospects use to find local businesses that sell what they already want to buy!

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Search Engine Optimization Henderson NV

20 years ago many businesses relied on Yellow Pages to bring them a steady stream of new clients and patients. Now people use the Yellow Pages 5% as much as they did 20 years ago, and local businesses are asking, “Where should I invest my advertising dollars for the best return on my investment in 2015?”

The answer is prospects now do 85-90% of their local vendor searches online. Google gets 85% of those searches, and although there are thousands of other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, today we are going to focus on Google because it completely dominates the search engine market. Without first page visibility on Google, businesses are invisible to 85% their prospective clients. The Yellow Pages are not coming back, and the internet is not going away, so now local businesses really need to build their visibility on page 1 of Google for their top keywords.

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Every business owner has heard, “You need to have presence on the internet.” This leads to them usually at least building a rudimentary website. There is a belief that “If you build it, they will come.” This belief proves to be false when it comes to your website design and development.

Website Development for Henderson NV Businesses

A website on the internet is like building a convenience store in the middle of the Mohave Desert with no roads leading to it. Yes, you have a business. But no one knows how to get there, or how to buy from you. This is a major problem for many people with underdeveloped websites on the internet. Websites that are difficult to find because of their Google ranking will never establish traffic to the website unless you pay for Google AdWords or have another driving force directing traffic to your website. That is probably the most expensive way to get traffic to your website.

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