Positioning Your Business to Get FREE Clicks on Page #1 of Google Search

Every business owner has heard, “You need to have presence on the internet.” This leads to them usually at least building a rudimentary website. There is a belief that “If you build it, they will come.” This belief proves to be false when it comes to your website design and development.

Website Development for Henderson NV Businesses

A website on the internet is like building a convenience store in the middle of the Mohave Desert with no roads leading to it. Yes, you have a business. But no one knows how to get there, or how to buy from you. This is a major problem for many people with underdeveloped websites on the internet. Websites that are difficult to find because of their Google ranking will never establish traffic to the website unless you pay for Google AdWords or have another driving force directing traffic to your website. That is probably the most expensive way to get traffic to your website.

How Do I Get Found on the Internet?

So what do you do if you have a website for a local business, and little or no traffic to it?

What do you do if you are say a Dentist in Henderson NV, and you want to be found when local prospects search on the keyword term “Dentist Henderson NV”?

You have to take the necessary steps to “Get Found on the Internet”. Google ranks your website based on how relevant it is for the prospect’s keyword query. Google wants to see high quality back links, citations from associated websites, and Google wants to find local businesses listed in the appropriate local directories. Google also wants to find pages for your business at social sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare.

The Problem

Setting all these pages up and getting listed in many local directories is something that takes business owners many hours and days to set up, and then they typically find that they set a few things up wrong because there is a learning curve to doing all this. So then, they go back and fix what they did wrong and maybe in 6 -12 months, they have completed the task of creating all these pages and directory listings for traffic to their website.

I had a client that said, “I wish there was a way to get all this done for me by doing 1 thing, and then letting experts at Instant Local Marketing Profits set all this up right for me the first time for just a nominal fee.” That got me thinking… every business with a website needs foundational Search Engine Optimization and website development to get found on page #1 of Google Search results for their top keywords that make sales.

The Solution

So what I have come up with is the “Get Found on the Internet Package” that does all this foundational SEO and website development for you. The Get Found on the Internet Package includes:

  • Keyword research to discover the 5 highest traffic keywords with the lowest level of competition
  • Password-protected ownership of profiles on sites like Google Plus and Bing Local
  • Social profiles on established on emerging sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Yelp
  • Broad syndication of business listings to all major databases that feed search engines
  • Direct syndication to select publishers
  • Gradual increase in number and quality of listings over months
  • Reports showing the visibility of business listings

This “Get Your Business Found On the Internet Package” builds the back links, citations, and broadly syndicates your directory listings that rank your business as more relevant to Google than competitors that have less developed websites.

Rookies Make Mistakes

If you tried to do all this yourself, it is likely to take months of work, and then you will have to go back and fix what you set up incorrectly. You will even get penalized by Google for setting up your foundational SEO incorrectly.

If you have ever wished that you could take one action that would dramatically improve your website ranking and presence on the internet, then the “Get Found on the Internet Package” is for you. This is the foundational SEO necessary for your website to gain visibility, regardless of your level of competition.

Once this is completed, you are very likely to have multiple listings on the first page of Google for your top 5 keywords, unless they are highly competitive keywords. If you are dealing with highly competitive keywords, additional SEO and website development will be necessary. To outrank someone on the internet, you need to do intelligent and comprehensive SEO strategies to outrank your competition. Regardless of your competition, this “Get Found on the Internet Package” is the best place to start your website Search Engine Optimization. It provides you your foundational SEO for your website.

What is the Investment?

The “Get Found on the Internet Package” is a $1000 a month value. Yext charges $499 for just a “bulk upload” to the directory listings. I have seen people charged $1000 for just a Google Plus page, or $100 – 300 for just a Facebook page. But you can get a Google Plus page, Facebook page, a Yelp listing, Foursquare, business listings at Yahoo Local and Bing Local, and as many as 100 more directory listings created for your business with the “Get Found on the Internet Package”.

This package will position you ABOVE even the #1 position in organic SEO for tons of Free clicks to your website and calls to your business to place an order.

*There are 2 levels of optimization and maintenance in the Get Found On the Internet package. The Silver level is just $147 per month and the Gold level is just $247 per month. I can tell you which level would be best for you based on your goals and level of competition, so call me right now at (702)940-9750 to get on the path to higher profits.

That is a really great deal, and the price is going up because my costs to fulfill this are going up, so if you want to do this I recommend you order it now! Your directory listings will be created over the first 2-3 months, because this is the way Google gives the highest values to your directory listings.

If you are up against difficult competition, you will have to do more than foundation SEO to beat them. However, for many local businesses that do not have a lot of local competition for their top 3-5 keywords, the Get Found on the Internet Package has proven to get them to the first page of the Google search results. Every situation and business is different, and needs to be evaluated based on the level of competition for your keywords.

Keyword Research for Your Top 3-5 Keywords Is Included!

If you are not familiar with how to do keyword research, which is science unto itself, I can do the keyword research for you. This will not only reveal the keywords that have traffic for your business, but it also reveals how many of your competitors are trying to optimize for the same keywords. Without knowing what your competition is doing, you could easily be optimizing a keyword all your competitors have spent a lot of time and money optimizing which will prevent you from ever getting to the first page of Google search results for that keyword.

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