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Google Adwords

Google AdWords Campaigns can be an excellent way to get new customers to your business quickly. You can have the phone ringing with new business in 24-48 hours, once Google has approved your new ad copy. But clicks can be expensive, so learning to navigate the complex world of AdWords and the thousands of variables, is a job best left to experts with the knowledge and experience to make the campaign as cost-effective as possible.

We are constantly testing new strategies and copy to improve the overall performance of each ad group type. Improvements in Click-Thru-Rate (CTR), Dwell Time and “User Experience” at your website landing page will lower your per click rate, while simultaneously increasing your conversion to sale.

Landing Pages Increase Conversion to Sale.

Most businesses and practices do not yet have a high converting landing page to drive traffic to, so frequently it is wise to create one to improve overall ad performance. A/B Testing landing pages will show which page prospects prefer and convert to sale at a higher rate to continually improve the profits from your advertising.

AdWords is constantly changing, and requires a significant amount of time to keep up with the changes, and implement them in your campaigns to maximize profits. Business owners find it nearly impossible and very time-consuming to attempt to manage an AdWords campaign themselves. A common downfall for business and practice owners in AdWords and other pay-per-click venues is the amount of time it takes to research and manage their own pay-per-click campaigns. Some business owners call us only after they have lost thousands of dollars trying, unsuccessfully, to make their AdWords campaigns profitable.

Best Practices in Landing Page Design
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Professional Guidance and Management

At Instant Local Marketing Profits, we take the time to learn the outcomes desired by our clients, and make recommendations to work toward and achieve those outcomes. Cost per click varies widely based on the level of your competition, and several other factors.

Google provides tools to predetermine your top keywords with traffic, and the estimated cost per click to be ranked at positions #1, 2 and so on. Instant Local Marketing Profits is skilled and experienced in using the tools supplied to maximize ad campaign performance. AdWords can be a cost-effective way to get new business, and it can be a welcome addition to your marketing mix.

FREE AdWords Consultation!

FREE AdWords Consultations are available for businesses and practices with a minimum $1150 per month ad budget. If you have tried AdWords and failed on your own, or are not happy with your current AdWords campaign performance, please contact us to see how we can potentially save your money on your ad spend, and make you more money through increased ad performance.

FREE Advertising Success Consultation including:

  • Audit Current Advertising Expenses
  • End Advertising that Fails to Cost-Effectively Make New Sales
  • Outline Your Custom Advertising Success Plan
  • Offer My Help in Implementing Your Advertising Success Plan
  • In 6-12 Months, Your Advertising Should Be Paying for Itself!

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