Use Google My Business To Get Your Business to Page #1 of Google’s Search Results


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Google My Business marketing is the most cost-effective place to start your internet advertising.

Google My Business Marketing!

Recent advertising studies confirm the rapid decline of print advertising response. 85% of prospects that used to go to the Yellow Pages and local print publications now search for the products and services they want to buy on the internet. Google positions their “3-pack” of local Google My Business pages on page #1 of Google’s local search results. Google My Business pages have replaced the old, printed Yellow Pages as the #1 source local prospects use to find local businesses that sell what they already want to buy!

ALL businesses should be dedicating 85% of their advertising budget to internet advertising starting with their Google My Business page, and only 15% to other advertising. Failing to adapt to this quantum shift in the way prospects buy will put many local businesses out of business.

Charles Darwin said, “It is the species that is quickest to adapt to changes that survives and thrives.” The same is true for local businesses. They must quickly adapt to the new way prospects source products and services on Google My Business to not be losing thousands in sales. Is your business quickly adapting to these changes in the way people find local vendors of the products and services they want to buy right now?

Shelf-life of Advertising

Different types of advertising have different shelf-life’s. Newspapers advertising has a one day shelf-life because papers typically get thrown out daily. Magazines and other local print publications have an advertising shelf-life of about a month.

Google My Business and Directory marketing have a shelf-life of 10 – 30 years! So Directory and Google My Business marketing are a 100-300 times better investment of marketing dollars because they will continue to bring you new clients for decades.

Timing of Your Google My Business

Marketing Message

The best marketing is – the right message – to the right market – at the right time – in the Media the majority of local buyers use. Google My Business marketing succeeds by perfectly matching the timing of when the prospect wants to buy something, and the Media most prospects use with the local vendor that has what they are seeking, while they have their wallet in hand. Google My Business marketing does not just supply prospects. Google My Business marketing feeds local businesses BUYERS more than any other source!

A recent study shows that over 65% of all internet searches are done from a mobile device like a notepad or smart phone. If a website is not mobilized, and upgraded to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), that business is losing over 65% of the possible sales to high-end clients.

Mobilizing your website and adding Accelerated Mobile pages has other Google ranking benefits, and should be done immediately. There is no benefit in waiting and failing to adapt to this quantum change in the way prospects source vendors of products and services they want to buy, online and on mobile. So dramatically speeding up the page load speeds with AMP pages for your website is another way to make big increases in sales for local businesses.

Having a mobile-friendly website is essential for Boulder City businesses, especially along Nevada Hwy., that sell to visitors with the construction of the Boulder City by-pass for their business to be found by travelers.

Search Engine Optimization Case Study

I want you to see a Search Engine Optimization case study on increasing visibility and sales with internet marketing. When I am in charge of a local businesses website hosting, website design and coding, and Social Media, I get the best results. Here is how I helped a local business, Pit Stop, increase their exposure and reduce their advertising expenses.

Pit Stop has gained tens of thousands of dollars in value:

1) Owning their own domain name instead of DEX owning it

2) Owning their own highly visited mobilized website, instead of paying DEX for DEX to own their website and domain name

3) #1 Google ranking for every keyword that produces sales

4) Internet presence on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Bing and Yahoo Local, and their website

5) Local marketing positioned for the future with 82% new visits to their website.

6) Increased sales of approximately $400 a day X 30 days = $12,000 per month increase in sales = $144,000 increase in sales per year, conservatively. These numbers only account for documented calls, not people that see their website or Google My Business marketing on the internet, and just come in for a meal without calling.

Google My Business Marketing Pays for Itself for Pit Stop in Just 9 Months!

Most advertising is not tracked, but this is 100% trackable results! Over $108,000 in value for less than $3000 paid to me over the last 9 months. I am now working with Pit Stop to continue having their marketing produce 10X+ Return On Investment.

Pit Stop’s marketing is self-funding now. It actually costs them 0, because it is being paid for with a small part of the increase in sales I created.

Is there anyone who thinks that Pit Stop would have been better off staying with DEX?

Have 1 Person Handle All Your Website SEO and Google My Business Marketing

When multiple people handle a business’s website hosting, website design and Search Engine Optimization, they conflict with each other. I have worked on other websites, and had other vendors conflict with what I was implementing, which has killed the Google My Business marketing gains I had made.

Money gets wasted by multiple people doing the internet marketing because they do the same work twice, and they frequently implement conflicting strategies. The only way to get to where your marketing is 100% self-funding is to have my agency handle it all!

So who is a good business for me to work with?

– Boulder City businesses that sell to visitors along Nevada Hwy. – these businesses will cease to exist if they are not able to be located by visitors driving on the Boulder City by-pass.

– Any local business that want to quit wasting money on advertising that does not immediately make sales, discover huge internet opportunities for their business, end their unprofitable advertising, and implement self-funding advertising with Google Plus marketing.

– Any local business that needs changes or updates done to their website.

Increase Sales with Google My Business Marketing

I am increasing sales for Pit Stop by implementing Google My Business marketing. I am working on doing the same for Charles Williams at B & J Body Shop, and several other local businesses. So any business that wants to quit wasting advertising dollars and discover huge internet opportunities to increase profits is a business I want to speak to about how to use Google My Business marketing to make their advertising self-funding in 6 – 12 months.

2 Specials for the next 30 days –

1) FREE Google Ranking Diagnosis – Discover what is holding your business back from being found on page #1 of Google’s search results, and costing you thousands in lost sales every month.

2) I will mobilize any Word Press website for only $497. Please feel free to call me at (702)940-9750 to discuss how I get local businesses to the point where their advertising is positioned for the future and self-funding. I look forward to speaking with you soon!