Keyword Research Is Critical to Online Success!

Why is Keyword Research for Online Marketing Important?

All internet traffic is driven by keyword search queries, the words and phrases that are typed into Google’s or other search engines search window. I see many websites and web pages built, not only with the wrong foundational structure like template sites and cumbersome HTML sites, but with no consideration as to what the keywords are that could drive new clients to that businesses online sales page.

When pages and websites are built with no consideration to keywords, it makes it impossible for that content to rank as relevant by Google for your top keywords with traffic. Websites and web pages built with no consideration of their keywords are doomed to the back pages of the Google rankings forever, or until the keyword problem is fixed.

In order to prevent this type of problem for my clients when I am building social media pages or a website, I do the keyword research first. Then base the entire page or website on the top keywords with traffic, so it will be obvious to Google that this content is relevant to those top keywords.

Who understands the difference between AdWords pay-per-click ads and free listings on the Internet? The top 1-3 ads on Google show “Ad” at the bottom left of the copy. These are AdWords pay-per-click ads which have become very expensive. Did you know that 4 out of 5 small businesses that try AdWords never make back the money invested in that advertising? AdWords ads also line the right column of the search results. Paid ads may or may not be relevant to your search term typed into Google because anyone can pay to be listed there.

Keywords for AdWords and Organic Listings Are Different

Savvy internet users do not click on the AdWords ads because of lack of relevancy, and some of these paid listings contain viruses that can harm your computer. Smart internet users click on the ads below the paid ads as these are the ads that Google views as most relevant to your search term. Listings below the AdWords pay-per-click ads are called “The organic listings” where your clicks are FREE. Website and web pages that are NOT optimized for the top keywords with traffic will never appear on page #1 of Google, and will receive very little traffic.

So how do I research keywords, and find the ones with the most traffic?

My software does keyword research for the free organic listings, not the pay per click keywords on AdWords like the Google keyword tool. I use this software because it is the most accurate for getting a business ranked in the free organic listings.

I have keywords software and tools that show me exactly which keywords are going to bring the most QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. I look to see how many times that keyword is searched for a month, the total number of pages that keyword is an anchor link on competitors pages, and the level of competition for that keyword. This research reveals the top 5-10 keywords that are most likely to bring the most qualified traffic.

Keywords need to be infused into the content of your website or pages, the navigation tabs, blog categories, anchor links, meta description, meta title and optimized into any images properties to maximize keyword effectiveness. Some keywords need to be geo-specific for local business marketing.

Qualified Keyword Traffic

What do I mean by qualified traffic? Let’s say you find a keyword that is searched for 10,000 times per month for “Plumbing”, but you are a Dentist. You can optimize your website for that high traffic keyword, but you will be attracting UNQUALIFIED traffic because people searching for a plumber will immediately click away when they get a dental search result that is NOT relevant to their search queries.

The keywords not only have to have traffic, but they need to be relevant enough and have “Commercial intent” to deliver a qualified prospect to your website or page.

Healing Hands Massage Search page result

#1 Google Plus result for Healing Hands Massage.

In the example above, by using the top keywords with traffic, I was able to get my client “Healing Hands Massage” the #1 listing in the Google My Business listings. What is the value of this result? Multiply the number of clicks by the cost per click in AdWords, and that determines the value of being listed in the free, organic listings.

So can websites and web pages that have not had their keyword research done correctly prior to building the website ever be fixed and work right?

YES, I fix broken websites all the time that are not driving qualified traffic and new clients to the business. It is also a really good idea to repeat your keyword research every year or two and check your Google Analytics and Search Console, as top keywords can change over time.

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