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Local Marketing has gone from the Yellow Pages to the Internet in only a decade. Now Google is where the majority of local vendor searches are conducted by prospective buyers. Electronic devices prospects are using to access the internet are changing from personal computers to mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and notepads.

Local Marketing Must Adapt to Current Trends Including the Massive Shift to Buying from Mobile Devices

Businesses need to quickly adapt to this HUGE trend and shift in the way people are buying and viewing their websites online, now and in the future. Google is focused on and invested in local mobile marketing. It has changed from serving up national results to serving up local results to local search queries. At this time, more than 61% of all Google search queries come from a mobile device like a notepad or smart phone.

Local marketing | Mobile Integration
People now leave their homes with 3 things:
1) Their wallet or purse
2) Their keys
3) Their smart phone or mobile device

Smart Phones Are Completely Changing the Way People Find a Local Businesses!

Mobile devices can access Google and other search engine results at blinding fast 3G and 4G speeds. This is because they are accessing the internet and websites from a cellular connection to their smart phone, not DSL or Broadband. 4G is actually faster than broadband, and mass distribution of 4G networks and phones is happening right now. Prospects are now using their smart phones and notepad devices to find business locator icons from Google Maps to locate the closest provider of what they want to buy.

People’s cell phones or smart phones are with them every minute, at least 300% more than their personal computer. In addition, 95% of ALL CELL PHONE USERS react almost immediately to receiving a text message, which is something they do not do with email. Email open rates are on the decline. This opens up texting and “push notification” local mobile marketing opportunities that do not exist with email or your website.

The businesses that fail to respond to this change in local marketing to mobile and text marketing will grow weaker and weaker until they create and implement a good strategy for local mobile marketing. In this competitive business climate, you need to evolve and adapt or your business for mobile, or it will become outdated, a dinosaur. All businesses that get any of their sales from local marketing need to be engaging prospects with a local mobile marketing strategy and a mobile-optimized website that loads super fast with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Businesses that take full advantage of the many advantages of local mobile marketing will see their businesses online visibility and sales increase dramatically.

Are You Prepared for This Global Shift in the Way Prospects Locate Your Business?

Local Marketing } Locate Your Business | Instant Local Marketing Profits

Is your website optimized for mobile visitors, so it loads super fast and your prospects do not click to another local provider? If it is not optimized for mobile prospects, you are missing more than 61% of all local searches. That is cutting out more than half of your total prospects. This is disastrous for those local businesses that still have a slow loading website, and do not adapt and optimize their website for mobile.

Studies have shown that prospects searching from a mobile device will leave your website if it is not formatted for mobile device browsers. So websites need to be responsive to deliver the website’s content based on what browser the visitor is using.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are pages designed for your website, specifically coded so that they load in about 1-2 seconds, instead of the 20 second average website load time on mobile devices. Google loves Accelerated Mobile Pages, because it increases “user experience” in both load time and time spent on page (Dwell Time).

Is your local business or practice listed at the top of the local search results for your top keywords, because of your optimized Google My Business page, superior four and five star reviews, and directory citations?

Is your service area listed with Google Maps so prospects can easily get directions to your business on their mobile devices? Did you know that if you do not have a Google My Business page, your business will not appear in Google Maps, which is more than half of all Google Searches?

I recommend you do it NOW, before your competition does!

Want to Get Your Local Marketing Message in Front of High-Income Prospects Who Are Already Presold On Buying What You Sell?

In my more than 40 years of designing, testing, and tracking local marketing, I have built 5 businesses of my own, and helped grow the profits of over 243 practices and businesses in 47 states and 9 foreign countries. In my career, I have never seen a local marketing opportunity that was so profitable, because mobile marketing automatically targets the most affluent group of people who are ready to buy right now. Most businesses are not focusing on mobile device marketing, or only focused on a small part of the local mobile market.

Here Are Some Google Statistics to Consider About Local Mobile Marketing:

  • Mobile search queries have grown over 500% in the past 2 years.
  • 95% of smart phone users have searched for local information.
  • 61% called the business after searching.
  • 59% then visited in person.
  • 90% of smart phone users acted within 24 hours, which gives mobile-optimized businesses almost instant results to their mobile promotions.
  • 57% of smart phone users say they will not recommend a poorly-designed mobile website.
  • 40% have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

Is Your Local Business Quickly Adapting to Mobile Marketing?

– Mobile prospects use the local ranking and reviews to predetermine which provider is the provider of choice.

– Mobile prospects are the most affluent of all internet buyers.

– Mobile prospects use business locator icons to locate the nearest source of what they already want to buy.

– Most Smart phone and mobile device users are already presold on buying what you have to offer. They just seek to find the nearest location to buy what they want!

Did You Know that:

  • 72% of tablet/notepad users make purchases from their devices on a weekly basis?
  • 2.8 Billion tablet/notepads have been be sold worldwide!
  • Tablet users love of shopping has already spawned a new buzzword: “T-commerce”?
  • Notepads are causing so many new sales that savvy business owners are preparing products, services, and even their own apps for this tidal wave of local mobile marketing?

Will Your Business Get Left Behind This Evolution in Local Marketing to the Affluent?

Local Marketing |Business Evolution | Instant Local Marketing Profits

Is your local business or practice ready for this massive shift in the way prospects buy from mobile devices? Who have you designated to be your mobile champion for your local business or practice to manage all your local mobile marketing campaigns, monitor your competition’s investment in mobile with specialized software, and send you monthly reports on your progress?

Is local mobile marketing a key metric in your marketing management dashboard?

Who in your practice or business knows what percentage of traffic to your website now comes from mobile devices?

Which local mobile marketing agency are you relying on to help you make intelligent mobile marketing decisions?

Who in your local business or practice is creating and managing your “T-Commerce” strategy, and seeing that it is implemented in a cost-effective way? I have been building businesses for over 40 years, and I have never seen an opportunity as lucrative as local mobile marketing. If you are not prepared and adapting to the advancements in mobile marketing, you should schedule a FREE Local Marketing Consultation while the opportunity to target this affluent group of consumers is HUGE, and the consultation is FREE. I feel it only fair to tell you that I can only take on 12 new clients because I have a nearly full calendar with my existing clients.

Every day you ignore local mobile marketing, it is costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost profits.

Mobile marketing is the most cost-effective, trackable local marketing I have ever seen. It automatically targets the high-income spenders that are already presold on buying what you sell.

FREE Advertising Success Consultation

I am offering a FREE Advertising Success Consultation to any local business owner with a published business address  that wants to get in front of this tidal wave of buying that is growing everyday in local mobile marketing. (Google considers businesses with no address in their website and listings “Shady”, so they have credibility challenges to overcome.)

Simply email me at AskLarryConn@gmail.com with your time zone and best number to call you, and I will send you a return email with 2 proposed consulting appointment times. Everyone who gets the FREE Advertising Success Consultation will also get my testimonial system to increase the credibility of ALL your adverting as my gift. After 15-minutes I can usually tell if we are a good fit to work together, and we can make a plan to re-purpose some of your advertising dollars to have your phone ringing with new clients or patients in as little as 24-48 hours.

For a FREE Advertising Success Consultation, click on the “Contact Me” button below. I look forward to showing you how to increase your profits from your existing advertising.