Vendor of Choice Program

In my more than 40 years in direct-response marketing and advertising, I have reviewed thousands of small businesses advertising. I have audited literally thousands of ads from 47 states and 9 foreign countries, and all of them have the same fundamental problems. Their marketing message is generic, fails to stand out from the competition, does not stop their ideal target prospect in their tracks, and falls short of positioning their business as the “Vendor of Choice” in the consumers mind.

How to Become the Vendor of Choice

The biggest cause of their advertising’s failure is they never created a dynamite marketing message that could be used universally in all Media to stand out from their local competition. Most businesses marketing message is so generic it could be used by any of their competitors. It completely fails to stand out from the competition, and show why you are the preferred “Vendor of Choice”.

What would happen if you had a comprehensive, multi-Media marketing message designed that answered every question in your ideal target prospects’ mind, and positioned your business as the “Vendor of Choice”?

You would stand out from your competition in a positive way, and be “top of consciousness” in your consumer’s mind for what you provide. This is the ideal all local businesses strive for, and the businesses that achieve this “Vendor of Choice” status reap huge financial rewards.

Becoming Vendor of Choice Increases Your Businesses Value by 200-300%!

Businesses that are the Vendor of Choice for the local community are more profitable and sell for 200-300% more than an average business, so this builds value into your business that is transferable to the new owner.

To be seen as the Vendor of Choice, you need a dynamite marketing message that:

  • 1) Stops the page or webpage turners in their tracks
  • 2) Stands out from the competition
  • 3) Attracts your ideal target prospect
  • 4) Gets them to read every word
  • 5) Gets your ideal target prospect to call you immediately presold on using you before they have ever met or spoken to you

When I first went beyond designing marketing messages for the businesses I was building to designing dynamite marketing messages for others, I decided I needed to know what questions were in a prospects’ mind that they needed answered before they would feel confident enough to make the decision to buy.

“It is only by understanding the questions that you must answer in the consumer’s mind that you can answer all your prospects questions, concerns, and objections to buying.”

Regardless of the timing, target market, or Media used in your advertising – You need the strongest, most compelling marketing message you can have to stand out from the competition and be perceived as the “Vendor of Choice” by your ideal target prospects.

Here’s what a recent client said about his New Patient Postcard I created after creating his Vendor of Choice, powerfully compelling marketing message:

“We have found that the calls we get from the postcard you designed for us have all converted into new patients–that is, they were not just info gathering calls. Thanks Larry!”

Andy Norige, South Windsor Smiles

Your Prospects Ladder of Desire – Convincer Strategies

It turns out that all prospects have different “Convincer Strategies” as defined in Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the science of how the human brain sorts information. Roughly a third of all prospects need only the first 4 questions answered by your marketing message to feel confident enough to make a buying decision. Then there is another roughly one third that need the first 8 questions answered. Then there are some prospects that need all 10 questions answered before they will feel confident enough to make a buying decision. If your marketing message only satisfies one of these groups, you are already losing about 67% of your potential market.

“Lack of a powerfully compelling, comprehensive marketing message is the reason most small business advertising repeatedly fails.”

So what are the top 10 questions in your ideal prospects’ mind that must be answered by your marketing message to make your prospects confident that you are the Vendor of Choice and ready to buy, before they have ever met or spoken to you?

The 10 Questions Any Prospect Needs Answered to Feel Ready to Buy

These are the 10 questions all prospects need to resolve in their mind before they will be ready to buy.

1) What’s in it for me? (Upside)

2) What’s the risk to me? (Downside)

3) Who can I speak to if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

4) Why should I do business with you above any and all choices?

The first 33% of prospects make a purchase after the first 4 questions have been answered

5) Who else has done business with them?

6) How easily accessible are they?

7) How do I contact them, and what do I do next?

8) Why should I buy or make an appointment right now?

The second 33% of prospects make a purchase after these 8 questions are answered.

9) How can I find out more about this?

10) What if I want to speak to a real person to ask a question before I make a buying decision?

The third 33% of prospects buys only after ALL 10 of their questions are answered, every time they make a purchase!

The 12 Advertising Response Triggers Creates a Marketing Message that Stands Out from the Competition!

All 10 questions in any prospects’ mind are answered by these 12 Advertising Response Triggers. Here are the 12 Advertising Response Triggers I use every day in my Google Engage advertising agency that are proven to work to create the most profitable marketing message that will work in ANY Media, online or offline:

1) Unique Selling Proposition – this is what makes you different and better

2) Targeted, Benefit Filled Headline – should stop your ideal target prospect in their tracks

3) Emotional, Pertinent Photo or Graphic with Caption

4) Guarantee, Personal Promise – shows you stand behind your work

5) Powerful Testimonials – adds credibility to your marketing message

6) Bullets – benefits, not features

7) Secondary Means of Response

8) Offer For New Ideal Clients –their main judgment on the value you provide will be determined in their first purchase

9) Call to Action

10) Ad Size Selection – avoid ad sizes that get bad page position

11) Ad Sequence, Continuity and Layout – continuous eye flow

12) Phone Number(s), Soft Offer – one technique here has been shown to double incoming calls

It is only after the prospects’ questions are answered that your business is positioned as the Vendor of Choice in their mind, and they feel “ready to buy”.

Here’s Feedback I Received Recently from my Clients:

“Larry Conn wrote a Val Pak ad for me about a year ago. Since that time I have paid Val Pak $12,093 and Larry’s “crazy” idea of me giving people a free medical spa service has generated $48,343.64 in New, 1st time patient revenue.  This filled my empty appointments and enabled me to have my best ever year. These people will continue to return for services year after year.  My wife suggested to me we change the ad; I said no way, don’t get off a winning horse!”

– Sincerely, James E Turek,MD, DermaVogue Medical Spa

 “I have done well with both Yellow Pages and MoneyMailer in years past, but the ads seem to be less effective than in years past. For this reason, I decided to get professional help for my marketing strategy and ad design. Due to your call tracker phone numbers, I know that I have received OVER 70 calls in the first 48 hours that my MoneyMailer ad has been in homes. I have never had this type of response in the many years that I have been using MoneyMailer.”

– Dr. Raymond McLendon

 “Just reviewed the statistics for the month of June, and year to date with my husband. I have a 20 to 1 ROI with my Larry Conn designed ad. That’s the highest return of all my marketing. I highly recommend his services.” Jill and Dr. David Sisson, DDS 

“Larry, this is a “Kick Ass” ad! It certainly communicates what we do, and why the prospect should choose us over the competition.” -Dr. James Fairfield

“Now I have more calls to my office, more new patients, and more income!” –Dr. Mike Dossett, DDS

“Larry is a very bright marketer. He’s become an expert on how to maximize the results of your marketing message.” -Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing and Author of the #1 selling Nightengale-Connant marketing course

“The new Larry Conn ad just came out, and today I answered all the calls at our office while our 2 receptionists attended a seminar. I could not believe the response! I would say that 90% of our calls were from the new ad! I had to put in a 12-hour day just to be sure I printed up all the Work Orders correctly. We are booked solid.”

-Judy and Steve Ransom, Winners of their Industries Highest Award and a brand new Corvette! –Pres. Daystar Cleaning Inc.

“I just read your article, “How to Become Your Prospects Vendor of Choice”, and I am wholly impressed with the rich content! I happen to totally agree with this paradigm, and you have framed it in very useful terms that can be implemented by any business.”

– Terry Schell, Local Mobile

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your article, “How to Become Your Prospects Vendor of Choice! I do a lot of research on marketing in my position, and I will say that this is one of the best reminders of good marketing I have seen in a long time. Thank you!”

– Wendy Mechelle, IER Online

Advertising that Dominates Your Competition!

That’s what I have done for hundreds of practices and businesses in 47 states and 9 countries since 2004 is build a powerfully compelling marketing message with up to 12 Advertising Response Triggers that answer all 10 of the questions in the minds of your ideal target prospects.

Now those businesses have a comprehensive marketing message that can be used in ANY Media that positions them as the Vendor of Choice locally. They raise themselves above having to be the low price provider, and can frequently position their business as the high price provider that provides the most value to their clients because low price always brings inherent “delivery” problems.

That comprehensive marketing message becomes the foundation for all their marketing that drives the growth of the business and its’ profits. This same dynamite marketing message also positions the business to be worth more when you go to sell it because you have marketing in place that works well and is transferable to the new owners, which is critical.

Website Design Strategies, Tips and Tactics

When it comes to your website design, shouldn’t your content include answers to all your prospects’ questions so they reach for the phone to buy from you?  This is the difference between a website that is just a pretty online brochure that generates no sales, and a website that automates the selling process into a system that consistently makes your prospects confident enough to buy now.

Designing a marketing message that will position your business as the Vendor of Choice is an investment in your future profits. Pricing depends on what work is necessary to bring your marketing message up to speed, and the size of your completed print ad or website. Every businesses needs varies, and that is why it is best to speak with you directly about your project to be sure it fits inside the parameters of your budget.

FREE Website Audit or 60 Point Advertising Audit and 60 Minute Tele-Consultation! ($244.00 Value!)

As a business owner, it is hard to get an objective view of your own marketing. I can use my more than 40 years of marketing experience to provide you with an objective view of how to make more profits with your advertising budget, and point out the “low hanging fruit” opportunities you are probably overlooking.

For a limited time, I will give you a FREE website audit, or a 60-point advertising audit of your best marketing piece, determine the strengths and weaknesses, then give you a 60-minute tele-consultation as to the best way to make their advertising more profitable ($244.00 Value!). I know of no other advertising expert in the world that has a system to audit your marketing message, and immediately show the strengths and weaknesses in your advertising, with no cost or obligation on your part.

So if you know someone who wants to grow or sell their business and be positioned as the vendor of choice, you can tell them I now offer a FREE Advertising Audit where I will audit their current advertising’s strengths and weaknesses, see what response triggers should be added, and give them a FREE 60-minute tele-consultation to discuss how to go from where they are to where they want to go.

The 60 point advertising audit and tele-consultation are a $244 value they can get for free, while this offer lasts. To schedule your FREE Advertising Audit, you can email me from the Contact page of this website, or call me at (702)940-9750. You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of increased profits and business growth to gain! Make your appointment today before I remove this FREE offer and start charging for this. You’ll be glad you did!