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online reputation managementThe Internet has changed the way we source information, and created the need for online reputation management. Online reviews are a tool that internet buyers use to check the credibility of a local business. Buyers use testimonials and online reviews as a decision-making short cut. They feel that if your reviews and testimonials are good that they too are likely to be satisfied with what they buy from you.

Unfortunately, human nature is such that a mad client is much more likely to post a negative review or comment about your business than a satisfied client. Of the local businesses I review, about 50% have negative reviews that taint their business name and online reputation. This kills the sales from prospects that look at their reviews. Local businesses need to use online reputation management strategies, tips and tactics to discover these bad reviews ASAP, and take action so that they do not kill your online reputation and sales.

Online Reputation Management Review

Negative Reviews | Online Reputation ManagementWhen you look on Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp for your online business listing, do you see any negative reviews for your business?

Many business owners are shocked to learn that there are people saying nasty and sometimes untrue things about their experience with your business. Ignoring this online reputation management problem will only cause it to fester and grow.

So what do you do if you see negative reviews about your business online? Do you threaten to sue the person unless they take the review down? What can you do legally?

Well I am happy to inform you that there are good solutions to negative reviews without having to call a lawyer or file a lawsuit. Instant Local Marketing Profits has solutions for even the most nasty reviews.

5 Star Review System

I have found that when local practices and businesses implemented a 5 Star Review System, they received 5 star reviews from about half of their patients and clients. Every local practice and business should be implementing a review system, because 5 star reviews attract new sales away from your competitors.

I have found that building positive reviews DISCOURAGES people from leaving a bad review. They don’t want to look like the only one who was unhappy. But if you do not focus on getting positive reviews, this “blank canvas” will encourage the occasional disgruntled patient or client to really leave you a nasty review.

So not only is having many 5 star reviews good for increasing conversion to sale, but it will lower the number of negative reviews you get.

Since different situations call for different solutions, I will need to speak with you and analyze your situation to see how we can make your online reviews your prospect will see mostly positive.

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