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What causes a prospect to get interested enough to call you from your print advertising design? I have been studying this question since 1977 when I completed college and went out to get rich with the advertising and marketing strategies I was taught in college. I was in for a big surprise!

Print Advertising Designers in Henderson, NV that Give You the Highest Possible ROI!

I tried the Branding type advertising that I was taught in college on a coupon mailer for the service business I had just started. It went out to 200,000 people, and to my utter amazement, I received no phone calls. I went back to the man who ran the coupon mailer business to discuss my situation. He told me that a prospect needs to see your business name and logo 21 times before they will be confident enough to buy from you. He also told me that I would have to spend around $200,000 to build my brand in the minds of the local consumers. That was not only untrue, but it was horrible advertising advice to keep investing in advertising that was not working.

That advice was a major problem for me because I did not have $200,000 to spend to “Build My Brand”. I quickly recognized that Branding advertising would never work for me. So what was I going to do?

Commitment to Excellence

It was at this point in my life that I committed myself to finding out every strategy, tip, and tactic that could be used in any type of print advertising including postcards, coupon mailers, magazines, newspapers, church bulletins, and Yellow Pages. I have now been studying what works in advertising by tracking response to every ad with specific tracking methods for the last 36 years.

Comprehensive Research

I began researching successful businesses, and businesses that had experienced rapid growth. I found 1 thing in common – they all used Direct Response Advertising. I even found 1 business that had taken a $40,000 investment, and turned it into a $20 million-dollar business THE FIRST YEAR!

That is when I knew that direct response marketing was the right answer for businesses doing under a billion dollars in annual sales. Direct Response Advertising is different from Branding type advertising in that it is designed to get immediate response and profits from the advertising.

The Reason Branding Advertising Fails for Most Businesses

The more I looked at Branding advertising, the more I realized it is exclusively for companies doing more than a billion dollars in annual sales because it takes a huge investment to build a Brand. Companies like Target, Coca-Cola, and Nike have all spent around $500 million building their brands, and then they have to spend around $100-200 Million per year to maintain that Brand in the minds of their consumers.

But for most businesses, spending $500 million to build your brand and $100-200 million per year to maintain your Brand is out of the question. So what is the most viable form of advertising for businesses that gross under a billion dollars a year? I have found it to be Direct Response Advertising.

12 Advertising Response Triggers Identified

I spent all my time learning everything I could about Direct Response Marketing. I then applied direct response advertising to Yellow Pages that was a highly used Media at the time. I was able to identify 12 response triggers you can use in direct response advertising, and I began using every one I could in my Yellow Page ads.

Suddenly the phone started ringing from my advertising, and my new business was off and running. My Yellow Page ad produces 721% Return On Investment meaning I made $7.21 for every dollar I invested in that advertising. Over the years, I was able to build and sell 3 similar service businesses that I built using direct response advertising.

Recognition from Masters of Marketing

When I was building my 3rd service business, I met a guy who was the marketing guru for my industry named Joe Polish. I became active in Joe Polish’s coaching program, and was able to share many advertising techniques that were working for me with other business owners across the United States.

One day Joe Polish said, “Larry you know more about Yellow Page advertising than anyone I know. You should write a book about it.” So I did. In 2004, I published my first book on print and Yellow Pages advertising which detailed the 12 Response Triggers that cause advertising to be highly profitable, and began selling it online at my website

This system is a “paint-by-numbers” way to create any print advertising. It shows you exactly how to build each response trigger, and where each response trigger should be located in the ad for perfect eye flow. It even recommends the best ad sizes to get optimum page position, which is critical to your ad response.

That year Joe Polish interviewed me for his Genius Network series on my new print advertising system. Within 3 years, I had been interviewed by over 27 marketing gurus in 23 different niche markets about how to increase profits from print advertising. I was invited to speak to groups as large as 500 business owners, and was even nominated to be the only non-Doctor on the Board of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery in 2005.

Since then I have been the recommended print advertising expert in numerous best-selling marketing books including, “Outrageous Advertising” by Bill Glazer, “Gravitational Marketing” by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, “Magnetic Marketing” by Dan Kennedy, and “How to Master the Art of Print and Yellow Page Advertising” by TJ Rohleder. Entrepreneur asked me to contribute a chapter to a recent marketing book they published that is now in its’ second printing, and is the book given to all new members of the Information Marketing Association.

Creation of a System to Audit Advertising

Working with advertising clients across the globe, I found that I needed a way to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current print advertising. I created a trademarked 60-point system to evaluate advertisings strengths and weaknesses called the “Profit Predictor Process™”. Since then, I have audited thousands of print ads. Here is what I discovered. Most ads have too few reasons to respond in them. They lack a powerfully compelling marketing message that makes their ad stand out from the competition, and positions their business as the “Vendor of Choice” for what they sell.

Discovery of What Consistently Works in Advertising

I discovered that when you place an ad with 10-12 response triggers next to an average ad with only 3 or 4 response triggers, the ad with the most response triggers created a more compelling marketing message that won over the majority of the prospects. These response triggers work to build interest with each element in the ad hitting all the prospects “Hot Buttons” until they get to the end of the ad where they see the offer and reach for the phone to call the business.

The “Kick Ass Ad For You” Program

Since then, I have created winning advertising for hundreds of medical practices and small businesses in 47 states and 9 foreign countries with my “Kick Ass Ad For You” program where I create the powerfully compelling marketing message and ad design for them.

If you are considering using print advertising, or you are disappointed with your advertising response, I recommend you have your advertising audited. This will immediately show you the strengths and weakness of your marketing message, and identify where it can be improved. Then discuss your marketing ideas with me so I can tell you from my 36 years experience what is most likely to work best for you.

Here’s Feedback I Received Recently from my “Kick Ass Ad for You” Clients:

“Larry Conn wrote a Val Pak ad for me about a year ago. Since that time I have paid Val Pak $12,093 and Larry’s “crazy” idea of me giving people a free medical spa service has generated $48,343.64 in New, 1st time patient revenue.  This filled my empty appointments and enabled me to have my best ever year. These people will continue to return for services year after year.  My wife suggested to me we change the ad; I said no way, don’t get off a winning horse!”

– Sincerely, James E Turek,MD, DermaVogue medical spa

 “I have done well with both Yellow Pages and MoneyMailer in years past, but the ads seem to be less effective than in years past. For this reason, I decided to get professional help for my marketing strategy and ad design. Due to your call tracker phone numbers, I know that I have received OVER 70 calls in the first 48 hours that my MoneyMailer ad has been in homes. I have never had this type of response in the many years that I have been using MoneyMailer.” – Dr. Raymond McLendon

 “Just reviewed the statistics for the month of June, and year to date with my husband. I have a 20 to 1 ROI with my Larry Conn designed ad. That’s the highest return of all my marketing. I highly recommend his services.” Jill and Dr. David Sisson, DDS 

“Larry, this is a “Kick Ass” ad! It certainly communicates what we do, and why the prospect should choose us over the competition.” -Dr. James Fairfield

“Now I have more calls to my office, more new patients, and more income!” –Dr. Mike Dossett, DDS

“Larry is a very bright marketer. He’s become an expert on how to maximize the results of your marketing message.” -Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing and Author of the #1 selling Nightengale-Connant marketing course

“The new Larry Conn ad just came out, and today I answered all the calls at our office while our 2 receptionists attended a seminar. I could not believe the response! I would say that 90% of our calls were from the new ad! I had to put in a 12-hour day just to be sure I printed up all the Work Orders correctly. We are booked solid.”

-Judy and Steve Ransom, Winners of their Industries Highest Award and a brand new Corvette! –Pres. Daystar Cleaning Inc.

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