Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

As an expert in local marketing for small businesses, I get this question a lot, so I thought I would give you an explanation here. So what is search engine marketing? Search Engine Marketing has become the #1 way to reach consumers. It is very targeted and cost effective when done correctly. 20 years ago, 90% of vendor searches were done in the Yellow Pages. Search engine marketing has become “the Yellow Pages of the 21st century”. Now it is reported that about 90% of vendor searches are conducted on the internet. So you really need to have your business website found on page 1 of Google to be found by your consumers and clients.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting you listed on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing, which account for the vast majority of all vendor searches on the Internet. My Google Analytics data clearly shows that the majority of my visitors to this website come from Google, so your focus should be on great Google visibility and rankings, first and foremost.

Search Engine Marketing Best Practices

So how can you get your website listed on page 1 of Google? There are 2 ways. The first to consider is pay-per-click advertising where you pay a search engine to appear in their search results. There are some nuances with your Click Thru Rate (CTR) and other factors, but basically if you pay more than everyone else is paying per click, you can be listed #1 in the paid ads that appear at the top and right side of your Google keyword search results.

Pay-per-click is more difficult to do profitably. Most novices set this up with the $100 in credits Google sends you. Then they realize you need to spend a minimum of $20 a day, so they need to add about $500 of their own money to run a test for a month. After a month they get no increase in sales, and quit pay-per-click forever viewing pay-per-click as a waste of money. The truth about pay-per-click is there is an amazing amount of studying to really know how to get pay-per-click to be cost-effective for most small businesses. Maybe you have already had this negative experience with pay-per-click advertising.

Search Engine Marketing | Best Practices

Search Engine Marketing by Website Optimization

The second way to get on page 1 of Google is by positioning your website as more relevant for your top keywords than your competition so that you appear in the organic search results below the paid ads. Did you know that consumers find the organic ads more relevant to their search query because they know that you can pay to appear in the paid search results regardless of relevance to the search topic? So internet consumers find the organic search results more relevant to their topic than the paid search results.

This is a complex process which requires a solid understanding of Google’s current algorithm that ranks websites which is updated every few weeks now. What used to get you to the top of the search results a year ago will not get your there now. Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic science that is constantly changing, and requires constant study to keep abreast of changes in SEO strategies, and tactics.

Search Engine Marketing “Promises in the Night”

There are many good companies that provide search engine marketing to small businesses, but Instant Local Marketing Profits is better and here’s why. First of all, I will not promise you a page 1, #1 ranking on Google without doing research as to your competition and how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword. At Instant Local Marketing Profits, we will conduct keyword research to check the competition and traffic for that keyword, then explain to you the process necessary to get you a top ranking.

Search Engine Marketing Has Many “Hats”

There are 3 types of SEO strategies, but at Instant Local Marketing Profits we exclusively use White-hat techniques because they are the only ones that last. Black-hat and Grey-hat hacking strategies last less than a month now with all the Google algorithm updates every few weeks. Google penalizes those websites that use Black-hat and Grey-hat hacking techniques with a lower Google ranking. They can even put you in the “penalty box” where they ban you from Google permanently!

Search Engine Marketing Research

Most companies will guess at your keywords. But I like accurate data, so I use an incredible free software available from Google called Google Analytics to track the keywords prospects are actually using to reach your website. Google Analytics tells us – where your prospects are coming from, how long they stay at your website, which pages they visited, how long they stayed at each page, which search engine they used, which browser they used, your top landing and exit pages, and even your click through rate for each keyword and page. Google Analytics provides the data needed to get your website to perform optimally. Using Google Analytics data gets us out of guessing at your top keywords like your competition is likely doing. Without using Google Analytics, you are “flying blindfolded” to the dashboard of the exact data that will make your website profitable and successful.

Then we make sure these keywords have enough traffic to justify focusing on them. Once we have identified the top keywords with traffic for your business and evaluated the competition, then we can tell you honestly what will be required to get a top ranking on Google in their organic (free) search listings.

Attract FREE Prospects with Your Website Textual Content

Other companies focus on giving you a beautiful, even stunning website, but fail to inform you that Google ranks websites based on textual content, and not images. Google’s bots that crawl websites are effectively blind to all images, unless they are highly optimized, which I will cover in another blog post.

Websites designed by expert copywriters that focused on your top keywords will always outrank websites designed by artists because they contain the textual content that Google uses to rank the relevancy of your website to your keywords. As 1 of only 7 Dan Kennedy Certified copywriters in the world, I am uniquely qualified to write the copy for your website targeting your top keywords with traffic and your ideal target prospect.

Search Engine Marketing | Drive Organic Traffic

Most websites are set up incorrectly to receive organic traffic from the search engines because:

1) They were designed by artists to look pretty, not highly-trained direct response copywriters targeting your top keywords.

2) Keyword research was not done prior to building the website, so it is not optimized to rank for your top keywords with traffic. Websites should be entirely designed to focus on your top keywords with traffic, or you will have to redesign your website later to make it attract visitors. If you listen to this bit of website design advice, you can save thousands in expenses, and years of time having your website set up wrong.

3) They do not contain the elements that Google uses to favorably rank your website.

4) They do not contain the necessary advertising response triggers to promote your business and products to the level where you stand out from your competition and your prospects buy from you.

3) The eye flow jumps all over the page as eye flow was never considered or understood by the web designer. Any copy the eye jumps over is like it was not there because the reader is very unlikely to go back to read every word when the eye flow is set up to jump all over the page.

4) They are not responsive to mobile devices, so all mobile users go to the competition’s website that can be read on a mobile device.

5) They do not attract free traffic by ranking as relevant with Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top 3 search engines where 95% of all Internet vendor searches are conducted.

FREE Advertising Success Consultation for Search Engine Marketing and/or Website Development

Regardless of whether you are considering designing a new website, or have already designed one and found that it is not set up to focus on your top keywords with traffic, Instant Local Marketing Profits can help. The best thing to do is simply Contact Me by clicking on the button below or going to the Contact Larry tab of this website, so we can schedule some time to discuss your project. This planning is sure to save you thousands of dollars and months of time in setting up a website that gets favorable ranking with the top search engines. I look forward to speaking with you about your project soon!