Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of developing your website and internet presence so that you appear on the first page of the Google search results. An ideal Search Engine Optimization result is getting your website listed in position #1 on Google for your highest traffic keywords.

An outrageously good Search Engine Optimization result is getting MULTIPLE listings in the top positions on page 1 of Google, so you push your competition off Google’s page 1, and give the consumer the choice of – you, you, or you!

Outrageously Good Search Engine Optimization Results Are Achievable!

I have been achieving outrageously good SEO results by getting my company to be many of the top listings for my top keywords. Some of my listings take up the entire first page results for some keywords.

Steps to Achieving Top Google Listings with Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a science that reviews many factors Google’s algorithm uses to rank your website’s relevance to the search query. Keyword research is essential for great SEO results. First, you must find relevant keywords, and this is key, THAT HAVE TRAFFIC. Then you must access the level of competition for that keyword. There is no point in trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword if the competition has already spent a lot of time and money optimizing for that same keyword.

The next step in foundational Search Engine Optimization is to see who ranks in the top 3 positions for the keyword that interests you, and audit their websites to predetermine their strengths and weaknesses. Some of your competition may have spent so much time and money optimizing for that keyword that it may be outside of what you are willing to do and spend to out position them in the Google search results.

So the object is to find 5 keywords first that:

  • Have traffic
  • Are relevant to your website
  • That do not already have a high level of competition
SEO Strategy

Avoid Fraudulent Vendors of Search Engine Optimization

Watch out for Search Engine Optimization people who:

Promise you page 1 position 1 results without even looking and auditing how competitive the keywords you want to rank for are.

Do not give you access to reports that show the work that has been completed that month, and the results in raising your Google ranking.

Cannot show you first page Google results they have achieved using White-hat SEO strategies and tactics.

Do not have at least 10 years full-time experience in marketing (many people who were down-sized from other jobs have set up shop as an “SEO Expert” because there is no certification or licensing to do SEO work.) Sadly, 80% of people doing Search Engine Optimization work are not properly trained, and cannot provide you exceptional SEO results.

There are 3 types of Search Engine Optimization.

The first is “White-hat SEO” which uses strategies that Google likes to achieve their results. The second is “Black-hat SEO” which uses strategies that trick Google’s algorithm into believing you are the most relevant. I recommend you avoid Black-hat SEO because all your gains will be washed away when Google updates their algorithm and downgrades your website for trying to trick them.

Then there is “Grey-hat SEO”. Gray-hat SEO masquerades as White-hat SEO, but is really Black-hat SEO that will only provide very short-term results. The only SEO that will give you long-term results is White-hat SEO, and that is what we specialize in exclusively at Instant Local Marketing Profits. Black-hat and Grey-hat Search Engine Optimization tricks can get you banned from Google permanently, and are not only a waste of money, but are just not worth the risk of being permanently banned from Google.




I have seen many “Search Engine Optimization Experts” that really only have 2-3 tricks they do to get your website to rank highly. The problem is you really need comprehensive White-hat SEO strategies, and tactics because so many businesses are hiring SEO people creating increased competition. Ranking websites with Search Engine Optimization gets tougher each day as more of your competitors engage in SEO activity. I still recommend comprehensive White-hat SEO strategies, because they are still getting my clients to page 1 of the Google search results.

I have 40 years marketing and advertising experience building profits in local businesses since 1976, and have been studying Search Engine Optimization since my first e-commerce website was launched in 2004. We use only COMPREHENSIVE WHITE-HAT SEO strategies that give you much longer lasting results than the SEO people who only do 2 or 3 things. I can show you a list of what is covered in our monthly Search Engine Optimization programs, but it is too extensive to cover here and changes monthly to conform to the most recent Google algorithm updates which occur about every 30 days now.

Once you have predetermined your top 5 keywords, you should do some foundational SEO. This means setting up social media pages, and up to a hundred local directory listings that all link back to your website. This foundational SEO will give you the back links and citations Google looks for to evaluate your relevance for your keywords.

I have an incredible foundational Search Engine Optimization program called the “Get Found on the Internet” program. It includes all the foundational SEO work you need to get started building your ranking. It even includes the keyword research necessary to find your top 5-10 keywords.

social media marketing

It is the most consistent and cost-effective source of new clients and sales available.To discover what is included in this tremendous value, please Click this Link to go to the full description of this money-making program. This investment will get all this foundational SEO work done correctly for you. For some local businesses, this may be all they have to do to rank #1 locally for a low competition keyword.

Since all Search Engine Optimization situations are different, they need to be evaluated to show you where you have the highest possibility of getting on page 1 position 1 of Google’s search results. Because every situation is different, I offer a FREE Website and SEO Audit ($177.00 Value!) so that you can get a real good idea what would be the next best step for you and your situation. After I evaluate your situation, I will consult you as to what is the best next steps for your website.

For a FREE Website and SEO Audit ($177.00 Value), you can contact me by clicking the button below or by going to the Contact Me page in this website. Once I get too busy to do this FREE, I will have to remove this complimentary website and Search Engine Optimization evaluation and audit process. I recommend you contact me today before you get distracted, forget, and miss out.