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Copywriting is the oxygen that gives your advertising life. If you use generic copywriting in your advertising, your ads will fail to stand out in a positive way from the competition, or compel your ideal prospects to call you. I have been studying copywriting for decades now, and am one of only 7 Dan Kennedy Certified copywriters for direct response advertising worldwide. I have written ad copy that produced millions of dollars in sales for businesses in 47 states and 9 foreign countries since 1977. I have produced several ads that made over $1 million dollars in sales the first year, and 1 ad that even launched a national franchise!

Generic copy written by novices is what causes advertising to fail to stand out from the competition. Your copy needs to highlight your strengths and diminish your weaknesses in the most powerfully compelling way. My copy contains the 12 advertising response triggers that are proven to answer the 10 questions and objections in a prospect’s head so that your ideal target prospect feels ready to buy after reading it. You can read more about how the 12 Advertising Response Triggers I use everyday in my Local Marketing Advertising Agency to position my client’s businesses as the Provider of Choice in their areaHere.Your website should be your best salesperson, putting your best “sales pitches” in print. If you are getting no sales from your website, odds are good that you have a website full of bad copy. If you want compelling copy that sells your products or services, the best investment you can make is in copy written by a proven successful direct-response copywriter.

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The best way to find out what the investment would be for your copywriting is to contact me to discuss the specifics of your project. Copywriting jobs vary in size so much it is impossible to quote you a price without first speaking with you about the details of what you want done. My copywriting is systemized so that you can review it as it is being developed, and be sure that you will be thrilled when your copy is completed.

The best ways to contact me is to call me directly at (702)940-9750, or by clicking the button below and filling up the contact form on the next page. I look forward to discussing your project with you, and working to make your copy as effective as possible.