Get Search Engine Optimization Henderson NV

Search Engine Optimization Henderson NV

20 years ago many businesses relied on Yellow Pages to bring them a steady stream of new clients and patients. Now people use the Yellow Pages 5% as much as they did 20 years ago, and local businesses are asking, “Where should I invest my advertising dollars for the best return on my investment in 2015?”

The answer is prospects now do 85-90% of their local vendor searches online. Google gets 85% of those searches, and although there are thousands of other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, today we are going to focus on Google because it completely dominates the search engine market. Without first page visibility on Google, businesses are invisible to 85% their prospective clients. The Yellow Pages are not coming back, and the internet is not going away, so now local businesses really need to build their visibility on page 1 of Google for their top keywords.

Try Google’s Ad Words?

So why not just do pay per click with Google Ad Words? You used to be able to buy clicks for 5 and 10 cents 15 years ago. Now clicks are much more expensive, and it might take 10 – 50 clicks to make a sale.

Because you will pay out 200-300% of what you will get back, I do not recommend anyone using pay-per-click. It is too complex a system, and you are likely to have to spend between $10,000 – $20,000 to get to where you are making back gross what you are spending. You might as well be lighting $100 bills on fire in my opinion.

Who knows what an organic listing on Google is? Organic listings are the listings that appear “organically” under the pay-per-click listings. The other reason I do not recommend Ad Words is consumers prefer the organic listings over the paid listing because:

1) They know that the organic listings have to be relevant to the keywords searched to be ranked highly in Google.

2) They know pay-per-click listings may contain viruses, and computer problems can begin when you click on them.

Steps One and Two for Search Engine Optimization in Henderson NV

The first 2 things every business should concentrate on right now to make their business visible in the internet with Search Engine Optimization is:

1) An optimized and well maintained Google My Business page – I have spoken on this before and have achieved first page rankings for many businesses in Boulder City, Henderson, and all over the US

2) After optimizing your Google My Business page, the second thing every business should focus on is getting their website onto the first page of Google, and as high up in the rankings as possible

Search Engine Optimization Defined

So how can your website be viewed as more relevant than your competition’s website in Google’s ranking algorithm? You have to make your website content more relevant than your competition for the top keywords for your industry. This is where Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is essential. SEO is the process of optimizing websites to make them appear highly in the organic (free) search results that appear below the pay per click ads.

15 years ago, you could build a website and because there were relatively few websites, it would rank for your top keywords almost automatically. 3 years ago, I was able to sell clients a SEO package, work for 6 months on SEO for them, and get them top rankings on page 1 of Google. Now there are so many websites and the competition is so high that SEO needs to be an ongoing activity to get and keep top Google rankings for your top keywords with traffic. If you start now, it takes 6 months to a year to get top rankings depending on how much competition you have.

SEO is very dynamic, and requires me to read about 40 hours a month to stay current. It is impossible for a business owner to do this and still run their business. If you use outdated SEO strategies, you can actually harm your Google ranking, or worse get banned from Google forever.

The other thing you really need to be aware of is that about 80% of SEO companies charge a lot for SEO, and actually do very little. I have yet to take over the SEO on a website, and see that competent SEO work has been done.

SEO, done correctly and completely, will be a business’s most cost-effective way to generate a steady stream of new clients and sales for at least the next 20 years.

I did a bid on a housecleaning business in Henderson named Kimberly’s Kleaning. She had paid DEX $100 a month for 3 years for a website DEX still owns. That’s $3600 paid out, and now she is paying me to build her a website that she will own. She had also paid DEX $400 a month for the last 2 years to do SEO work for her. When I reviewed her site to see what they had done, many of the foundational SEO things that I would have done in the first months were still not done years later. So at this point, she has paid DEX $3600 for the website DEX owns, and $9600 in SEO for a total paid out of $13,200, and her business website still has bad rankings.

She, like about 80% of websites I review, was getting ripped off in my opinion and is left with nothing after investing $13,200 in being visible on Google. After all that expense her website lacked the basics like a XML sitemap which is what Google needs to make sense of a website, so she will never be ranked until that is fixed!

If you know anyone who is using DEX for their website and SEO, I really need to talk with them because I can save them tens of thousands of dollars, and get them far better results.

I don’t want to bore you with the details and complexities of SEO, but let me show you some of the actual results I have achieved:

1) Pit Stop now gets 19,448 search views in 90 days, 281 clicks from their Google Plus page, and that page generated 478 documented phone calls in the last 90 days

2) Instant Local Marketing Profits not only has the top organic listing for “local marketing”, but you see I occupy the entire first page, all 10 organic listings. NOTE – Any company      considered for SEO should be able to show how they dominate their keywords locally. If they can’t do it for themselves, how are they going to do it for you?

3) I was able to get to page 1 of Google with organic listings #2 and #6 for a highly competitive keyword “water damage restoration” for a less than 1 year old company, Guaranteed Carpet Repairs.

4) With only foundational SEO done, Dunkley Law is now on page 1 of Google for 2 very profitable keywords “injury attorney Henderson nv”, and “attorney for injury Henderson nv”. I am working to make it rank further up on the page.

Because SEO is dynamic and constantly changing, I created a brand new set of packages last week that include the most up to date, long-term SEO strategies and tactics to increase any businesses Google ranking. These packages are perfect for the majority of local businesses.

The Platinum package runs $997 a month, and is ideal for highly competitive businesses, and potentially lucrative niches like dentistry and injury attorneys.

The Gold package runs $497 a month. This is ideal for moderate level competition businesses.

The Silver package runs $297 a month. This is ideal for low-level competition businesses.

I will customize the SEO work by reviewing what their competition has done in SEO, and set a plan to out do what they have done so my client will outrank them. SEO is a lot like the Olympics. You do not need to be twice as good. You only need to beat your competition by a little to win the Google ranking game.

I read an e-book about SEO I bought from a top contributor to the industry Yoast last week, and this is what they said, “SEO needs to be a continuous effort to first rank highly in the organic listings, and to remain there.” So businesses need to think of SEO like people used to look at the Yellow Page listings. I recommend that businesses that used to get most of their business from the Yellow Pages devote 70% of their advertising budget to a real SEO program.

If you want some business, you should consistently invest in a low level SEO program to achieve the results just like a small Yellow Pages ad or listing. If you want more new business, you should invest in a medium-level SEO program, which would be the equivalent of running a half page ad in the Yellow Pages 20 years ago. If you want as much new business as possible and/or are in a highly competitive niche, you should invest in a high-level SEO program, which would bring in the same new business as a full page ad in the Yellow Pages used to do.

Offer for SEO Evaluation

I am offering a free website ranking and SEO competitor analysis, valued at $197, for FREE for any prospective client.