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There has been a dramatic shift in how people are now sourcing local vendors. 10 years ago, 85% of local vendors were sourced through the Yellow Pages. Now 85% of local vendors of products and services are sourced on the internet, and 68% of that is on Google.

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I used to get asked, “How can I dominate my competition in the local Yellow Pages?” Now I am asked, “How do I make my business highly visible on page 1 of Google?”

That question has 2 answers – You can optimize your website, and you can optimize your Google Plus page. I am going to focus on Google Plus pages, as it is essential to your local ranking, and your best chance of being seen on page 1 of Google in a matter of just weeks.

68% of Buyers of Local Products and

Services Now Go to Google First

Google Search, Google Plus and Google Maps have completely replaced the Yellow Pages as the #1 source of new business and sales. No local business can afford to be invisible to 68% of their potential sales, which is why your business needs to be listed on page #1 of Google for your top keyword search queries.

Google is constantly changing and evolving local search. What worked well 2 years ago will damage your Google ranking now. Keeping current with what will get you on page 1 of Google is a dynamic, constantly changing understanding of search engine optimization. I have to spend 10 hours a week reading about Search Engine Optimization to stay current.

Small Business Marketing for Service Businesses

So on the example below, for Plumbers, you can see the top and right column are the Ad Words pay-per-click ads.

Google Plus page optimization is where most

local businesses will get the most bang for their buck

when it comes to being visible on page 1

of Google for their ideal target prospect.

Then when you optimize your website after optimizing your Google Plus page, they work together synergisticly to build you a higher ranking. So how do I help local businesses increase their Google Plus page ranking and get them on page 1 of Google the best way possible?

Make Your Small Business Marketing

Stand Out from the Competition

I have created a comprehensive 11-step Google Plus page optimization local marketing process. Here is what that includes:

1) Claim or create your Google Plus page

2) Do keyword research for your top keywords WITH TRAFFIC ($97.00 Value!)

3) Use my competitive analysis tool to analyze your Google Plus page, and see how you compare to your top 5 competitors. This shows me exactly how to get you ahead of many or all of them!

4) Analyze reviews for your business and competitors businesses

5) Optimize 10+ images with your top keywords, and upload to your Google Plus page in the correct browser

6) Write the 200-character business description to include the top keywords WITH TRAFFIC ($77.00 Value!)

7) Conduct category research with my category research tool to be sure your business is listed in every possible category that pertains to your business. More categories creates more Google page 1 listings for your top keywords.

8) Add hours, payment methods, and other pertinent information

9) Research which local directories you are listed in, and if all information listed is correct about your business

10) Syndicate your business listings, and clean up errors (Yext charges $499 for just this service)

11) Submit your website to all the major search engines ($197.00 Value)

I use my optimization tools, software, and information to drive your business up Google’s search rankings. Once this is done, you should rank higher than your competition that has not gone through this process.

You can claim your own Google Plus page, but you will never be able to optimize it the way I will because I have keyword tools, competitor analysis software, category research tools, the ability to optimize photos with your keywords, my comprehensive 11-step process, and 38 years of marketing knowledge of how to implement the information for the best possible results.

#1 Small Business Marketing Social Media

Creating a Google Plus page is the #1 Social Media page ANY local business marketing plan needs to implement immediately! Before Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and all the rest. Every local business that does not have an optimized Google Plus page is losing visibility on page #1 of Google in the Google “3-pack” that shows up when you search for a category recognized in Google Places. I have helped dozens of local businesses get listed in the Google 3-Pack on page 1 of Google which increases sales. Until your businesses Google Plus page is set up and optimized over your competition, you are losing thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in sales to your competition. Google and Google Plus is where 85% of vendor searches are now conducted for local providers.

Google Plus marketing is the equivalent of the modern Yellow Pages; it is that important that you are listed and optimized to get your share of the local market.

Small Business Marketing Fraud

I want to caution you that fraud is rampant in Search Engine Optimization and Google Plus page optimization. People call me every day and tell me that they can get me as #1 on page 1 of Google, but about 80% of this is what I consider fraud. They will take your money, then find a low competition, low traffic keyword, optimize for it, and you will appear on page 1 of Google. So it appears that they did their job, but all you got was a top listing for a keyword almost no one searches for. You will not get traffic to your website, or the phone ringing with new business that way.

A local marketing company named Yodel recently called a friend, and told him they were a subsidiary of Google. That is an outright lie! When you get these types of calls, either ignore them or call me before you give them any money, so I can make sure you don’t get ripped off!

Fraud with Google Plus pages is just as rampant. It runs from people who take your money and do nothing or virtually nothing, to people who charge up to $1000 per month per location. I offer 2 plans, depending on your level of competition, that run just $147 or $247 per month to continually optimize with my 11 step process, maintain the page adding up to 10 directory citations per month, manage your reviews, categories and analytics of your Google Plus page.

Small Business Marketing Excellence!

I use optimization tools and resources that very few people even know exist to always get the best possible results when I optimize Google Plus pages.

The combination of a Word Press website and a Google Plus page optimized with my exclusive 11-step process is the best way I know of to get on page #1 of Google for your local business.

Offer for New Clients

Google Plus page optimization is my top selling product, and it has worked for 100% of my clients. I have seen other companies charge as much as $1000 per month with a 24-month minimum for this same service. I offer 2 plans, depending on your level of competition, that run just $147 or $247 per month to continually optimize with my 11 step process, maintain the page adding up to 10 directory citations per month, manage your reviews, photos, categories and the analytics of your Google Plus page. You also can lock-out your top 2 competitors from hiring me. So if you know of a business that wants to take advantage of this tremendous value, have them contact me before their competition does!

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