“The Top 5 Website Design Mistakes that Kills Online Profits”

In my website reviews, I see the same common, costly mistakes made that kills any chance of the website producing steady profits. Does your website contain these 5 costly common website design mistakes?

Website Design Mistake #1

Using a template to build your website. There are many interfaces that will offer you a free website. All you do is drag and drop your content and images into their template, and you “instantly” have a website. Some “professional” website designers build your website from a template because it is easier. The problem is Google has difficulty locating and indexing content from a template website.

If Google cannot index you website content, you will never have a good Google ranking, and you definitely will not be appearing on page 1 of Google’s organic search results. Building a template website is perfect if all you do is drive traffic to your website from a specific direct link. But if you want to rank well in Google’s search algorithm and organic search results, you will need to upgrade your template website to Word Press.

Word Press websites are easy to add or change content, and are completely indexed by Google unless you add a “no-follow” to content you do not want indexed.

I see business owners paying $400-1000 a month for SEO work to get their website to page 1 of Google only to learn that they have a template website and their SEO guy either didn’t know enough to convert it to Word Press, or simply did not tell them to extend the time the business owner has to pay them for doing SEO work on their website.

If you do not yet have a website, I recommend you begin with a Word Press website so you do not have to pay to convert all the content and images over later at greater expense of money and lost time. If you do have a template website, convert it NOW because everything that you add to your template website now will increase the cost of converting your website to Word Press later, because it will be more work. If you need help or a quote on converting your website from a template site to a Word Press site, please contact me.

Website Design Mistake #2

Not having a benefit-laden headline at the top of your home page that will stop your ideal target prospect in their tracks and interest them in reading every word of your website. Most websites I review use their business name as the headline, and that is a HUGE  mistake. You see people browse the web looking for things of BENEFIT TO THEM. If they do not see immediate benefits for them, they simply click on the reverse button on their browser, and they are off to other websites searching for the benefits they seek.

Websites that use their business name as the headline are missing this one opportunity to interest their prime prospects by keeping the benefits you offer them hidden and missing from your headline. Not having a headline that stops your prime target prospects in their tracks, and interests them in reading every word is a critical mistake I see in many websites. This is a website design mistake you want to see in your competitor’s websites, not yours.

Website Design Mistake #3

No Testimonials or reviews. Prospects use others experiences to evaluate if you are the right provider for them. Prospects use testimonials as a decision making short cut to find the “provider of choice”. A website with testimonials and reviews will outperform a website with no testimonial and reviews.

If you need a good testimonial system, I have an excellent one that gets your clients to commit to giving you a testimonial by tweaking something you are probably already doing. You can review the testimonial system available in the Gold Mastery System Here.

Online reviews are increasingly important to your Google ranking, so I recommend you have a testimonial and review system in place to outpace your competition when it comes to testimonials and online reviews. I have a system for getting 5 star reviews online, so be sure to ask me about that when we schedule your Advertising Audit & 15-Minute Marketing Strategy Session.

Website Design Mistake #4

No New Client Offer. I have been using a New Client Offer in my advertising for almost 30 years now. An ad or website with a new client offer will beat an ad or a website without an offer every time.

The reason you want an offer is it is the new client offer that knocks the prospect off the “fence of indecision”, and gets them to call or contact you immediately. Most businesses want an ongoing relationship with their new clients, so a new client offer is the perfect response trigger to initiate this ongoing relationship. Business owners that are too cheap to offer a new client offer will always get beat by their competitors that have a new client offer positioned in the correct location on the Home page of their website.

I have been creating new client offers for advertising for many decades now, and can create one that will work for your practice or business based on my 38 years experience and feedback from my hundreds of clients that tells me exactly what is currently working in advertising.

Website Design Mistake #5

Getting a lot of traffic to your website that results in few or no sales. I have consulted many business owners that have finally created abundant traffic to their websites only to discover that they have a conversion to sale problem because no one buys.

I have had this problem before with my own websites, and client’s websites that come to me for advice. The truth is there are hidden navigation problems in every website, and until you do a visitor navigation study, you are unlikely to be able to find your navigation problems.

I have software that once I install the tracking code will literally video and track every website visitor’s activity on your website. It shows where they moved their mouse, where they hovered over a link, where they clicked on a link, when they scrolled down… ALL their activity!

It is only when you view where your visitors are going in your website that you get the intelligence that shows you where they are getting lost. This website visitor navigation study enables you to change your website navigation to dramatically increase sales from your existing website prospects.

If you would like to discuss a visitor traffic study for your website, please email me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website  for an appointment to get your questions answered.

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