Top 5 Website Design Response Triggers

Most businesses have been told they need a website to be found on the world wide web, aka “the internet”. So many businesses now have a website. Some used templates that are easy to construct and build, only to find out Google and the other major search engines have trouble indexing their content. If the search engines do not index your content, it is as if you do not exist on the internet. That is why so many owners of template websites have trouble ranking well in Google. The truth is they will never rank well in Google until they upgrade their website to a Word Press or HTML site.

Website Design Response Trigger #1

A response trigger is any component in an advertisement that raises the prospect’s desire in your offer, and gets them to buy now. So the first critical website design response trigger is having your website created in a form that is easily indexed by search engines like Word Press. Template websites can be converted to Word Press at a per page fee. For this reason, it is better to upgrade to Word Press BEFORE you add any more content that will need to be converted over. If you are interested in a quote on this, please contact me to give you a price on your Word Press upgrade.

There are  other less expensive options to building a website if your budget is tight, and I can speak with you about those options when we speak in person in our Marketing Strategy Session. The truth is, you can be found on the internet WITHOUT a website.

Website Design Response Trigger #2

The second website design response trigger you want to use is video. Video creates a richer experience for the visitor, and make it easy to receive your marketing message. Video can be made more personal as the prospects can hear the owner’s voice, enthusiasm, and sincerity. Videos can also be made without the owners voice by using someone to do the voiceover. Videos can be made with all video, some video and still shots, and the newest form of video is where your marketing message is written out on a white board as you go along.

This graphically enhanced video is proven to be 800% more engaging than regular video. Can you guess what type of video I am making for this website? You bet it is the graphically enhanced one on the white board.

The other reason you will want to use video is Google owns YouTube. Since Google bought YouTube, they have changed their ranking algorithm to rank websites with video at a higher level that websites without video. Now your video must be on-topic and have the correct keywords tagged and geo-targeting set for your local area.

Website Design Response Trigger #3

Your third website design response trigger is your headline. Many websites put their logo and business name at the top of their website, but unless your business name includes the exact benefit your prospects seek, it should appear lower in the design. Headlines are critical to response. In print advertising, you want your headline to “Stop Your Prospect in His Tracks” so they will read every word of your ad. The same is true with your website. It is very easy to click to the next thing on the internet, or hit the back button on their browser.

So what is a great headline for your website? Your website headline should include a bold claim of benefits, and the benefits in it should be primary benefits, not secondary benefits. Here’s an example I found recently when working on a marketing message for a local dentist.

The dentist wanted to feature his extended hours and convenient parking in his headline. I pointed out that those are benefits, but they are secondary benefits. Prospects do not choose a dentist because of their parking and hours. So I came up with the headline, “Get Gentle Dental Care for Your Entire Family in 1 Location with Only 1 Appointment!” This headline highlights “Gentle Dental Care”, “Family Dentistry”, and the fact that they can get it all done in 1 location with 1 appointment which will save them time and frustration. These are primary benefits.

This headline targets the primary benefits dental prospects seek. When you use your prospects primary benefits they are seeking in your headline, you will stop them from clicking away, and they are very likely to read every word of your home page of your website  as desired.

Website Design Response Trigger #4

The fourth website design trigger is eye flow and positioning of your content. You want to position your content of your website design so the eye flows easily from left to right, and so that the main information is “above the fold”. “Above the fold” is a term from print advertising. In newspapers, it has been proven that your ad will do better and get read by more people if it appears above the fold in the newspaper. The same is true for website design.

You cannot count on your prospects scrolling down in your website, UNLESS they are captivated by what they see “above the fold” when they first reach your website. I have done visitor tracking studies on websites with poor conversion to sale (lots of traffic and few sales) to see where each visitor is going and what they do. This type of tracking clearly shows the importance of having your top content positioned in your website design so the prospect does not have to scroll down to see it. Tracking visitors behavior can also increase sales by discovering navigation errors on your website where the prospects are “getting lost”. Visitor tracking studies can double or triple sales from existing website traffic.

Website Design Response Trigger #5

And the fifth website design response trigger you are definitely going to want to use is a New Client Offer. Position your New Client Offer above the fold for the most response. If I have designed a Kick Ass Marketing Strategy for your practice or business, you can simply take your New Client Offer we created for that project and use it here on your website because your marketing message was designed to multi-channel for use in ALL Medias. Businesses really benefit from creating a strong marketing message that stands out from the competition, and can be used in ALL their advertising.

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So use these top 5 website design response triggers to increase your response and profits from your website design, and let me know if you need any help increasing your profits from your advertising, OK? For a FREE Advertising Audit and 15-Minute Marketing Strategy Session ($244.00 Value), contact me by going to the Contact Me tab on this website. I will get your appointment scheduled before I end this generous offer.