Website Design and Development Tips

Website design and development are increasingly important in internet marketing. Google is where most prospects now conduct searches for local vendors. Small businesses need to have a website these days to be found on Google. There are many ways to build a website that range from easy to more difficult. But no matter what type of website you choose, you want it to be one where you can be found on Google.

The last 2 clients I have worked with both had template websites that were not ranked well by Google. Template websites are easy to build with many sources supplying them essentially for free. But is this really the shortcut to being found online?

The answer is a resounding “NO!” Unfortunately, template websites are not indexed well by Google, so part or all of your pages are unlikely to get indexed or ranked when you take the template website shortcut.

The Best Website Design Format Is…

The best format for websites now is Word Press. The Word Press format was specifically created so that Google would be able to index it easily. Both of my clients who had template website had problems with their Google ranking due to many pages not being indexed.

Once we converted their websites to Word Press, you can search Google and see that every page of their website is now indexed. Both of my clients had previously worked with someone on their SEO, but that person had failed to tell them that they will never get a great Google ranking with a template website. Maybe that SEO person didn’t know a template website will kill your Google ranking.

They both spent a lot of money on SEO on their website when upgrading to a Word Press format would have done more to get them ranked well in Google. So it turns out that template websites are the long way to getting a website that gets traffic because you will eventually have to upgrade it to Word Press or a more complex HTML website.

Most web developers that will convert your website to Word Press charge per page. So the sooner you upgrade to Word Press, the less investment will be involved. I recommend you convert your website now before you add more content that will just cost you more to convert over to Word Press.

Word Press Makes Changes Easy!

One of the tremendous benefits of a Word Press website is that most business owners can make changes to their website as easy as changing a Word doc. Word Press requires no HTML coding knowledge for text. Google loves new content so you can easily add new content or change existing content when it needs updating or correcting.

Word Press has many plug-ins and themes that can accommodate most every need. Some themes even take care of much of your SEO for you as they preset your keywords for all your content.

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