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Profitable Website Design Is Essential!

I loved the simplicity of marketing a local business 20 years ago. All you needed was a dynamite Yellow Pages ad, and you could easily grow your business and income. I built and sold 3 of my first businesses with Yellow Page advertising alone, and became known world-wide for my profitable Print and Yellow Page ad designs.

But times have changed, and modern marketing has definitely become much more complex. If your business does not have a website, you are essentially invisible on the internet, which kills available sales for most businesses. The first step is deciding to get a website built so you can get found on the internet. But what type of “foundation” will your website have?

Proper Website Construction is Essential to the Success of Your Website Design

I have spoken to hundreds of business owners around the Las Vegas valley since I built my first e-commerce website in 2003, and there is a lot of confusion about website design, construction, and development. That confusion causes many business owners to build websites that will be plagued with problems due to selecting the wrong type of website framework/construction. Let me see if I can clarify some of the problems when it comes to website design and construction.

There are 3 commonly used types of website construction that dramatically affect the websites performance, and if their content can be indexed by the search engines. The three most common types of websites today are:

Template websites

HTML websites

WordPress websites

Avoid Template Website Design

Template websites are cheap and easy to build. You “drag and drop” your text and images into boxes already formatted as a webpage. The HUGE problem with template sites is your content is locked into those boxes, and completely invisible to Google’s bots that crawl and index websites. So a template website will NEVER be seen as relevant to Google, or appear in the first 5 pages of Google’s search results.

When Google and the other search engines crawl the site and review the code, it quickly sees that there is tons of duplicate code making up the template that immediately identifies it as a GoDaddy, Wix or other template site. Google downgrades the search ranking of sites with duplicate code. Google views templates sites as either shady businesses or businesses where the owner is not very committed to properly capitalizing their business, treating it like a hobby.

A template website will never get any traffic from any search engines, and are only good for AdWords, email and/or banner ad campaigns that link directly to the template website. A template website is doomed to never attract organic traffic because it is not considered relevant for any keywords as little, if any, of the content can be indexed.

Implementing SEO strategies is largely impossible with a template site as only a few settings are available, and most of the content is not indexed.

HTML Websites

HTML websites were the industry standard. The problem with them is you have to hire a HTML programmer to build the site, or change even a word or punctuation. So they are expensive to build, and expensive to maintain.

The code used to program HTML sites that are more than 3 years old is outdated and difficult for the search engines to index. HTML5 is the latest HTML code making all the previous HTML codes outdated. So with a HTML site, you will have to update all the code when a new one comes out to maintain good ranking with Google and the other search engines.

Optimizing a HTML site is cumbersome because you will have to hire a programmer for every change, or learn to code HTML yourself.

WordPress Website Design Is Now the Industry Standard


Then there are WordPress sites. WordPress was specifically designed and formatted to be easily indexed by the search engines.

I have seen Larry Page, the Vice-President of Google, say in a speech that Google loves WordPress! I have never seen such glowing endorsement of any other type of website format. WordPress updates many aspects of your website automatically, and has become the industry standard.

The Beauty of WordPress is:

1) You can make all text changes and add pages of content as easy as writing in a Word doc

2) WordPress automatically updates the website’s code when it sends you the program updates for free.

3) Implementing a SEO upgrade on a WordPress website is relatively easy.

4) WordPress has many “plug-ins” which are pre-programmed “Apps” where all the programming to add virtually all functionality from: adding an opt-in box, adding a firewall and other anti-hacking and security features and e-commerce solutions to adding Google Analytics tracking is already done for you. All your webmaster needs to do is download the plug in, install it, and then configure it for what you want it to do, which saves you a lot of time and money.

As an example if you wanted to upgrade your HTML site to be viewed on mobile phones and notebooks, it would cost between $1500 – 2000 for an HTML site. To do the same upgrade with a WordPress site would be a fraction of the cost, probably around $500, saving you $1000-1500 on that upgrade alone! I have upgraded all 4 of my websites to WordPress a few years ago, and am very happy I did. It has saved me thousands of dollars, and is one of the factors that got my websites on page 1 of Google.

So between being able to do your own text changes and using plug-in upgrades, you will save a lot of time and money over the years owning a WordPress website. I am building 3 websites right now for new clients, and all of them are WordPress websites.

Template and HTML sites can be converted to WordPress

For a quote on your specific needs and capabilities of your website, please email me at or call me at (702)940-9750 to discuss the best solution for your situation.

Is the Copy Used in Your Website Design Important?

Another problem with websites is the copy. To be considered relevant for your top keywords to Google, someone must first research what are the top 5-10 keywords WITH TRAFFIC for your website. Then build the entire website around highlighting those keywords. It is only when you keyword optimize your website like this that Google will see you as relevant to your keywords in search queries.

Many websites are built with no consideration of their top keywords or how the finished website will appear relevant to Google for their top keywords with traffic. This frequently causes even new websites to need to be completely redone. That’s the expensive way to build a website in both time and money.

I can do this keyword research for my clients, and determine the top 5-10 keywords for their business that have the highest traffic. Then write direct-response copy including the top response triggers that cause prospects to buy.

Who here has heard of the direct response marketing expert Dan Kennedy, or read one of his books?

Dan Kennedy is considered by most marketing experts to be the #1 direct-response copywriter in the world. For those of you who haven’t heard of Dan Kennedy, he is the guy who oversees the marketing in all 19 of Guthy Renker’s successful infomercials including Proactive. They are the most successful infomercials on TV. Dan Kennedy is arguably the #1 direct response marketer in the world. He has been my mentor for the last 15 years.

Dan Kennedy had me write a chapter when he updated his best-selling product “Magnetic Marketing”, and introduced me to just about every niche marketing guru he trained like Robin Robins in IT, Chauncey Hutter in Accounting, Dr. Ben Altadonna in Chiropractic, Ron Ipac for automotive repair, or Dr. Tom Orent, Jay Geier, and Ed O’Keefe for dentistry.

I have paid Dan Kennedy tens of thousands of dollars over the years to teach me an immense amount about direct response marketing and copywriting, and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for following his advice. Direct Response Copy includes the response triggers that give your prospects overwhelming reasons to buy now. Now I am 1 of only 7 copywriters in the world that are Dan Kennedy Certified.

Nearly anyone can build your website, but before you hire them be sure they will do your keyword research FIRST, and that they are certified to write your website copy that will convert prospects into customers using the 12 Advertising Response Triggers I use in my advertising agency everyday.

FREE Website Design Consultation

I offer local businesses a FREE Website Design Consultation to discuss the best plan of action for making your business highly visible on the Internet, as there are cheaper and sometimes better options for you than building a website that should be explored first.

Custom websites are built with the exact functionality you want. I am happy to quote you on a price for a website design after we have discussed your needs and desired functionality. Once we have discussed your situation, I can give you a price of what it will run to create the website we discussed during your FREE Website Design Consultation. Click here to schedule your Website Design Consultation.