Website Portfolio


This is a new WordPress website I created to help highlight skin care products and massage therapy services for a local business.

Instant Local Marketing Profits

This site was designed by Instant Local Marketing Profits, and has features like animation, mobile responsiveness, an offer for a FREE Deep Website Audit OR Advertising Success Consultation. This is a WordPress site that is all custom, hard-coded. Call today for a quote on your custom website to outperform all your competition.

Boulder Pit Stop

Boulder Pit Stop had been paying DEX monthly for 2 years, and still did not own the website or domain name. I got DEX to agree to transfer the domain name to the owners of Boulder Pit Stop, and then I built a WordPress reactive mobile site to replace their old template site. They now own their domain name and their website. And their website reacts to the browser a visitor is using, serving up the content so that it is readable on smart phones, tablets and personal computers. I ranked this site #1 for “Hamburgers” in Google My Business..

Lake City Air

This was created in WordPress for a local air conditioning and heating contractor. I also ranked their website and Google My Business page #1 for their top keywords “Air Conditioning Repair”.

B & J Body Shop

This was a new website created in WordPress with a slide show that shows before and after photos of their auto body repairs and truck beds they sell. They had only advertised in the Yellow Pages previously. I told them to end their Yellow Page advertising and switch to a website and Google My Business page. Since building their website, they have consistently ranked #1 or #2 for their top keywords against an aggressive competitor. Charles told me last week that he has had the most consistent and profitable last 13 months since the beginning of the recession. That has made it a lot easier to schedules his employees, repair vehicles and grow his profits.


This is a WordPress website created to highlight their free incorporating services. It has an opt-in for a free e-book download.

Guaranteed Carpet Repairs

This is a WordPress site created to highlight carpet repair and water damage restoration services. It has ranked #1 for their top keyword phrases “Carpet Repair” & “Water Damage Restoration”.

Direct Response Print and Yellow Page Advertising Design

This is a WordPress website I created for my business when I was writing highly profitable Yellow Page and print ads for Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Chiropractors and other professionals. Google My Business has replaced the Yellow Pages as the place where 85% of local prospects go to find a local vendor when they are ready to buy, so now I recommend this for my clients. You can read more about Google My Business and Directory Marketing in the “Services”  navigation tab drop-down menu.

Super Smog One

This site is a WordPress site I created for the owner of the business when his old webmaster refused to restore his site, which had crashed. The AdWords campaign for the business drove traffic to the now down website, so Google cancelled his AdWords campaigns until the website was restored. The old webmaster owned the domain name, and he refused to transfer it to the owner of the business unless he was paid $5000. I have seen this kind of “Holding the website or domain name hostage” previously. So I cloned the old site, and had Ronnie buy the .net version of his domain, so we could make the site live again. His business was down 75% with his website down, but thanks to the new website and tweaks to his AdWords campaigns, he now reports his sales are up more than 25%!

Suzie’s Angels Child Care

This site was losing Google ranking because it was not mobilized. We duplicated the old site as much as possible in WordPress and made it reactive to mobile, improving it’s ability to rank on page #1 of Google Search.


This site was cloned from a template site into WordPress for about half the cost of building a WordPress site from scratch. Keep that tip in mind template website owners, and call me for a quote on your site upgrade from Template to WordPress.

It consistently ranks #1 for its’ top keywords in Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business.