Website Development

Website development is the term used to describe changes and upgrades made to a website to increase its’ functionality and/or Search Engine ranking. Since more than 85% of all searches are conducted on Google, I will use the terms “search Engine ranking” and “Google ranking” synonymously. Instant Local Marketing Profits can handle your website development, and increase your local ranking for businesses in Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas, NV.

Website development to increase functionality can include:

  • Adding a blog to easily add keyword optimized content
  • Adding Google Analytics to gather data on your website visitors
  • Adding a shopping cart and PayPal payment options to make the website an e-commerce site
  • Adding a contact form to give your prospects information to position you as the authority and to gather emails of visitors for future contact
  • Adding a slide show of photos to highlight your business
  • Adding a widget to highlight your Social Media channels
  • Adding Heat Maps to track visitor behavior detailing exactly where your visitors go, what browser was used, if they scrolled down the page, and lots of critical data that can increase your conversion to sale.

Website development to improve your Google ranking can include many things.

I see many local marketing companies with Website development/SEO packages listing many things they can do for you. But all these packages will include things that might have already been done for your website, and things you do not need to do to outrank your competition.

Rather than sell you a static package, I prefer to diagnose before I prescribe. I have special software that will give a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of your website in comparison to your local competition. Making improvements on only the items necessary to beat your competition is the most cost-effective way to improve your Google ranking because you are only paying for the items needed and not items already done or not needed like the packages sold by my competition.

For more information on how to make the biggest gains with website development, you can call or email me to make an appointment to discuss your situation. The best phone number to reach me is (702)940-9750, or you can Email Me Here. I look forward to speaking with you soon!