Website Design Conversion to Sale Strategies

I frequently get people asking me about profitable website design. I fix a lot of “broken websites”. Broken websites usually have to do with a website with no traffic, or website designs with traffic but no sales. In this post, I am going to address website designs with traffic, but no sales.

Clients call me to tell me that they completed their website design, and added all the content they wanted to add. They have initiated a pay-per-click or SEO strategy to get traffic to their website. They have qualified traffic to their website, but they get no calls or sales from their website.

Website Design Sales Strategies

Website design needs to factor in sales strategies. Most website designs are set up to be beautiful online brochures that do no selling, thus they produce no sales. Just like you would not want to meet with a prospect in person and never ask them for the sale, your website needs to ask for the sale and “knock the prospect off the fence of indecision”.

Website Designs that Are an Automated Sales System

There are 2 factors I review first when I get a website design with qualified traffic and no calls or sales. The first thing I look at is the contact information on the website, and if it is correct. If it is correct and there are no broken links to their contact email, then I review their New Client Offer. A New Client Offer is what knocks the prospect off the fence of indecision, and gets them to reach for the phone to buy now. The New Client Offer is one of the components that turn a website design from a pretty online brochure to a automated online sales system that consistently produces sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Website Designs Excel with a New Client Offer

A website with a New Client Offer will outperform a website with no new client offer every time. So if the client comes to me with a website with no reason to buy now (no new client offer), I work to create one for them. Then this new client offer can be used in all their advertising, online and offline.

404 Errors in Your Website Design

The other reason clients get no sales from significant website traffic has to do with mistakes in their website design. Mistakes in website design can cause visitors to get 404 error messages that make their business look unorganized and unprofessional. I have software that can uncover all programming errors that cause 404 error codes, and fix them so that all your visitors get the content they wanted, not an error page. We even create a custom error page so that when this does happen in the future, your prospects will have instructions how to get to the Home page or back to the last page visited in your website.

Navigation Problems in Your Website Design

Then there are factors that can cause navigation problems for your website visitors that can kill sales. But how can you tell where your visitors are going in your website?

The first tracking every website owner should be doing is installing Google Analytics to every page of their website, and setting up Google webmaster tools to alert you of problems and opportunities. Google Analytics provide incredible data on the number of visitors to your website, Where they found you, how long they stayed on each page, which browser they used, the click thru rate, the top entry pages and the top exit pages, and the exact keywords every visitor used to reach your website.

People who own a website and fail to use Google Analytics are “flying the plane blindfolded”. Website owners that use Google Analytics data will have a competitive advantage over their competition because using Google Analytics takes you from guessing at your top keywords and critical website factors, to knowing exactly what your actual top keywords and critical website factors are.

Add Software that Follows Your Website Visitors

So what if you are using Google Analytics, and still have traffic with no sales. This is the time to break out the super stealthy software that actually tracks activity on your website of each visitor even more than Google Analytics. This super-stealthy software actually makes videos you can watch of your visitors behavior on your website. It will tell you how many visitors scroll down, which links they hover over and which links they click on including the click-thru percentage. You can uncover things you never would have known about your website with this software including the top focus part of the page where your main content should be located.

Website Design Case Study

I used this software on a website to determine where prospects were
“getting lost” in the website. The first thing this software showed was that 50% of the visitors were going to the blog from the home page. I did not want them going to the blog. I wanted them to read the home page, and then opt-in for more information. But I was losing 50% of my traffic due to this navigation problem. So how could I solve this problem?

Easy! I removed the blog tab from the home page and “Woila!” Now the visitors to the home page were no getting lost going to the blog. So fixing that 1 problem, doubled the traffic opting-in and reading the sales page as I wanted. THAT”S HUGE!

Then the other thing this software uncovered is that 25% of the visitors were going to and clicking on the “Official Sweepstakes Rules” link. I did not want them focusing on the rules, so I moved that link  to the bottom right of the page and changed the anchor text from “Official Sweepstakes Rules” to just “Rules”. This change made it so that now the 25% were not getting lost in the Official Sweepstakes Rules.

The Value of Superior Website Design

Would I have ever found these navigation problems 75% of the website visitors were experiencing without this super stealthy software? No, I never would have. Was it worth the expense of adding this software for 2 months to do this traffic navigation study? Absolutely because I more than doubled the opt-ins WITHOUT having to double traffic.

I used to charge $997 for a 2 month traffic study to reveal these types of navigational problems with your website design. The good news is I can now install this software to any HTML or Word Press website design PERMANENTLY for about half the cost. You’re thinking, “Can I really get more for less?”, and in this instance the answer is “Yes!”

FREE Website Design Audit & 15 Minute Tele-Consultation ($244.00 Value!)

So if you have a website design that you are not getting sales from, I recommend you have me audit your website for obvious problems, and I will schedule a 15-minute tele-consultation with you to tell you exactly how to improve your website design. To schedule your website design audit, simply use the email contact form at the top right of this page, or on the Contact Larry Conn page of this website. I look forward to speaking with you soon!