Website Design Headache #37 – Hiring Multiple Contractors to Complete Different Parts of Your Website

What are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when building a website? Well today, I am going to cover a mistake I have made and see many small business owners making – Hiring multiple contractors to complete different tasks on your website.

When you search Google for the keywords “website design” or “website development”, there are websites that will let you leave a summary of the work you want done so many contractors can bid on it for you. On paper, this seems like a good and workable idea. In application, I have found it to be a complete and total disaster. So why does it turn your website design into a disaster when you hire multiple vendors to complete different parts of your website?

Website Design & Development Headaches

1) Your contractors will all be on a different completion schedule. Regardless of what you tell them, they will get it done, “When they get around to it.” This will undoubtedly leave you with parts that are done, and parts of your website that are lingering and causing delays. I once hired a developer in India, and was so eager to get him off the job after trying to communicate clearly with him that I let him complete only half of the work and paid him in full just to get him off the job and out of my way. Hiring this particular contractor put my project behind by a full 3 months.

2) Your contractors do not know each other, and consequently will not work together to mesh the ideas and content. One contractor will complete their work with one thing in mind while other contractors complete their work with something very different in mind. You will have to hire another contractor to sort out the mess that is created.

3) You will be left with many problems and errors built into your website that you will have to pay an expert to fix later.

4) They will use different codes, marketing strategies, and construction methods, which will cause problems that need fixing later.

5) No one will be willing to fix their mistakes because they know many people were working on the website simultaneously, and will blame the defects on others.

6) The contractors you will hire will not check their work. You send them a list of 8 things to do. They tell you all 8 things were done and to pay them. You find out after paying them that they only completed 6 of the 8 things competently and to your satisfaction. Now you have to hire some one else to complete what should have already been completed.

7) When you build a website yourself, you do not reverse-engineer your content to fit the keywords your prospects will be searching in the search engines. You need expert advice on your top keywords with traffic that are achievable to get your on the first page of Google. Most business owners make their website full of the content they wanted and their competitors have, but totally fail to consider creating content specifically for their top 10 keywords. Websites build without deep consideration to the best keywords are destined to fail miserably and be in need of constant updating to try to catch up with what should have been done first. I have expensive software to do superior keyword research far beyond your capability, and will show you the keyword research so you can see that ours is better and deeper than any other keyword research you will find from ANY source.

8) Your website will fail to produce sales due to a weak marketing strategy and/or poor copy writing. You need a powerful marketing strategy for your prospects to view you as the vendor of choice. This is best done at the beginning planning stages when it will cost you less to make the upgrades. The words and “copy” you use in your website is critical. Only your copy can convince your prospects that you are the vendor of choice. If you leave the copy writing to a novice, your website sales results will suffer.

Website Design & Development Oversight

There are more problems with hiring multiple contractors to complete the design or development of your website. This method usually causes you big headaches, and it is rare that a website is completed like this because there will always be someone who, for whatever reason, will not complete their work. My experience has shown that failure to check their own work is one of the biggest failings of most all vendors who will help you build your website.

Building a website is a lot like building as home. You need a “general contractor” to oversee the work being done by the subcontractors. When you hire a general contractor to build your home, you have him standing behind all the subcontractors work. Your contractor is the one who is ultimately responsible for getting your home built right. I take the same pride a contractor does  in making sure all the details are completed when I build, design, and develop profitable websites for businesses.

When I build, design and develop websites for my clients, I take charge of every detail and work with people with a proven record of accomplishment of providing excellent work when I have to outsource it. This way when you find a problem that needs fixing later, you just let me know about it and I fix it, usually free of charge.

Get My 36 Years Experience in Direct-Response Marketing

I am different. I come to the table with 38 years of direct-marketing experience. I am the only Dan Kennedy certified copywriter in this area that can write your compelling website copy for you. I can design your compelling marketing strategy that confounds your competition. I will be the one person you can come to with any challenges or questions about your website design upgrades. Many website contractors do not check or complete their work. I have been checking my work to be sure it was complete for decades, and consider that a part of my professionalism.

Websites are a complex group of detailed duties that must be completed correctly to have the best possible results. You might save a buck by hiring multiple contractors to handle different parts of your website design or development, but I can guarantee that you will experience significant delays and problems that will make you wish you had listened to this advice. Using multiple suppliers will ultimately cost you more money, and you will be left with a website that lacks a powerful marketing strategy and compelling copy. I highly recommend you use 1 supplier for your website hosting, maintenance, design, and development so you have 1 person who understands your desires, and can be responsible for all your upgrades. A good example of a sketch animation video including voiceover is available at

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