Website Development Strategies

There are many facets to website development. One facet of website development is how your website navigation is set up. Some websites have the navigation tabs on the left column, and some have the navigation tabs across the top of the website, left to right. Either of these is more personal preference than a critical function, until you see what your website visitors prefer.

But should you own personal preferences outweigh the preferences of your website visitors? Not if you want to maximize sales from your website!

Website Development by


Studying Your Traffic’s Activity


When I do a website development traffic study on where visitors are going on a website, first I use Google Analytics data. Then I use heat maps and videos of actual visitors to your website to fine tune this and get it right. To read more about how I use heat maps to track website visitors, you can read about it here  I personally prefer that the navigation be set up at the top of the page, going left to right. I think this makes the pages available most visible as readers are taught to read left to right.

Google Analytics Aids in

Website Development

So what I did is went to view my Google Analytics data about this website. I saw my keywords prospects were using to visit my website, and did my best to make the top keywords the exact words used on some of my navigation tabs. This makes your content match what your visitors are seeking when they visit your website. Google will view your website as more relevant when you do this for your top keywords. But you can take that a step further to make your website super easy to navigate for your visitors. You can list the top keywords visitors are using to reach your website as your first navigation tabs beyond your Home page. Are you following me?

So what I did is put the “Vendor of Choice” tab just to the right of my Home page tab. This make s the content visitors want most easily accessible. Then I put the next most searched for keyword in the next tab to the right which is “Website Design & Development”. My Google Analytics clearly showed that the 3rd most searched keyword that brings visitors to my website is “Search Engine Optimization”. So I made that the 4th navigation tab when you go left to right. This is an important, but often overlooked step in website development by making your top content super-accessible.

User-Friendly Website Development

This website development step sets up my website to have user-friendly navigation because the top things they want to review are lined up in the most prominent place for them to locate it. This may seem “nit-picky”, but I can assure you that you will increase your visitor engagement and sales from your website by performing this study of what your visitors seek, and making your website navigation super-easy.

So this website development tip is to review what content your visitors want to view the most, then adjust your navigation tabs accordingly. If you have a question about your website development, please use the contact form at the top right of this page to email me, or you can go to the “Contact Larry Conn’ tab of this website for more contact information.

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