Website Development

Nearly everyone know what website design is, but few know much about website development. Most businesses now own a website for their business, but very few websites make the sales they should. A good website is like an automatic salesperson, making sales and appointments with having to call you directly.

A bad website is like an online brochure that fails to get prospects to act and order from you. Website development encompasses many things, but it should include the exact actions necessary to achieve higher search engine, especially Google, rankings.

Website development is necessary when you want to upgrade the functionality of your website, like making it an e-commerce site or adding a contact form.

Instant Local Marketing Profits has experience in making simple upgrades and changes, as well as making websites Search Engine Friendly. I see many local marketing companies with a package that they will sell you for website development or SEO, but wouldn’t it be better if they reviewed your situation in relation to your competition and made a custom plan to outrank your competition? The answer is “Yes”, and that is exactly what we do at Instant Local Marketing Profits.

I have special tools and software that will reveal problems with your website as well as what you need to do to outrank your competition. It is much more cost-effective to make a custom plan than to buy a package that may contain things already completed on your website and/or things that you do not need to do to outrank your competition.