What Content Should Your Sketch Animation Video and Website Design Include?

When I am consulting small businesses on website design and sketch animation videos, I usually get the same questions. One of the first the business owner asks is, “What content should I include in my website design?”

The answer most website design and sketch animation video consultants give creates a poorly designed website. When you really think about your website design, you want to identify the top keywords that prospects will use for your business that are achievable first. By achievable I mean you do not want to choose words other competitors are spending a lot of time and money on, unless you have a lot of time and money to compete with them.

Do Your Website Design Keyword Research FIRST!

This keyword research should be done at the deepest possible level. At Instant Local Marketing Profits, we have 3 different keyword software we use to predetermine which keywords are best for your business. This helps you quickly understand which keywords are best for your business based on your budget. Of course, you have input on your keywords at this step in the process. There is no point in going after keywords if you will not be able to achieve a Google Page 1, top 3 ranking within 4-6 months. Once your top 5-10 keywords are predetermined, you want to create web pages that will be the exact content prospects will be searching for when they use these keywords to look for your business. This way you have the most relevant copy possible, which is eactly what Google sets it’s algorythm to deliver.

When you match the content to your keywords, your click thru rate, average time spent on your website, and bounce rate will be highly favorable which in turn boosts your Google ranking. You may not know what bounce rate and click thru rate are yet, but they are important to top Google rankings. So who should write your website and sketch animation video content based on your top 10 keywords?

Website Design and Sketch Animation Video Script Copywriting for You

The content of your website will do more selling for you than any other Media. This is the ideal place to pay a good copywriter to write your content and do your keyword optimization for you. If you get just 10 visits a day to your website, that translates to 3650 visits to read your website per year. Good copy writing will increase sales for your website by at least 200-300%. I have been writing ad copy since 1976. I have written over 237 Multi-Media marketing strategies for small businesses and medical practices. As a Certified Dan Kennedy copywriter, you can be sure you will get the most profitable direct-response copywriting when you hire me to write your Keyword optimized website content.

The content of your sketch animation video is also critical because you usually only have about 1-2 minutes to tell your story. My original home page sketch animation video script was 5 pages. But I had to do some editing and make some tough decisions on necessary content based on my predetermined top 10 keywords to edit the script down to only 2 pages. Since the script you will be delivering are so critical to your success with your sketch animation video, this is another place where I recommend you hire a professional direct-response copywriter with proven experience and results. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. A good example of a sketch animation video with voiceover is available at www.InstantLocalMarketingProfits.com

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