“What Is Mobile Marketing?”

Mobile marketing came into existence in 2009, so it has only been around a few years. There’s much confusion about just what mobile marketing is. I’ve heard many questions asked about mobile marketing.

Is it billboard advertising?

Is it advertising on the sides and back of cars and trucks?

Is it SEO?

Is it just for smart phones?

Is it just text-messaging?

The answer to all the questions above is, “No.”

The Mobile Marketing Age

Mobile marketing is the most personal, targeted, and relevant marketing method ever developed. Mobile marketing is Local Internet Marketing. Mobile Marketing can target a 5 mile or larger radius around your business, and reach that local area where 80% of your prospects reside. Mobile marketing automatically attracts the most affluent of all internet users on their mobile devices. Mobile marketing is trackable, cost-effective local marketing, but there are many aspects of mobile marketing to consider.

The Mobile Marketing Association describes mobile marketing as, “a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

So what is a mobile device? A mobile device is any cell phone or electronic device that can accept text and/or email messages. This includes most all cell phones, not just smart phones, devices like my daughter’s iPod with Wi-Fi and texting capability. It also includes all smart phones and notepad devices.

Mobile Devices Already Outnumber PC’s

PC’s are used by about 25% of the world’s population. Now there are already almost 4 times as many mobile devices as personal computers in the world. Now over 5.5 billion of the 6.8 billion people on earth subscribe to mobile services. So the ability to reach prospects with mobile marketing is not limited to just smart phone and notepad owners, but you can actually reach nearly anyone who has a mobile device that can send and receive text messages.

So is mobile marketing just sending text messages to your prospects? No it is not. There are many aspects of mobile marketing to consider. You can use QR codes to direct your prospects to information, a special offer, or a special webpage. QR code usage has DOUBLED in the last year in Europe. Europeans are slightly ahead of Americans in smart phone and mobile device usage.

You can also use SMS which stands for Short Message Service, and MMS which stands for Multi-Media Messaging Service where you can include a picture or video in your text message. Mobile marketing can use mobile websites that are easily read on a mobile device both for the long term and for short term promotions.

Apps are another tool in your mobile marketing arsenal. Many local marketers are designing apps for their target consumers to provide real value to their prospects. Owning your own app generates a list of people who have opted-in  to recieive your mobile markteing. This way, you can communicate directly with them through mobile-friendly emails, texts, push-notifications, and interactive voice response (IVR). Local business marketing is changing rapidly whether we like it or not. It will be the businesses that are “quickest to adapt” that will survive and thrive in the mobile marketing economy.

Local Businesses that Are Quick to Adopt

Mobile Marketing Are Reaping the Rewards!

A good example of how local businesses are using apps to add value to their customers experience is at Great Clips. At Great Clips they have an app for both I-Phones or Android devices so you can check in to get your name on the waiting list. This way you can get your name on the list ahead of others who do not use mobile devices to make their appointments.

For this business, it really makes these people feel special which is important in keeping your relationship with your clients. With every customer that installs the free app, Great Clips builds their data base of customers that they can send emails, texts, and push notifications to. Let’s say they have few customers one day. They can simply put out a special with mobile marketing, and have new clients in the door in less than an hour! The haircutting place down the street I tried before Great Clips did not have an app available. I won’t be going back there.

So this really sets this businesses apart in a positive way from the competition, and I am sure they will continue to develop the app to build even more value into their consumer’s buying experience. Apps can now be developed more economically than you would think, and can be improved as you see necessary in the future.

When you look around in print ads and TV, you see more and more businesses using QR codes and apps to enhance their business and the consumer’s buying experience.At what point in the adoption curve are you going to enter into mobile commerce, at the beginning or at the end when it is already flooded with your competition. The greatest opportunities in mobile markteing are now, and the ones that take advantage of it will reap the greatest rewards.

The top websites on the internet are committed to developing their mobile strategies and profits including Google and Facebook. Google has adjusted their search results to display LOCAL results and business locator icons so smart phone and tablet users can locate what they want to buy locally easily. Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook recently announced that he is committed to mobile with Facebook.

Mobile Marketing is the Local Marketing of the Future,

But the Future is  NOW!

Mobile marketing continues to develop and grow. Early adopters are getting the biggest mobile marketing profits. But how will your practice or business cost-effectively use mobile marketing to get higher ROI and more new patients and clients than your toughest competitors? It can be confusing and overwhelming. So what I am doing is giving any business owner a FREE 15-minute mobile marketing strategy session, one-on-one with me on the phone, to discuss the best way to implement mobile marketing into your local marketing to grow your business and profits.

To get your FREE 15-minute mobile marketing strategy call, contact me with your time zone and the best phone number to reach you by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website. I will reply with 2 suggested appointment times so we can schedule your FREE mobile marketing strategy session. I recommend you do this now before I get so busy helping others that I have to remove this generous offer.