Why Does Sketch Animation Video Increase Website Visitor Engagement by up to 800%?

Everyone is adding short videos to the home page of their website to improve visitor engagement, and increase their national and local Google rankings. Video works great for website rankings because you can syndicate your video and get massive exposure. When your video is done right, your website will outrank all the competitors websites without video in the search engines.

3 Types of Video Produced for Websites

The first is just a basic video of your store or office, the owner, and possibly the staff. The second type of video is where still images are used in a video sequence. But the newest and most exciting type of video is the sketch animation video. Have you see sketch animation video on website or TV yet? You are going to see a lot more of it, because it works!

All 3 types of video are proven to be more engaging that plain text on your home page. Video is great for your prospects because it “spoon feeds” them your marketing message without them even having to read it. Now that’s EASY, and prospects like easy.

Sketch Animation Video Dramatically Increases Visitor Engagement

Sketch animation video is where a hand draws your marketing message on a white board in the video. Studies on sketch animation video have shown that they are 800% more engaging than the other 2 types of video I have described.

I remember a few months ago when I saw my first sketch animation video. It intrigued me, and I knew that I just had to have this new attraction on my website. But why is a sketch animation video 800% more engaging, and how can you use this as a tactical advantage over your competition on your website?

The first reason sketch animation video is more engaging is it is new, and you haven’t seen it in a lot of websites. The second reason sketch animation video is more engaging is you get “drawn in” (pun intended) to the marketing message. People are naturally curious to see what the hand will draw on the white board next.

The third reason sketch animation video is more engaging is this type of video peaks your interest. But are prospects really more likely to buy from a website with sketch animation video? The resounding answer is “Yes”. Scientific studies have shown that the increased engagement and time spent watching the sketch animation video on your website definitely leads to more sales for the same traffic flow.

Upgrade Your Home Page with Sketch Animation Video

So why don’t you have a short video on at least your home page yet? I speak with business owners all over the country, and the biggest reason they do not yet have video on the home page of their website is… the owner does not want to appear in the video. That’s right! The business owner is actually shy, and afraid they might make a mistake in the filming or production of the video. Sketch animation solves all the problems business owners face to produce a great video for their website.

So what are the other problems with adding video on your website that sketch animation solves?

Sketch animation video solves the following problems that keep business owners from adding video to improve their Google rankings, and get more sales from their current traffic flow:

1) You do not have to produce the video

2) You do not have to appear in the video

3) You do not have to complete and perfect the voiceover for the video

4) You do not have to edit the video

5) You do not have to decide what the message in the video will be about

6) You do not have to decide which keywords to target

7) You do not have to sync the sketch animation video and the audio voiceover

8) You do not have to resize the video to avoid buffering which will kill your marketing message, and you can avoid the frustration caused to your prospect by a video that is too large a file and does not load correctly

9) Sketch animation video removes all the reasons you probably have had as to why you did not want to upgrade your website to include a video marketing message.

Instant Local Marketing Profits is the first web designer in the Las Vegas Valley to offer surprisingly affordable sketch animation video to their clients, and is committed to continually staying on the cutting-edge of marketing advancements. Most business owners think that a sketch animation video would likely cost about $1000 per minute to produce, and I have seen other companies charging this level of fees to create a sketch animation video. But I have good news for you because these videos are not that expensive to produce, optimize for your keywords and post to your website. Price of production of a sketch animation video is based on the length of the video, whether you or I write the marketing message, and how fast you want it completed. A good example of a sketch animation video with voiceover is available at www.InstantLocalMarketingProfits.com

Syndicate Your Sketch Animation Video for Tons of Website Traffic

Once we complete your video, it is advisable to syndicate it on YouTube and other video networks for the most exposure and website traffic possible. Instant Local Marketing Profits knows where and how to syndicate your video for lasting results, and can perform your syndication for you at a nominal price.

Please feel free to contact me by going to the Contact Me tab on this website with the details of your project. I will schedule time to speak with you on the phone to answer your questions and discuss the best way to begin your project. I look forward to speaking with you soon about making your website produce more sales per visitor than your competition’s websites.