Will Mobile Marketing Completely Replace Traditional Yellow Page Advertising?

Mobile marketing has grown by 500% in the last year. At the same time, I have seen printed Yellow Pages use and response decline. I have built 3 of my own businesses with Yellow Page ads since 1977, and I am sad to see this decline. Back then, you could run 1 great Yellow Page ad, and generate new clients all year from that 1 Yellow Page ad design. Then you could refine your Yellow Page ad design the next year making it attract even more new clients. Yellow Page advertising was a simple way to attract a steady stream of clients all year long.

The Biggest New Advertising Trend is Local Mobile Marketing

Since 2004, I have been creating the marketing strategy, writing the copy, and completing the layout on Yellow Page ad designs for medical professional mostly. In this time, I have seen Yellow Pages go from a major source of new patients into a much weaker Media. Yellow Page publishers have offered online versions of the printed Yellow Pages, but if you look at traffic to those Yellow Page websites, you will quickly see that it is not the same as the printed Yellow Pages. The differences between the printed Yellow Pages and online Yellow Pages are:

  • Very few people use the online Yellow Pages
  • You cannot compare ads side-by-side without a lot of trouble online
  • Typically, online listings only show an address and phone number, maybe a map or directions. But the online listings fail to have all the details and response triggers that a printed Yellow Page ad typically had.
  • If there is an online ad, you have to click an additional time to view it.
  • It takes a lot more time to research a vendor in the online Yellow Pages than it does in the printed Yellow Pages.
  • When people go online, they typically use Google’s search to conduct their investigation into vendors
  • With Google queries now going to local search results, it is simpler and more efficient for prospects to search Google where they will find local providers with reviews and  citations to help them make their buying decision, and business locator icons to show them exactly where your business is located.

It is obvious to anyone observing that Yellow Pages usage has declined up to 90% in some categories. I think it still works if you are a business like a dentist or cosmetic surgeon. For prospects who want more information before making a decision, the printed Yellow Pages is the perfect Media to collect information so you can make an informed decision by comparing local providers side-by-side.

Ignoring Mobile Marketing Will Cost You Big Time

But local mobile marketing should not be ignored. It is taking over many types of Media like newspapers, TV, and the Yellow Pages. And the reason is simple. Over 400% more people own cell phones with texting ability than a personal computer or laptop. And they carry their cell phones everywhere with them, so your ability access to a prospect with a mobile device is almost 24 hours a day vs. only when they are in front of their computer.

It is easier and more efficient to contact someone on their cell phone with a text message than by email now. While email open rates continue to decline, text messages are received and viewed within 5 minutes, 95% of the time.

Prospects can now pull out their phones or notepads and get information on local providers including reviews and a map showing the business location within seconds. 4G smart phones are now being distributed, and this change will accelerate local mobile marketing even further into the stratosphere.

Leaders of industry like Google, Facebook and Yahoo are preparing for local mobile marketing as the advertising Media of the future. They are all committed to mobile marketing because they can see it is quickly growing into the #1 Media to cost-effectively and efficiently attract new customers.

Local Mobile Marketing Research

So how does local mobile marketing affect you? There are 2 things you should do research wise regarding local mobile marketing and your business;

1) Check your Google Analytics statistics for your website, and check which browser visitors are using to reach your website. By reviewing your browser tracking, you can see how many visitors to your website are using a mobile device like a smart phone or notepad.

2) Use the Google keyword tool, and set it to mobile device searches. Then you will be able to accurately check and see how many mobile searches are being conducted for your business where you live. If you are a dentist for example, type in “(Your City) Dentist” into Google’s keyword tool set on mobile, and you will see the keywords and volumes of traffic mobile keywords are getting in your area. If you do not know how to do this, contact me and I can conduct the research for you.

When I did this research myself several months ago, I was shocked to see that almost 50% of my website visitors were searching on a mobile device and getting my website designed to be viewed on a personal computer or laptop. Mobile prospects cannot view your regular website on their mobile device. This meant I was losing 50% of the visitors to my website by not being mobile-ready.

Having your website mobile-ready applies to all businesses because 80% of all searches are conducted on Google, and about 50% of Google’s searches now come from a mobile device. If you ignore mobile marketing, you are losing 50% of your potential new clients from the internet.

I could see I needed mobile versions of the most visited pages of my website. Regular websites have too much copy for mobile device users to be able to locate the information they are seeking. What you want to do is create mobile pages that display the most sought after information on your website in a way that is easy to find and read on a mobile device.

Restaurants are almost exclusively searched for now using local search on a mobile device. If you are a restaurant, we need to talk very soon about creating a mobile marketing strategy for your business. There are thousands of hungry prospects searching every day for a restaurant, and you need to make yourself highly visible when they go to search for a restaurant in your area.

Local mobile marketing is a major trend that you cannot afford to ignore. So will mobile marketing replace the Yellow Pages, newspapers and TV as the way we reach prospects for our business? Yes, it already has for the most part.

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