Should Your Mobile Marketing Use QR Codes or SMS Texting to Reach Prospects?

As you begin to understand the wide variety of ways you can use mobile marketing for local business marketing, the question comes up, “Where should I start? With adding QR codes to my ads, or would a SMS text option be better?” I get this question all the time at my Local Mobile Marketing Agency.

These are very valid questions. QR Codes look cool, but will they get used so that my prospects can find the information they seek to make a buying decision? Once you understand QR Codes, you will see that you will need more than one. Some interesting things you can do with QR codes is:

1) Make them the color of your logo or company color for better branding.

2) Use them to drive traffic to your home page of your website.

3) Use them to drive traffic to your mobilized website pages.

4) Use them to drive traffic to a special offer.

5) Use them to drive your prospects to the information they seek.

6) Use them to drive prospects to your loyalty program and enroll to receive monthly specials.

I’ve been reading 2 hours daily about mobile marketing, and what people are finding in the application of QR Codes is that if the prospect has not already downloaded the app to read QR Codes, then the propsect is very unlikely to use the QR Code because their phone can not read it.

The other option is SMS texting. SMS texting is where you display a word followed by some numbers that your prospect can use. SMS texting will probably replace 85% of emails because email open rates are below 50% and declining, while text open rates are about 95% get opened and read within 5 minutes. With SMS texting, you can literally send out a message when you are slow and get response within 1 hour! Mobile phone marketing is a perfect way to quickly fill your calendar with appointments.

There are now more than 400% more smart phones in the world than personal computers, and that number is growing daily. Will use of smart phones replace most uses of personal computers? YES! It is happening already. And texting has already been adopted by the masses.

Smart phones are better than personal computers when it comes to reaching your prospects because prospects carry their smart phone and cell phones with them. Their phones are at arms reach 24 hours a day. By comparison, people are in front of their computers only about 4 hours per day on average. So it is 600% easier to reach your prospects with a text message than with an email message. For that reason, you should be focusing your mobile marketing efforts on building a text message list. I believe that one of the easiest ways to do that is with SMS texting.

I set up a demonstration of SMS texting for you to see for yourself how it works. I have a demonstration/loyalty program set up for your to view. You can see how it works by texting LOYALTY to 313131. Once you do that you will see my return message, and receive my special deals.

For your business, I recommend you have prospects and patients enroll in your loyalty program with SMS texting. It takes no extra apps to make it work, so there is no barrier to the information the way there is with QR Codes. You can set up a loyalty program this way very easily, and then include it in ALL your advertising.

You can also use mobile ads to drive traffic to your loyalty program or any information you want your prospects and/or patients to receive.

URGENT! What is happening with mobile marketing and SMS texting is for every text set of numerals, (mine are 313131) there is only 1 word available. Two people can not have the same numbers 313131 and word “LOYALTY”. So the prime words to use are going fast. I highly recommend starting using SMS texting ASAP before your competition gets ahead of you and secures the word(s) you will want to use.

I can help with your mobile marketing including SMS texting set up. Once we set it up, I can add the SMS texting to your ads and website for you. Mobile marketing is a very important part of your businesses future, and the sooner you get started, the less you will be left behind by this ingneious method to reach affluent prospects on their smart phones.

So to answer the question, “Should I use QR Codes or SMS texting to begin my mobile marketing?”, I prefer SMS texting at this point because QR Codes are not being adopted due to the need of a separate app to read them. If you want to discuss how to design a mobile marketing strategy for your practice or business you can contact me by using the contact form in the right column of this page, or going to the Contact Me tab on this website.