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Do-It-Yourself Print and Yellow Page Ad Design Advertising Toolkits

After 36 years of personal Yellow Page ad design and print advertising experience, I have become America’s most trusted resource and foremost expert in Yellow Page ad design and print advertising profits. In an average year, I review over 731 Yellow Page ads to increase their profits, and complete more than 84 custom Yellow Page ad designs. What I am going to reveal to you here, less than 1 in 1000 business owners know. So turn off all your electronic devices, close your door, and make sure you are not disturbed while you are reading this.

Is Advertising Ethical and Professional?

Some Doctors and small business owners feel that advertising is unethical and unprofessional. Let me tell you the story about Dr. Kellogg who invented Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Dr Kellogg was a Doctor that felt advertising was unethical. And the story goes that Mr. Post came to visit Dr. Kellogg’s health spa as a client. While he was there, he was reported to have stolen some recipes and shortly after his visit came out with “Postem”- a copy of Dr. Kellogg’s health drink. He then came out with “Post Toasties” which was a copy of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Mr. Post became the first cereal millionaire not because he had the product first, but because he advertised his product first. This happens all the time in business. If you do not advertise, it is just a matter of time until you are beat by a local competitor who does. Maybe you are already getting beat by your local competition. I do not think that operating your business at 50% capacity increases your professionalism, or makes you look more ethical. It just kills your profits! Every strategy I teach is both ethical and professional. Here is what you can do to beat your competition every time with your print and Yellow Page advertising.

Why Yellow Pages?

I have seen my clients double and triple their profits from their Yellow Page advertising once they have included the direct response Yellow Page ad design response triggers I teach. There are Billions of dollars of goods and services sold every year thru the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages is where the High-End BUYERS are. With Yellow Pages, the audience is far more predisposed to buy than any other Media.

Consumers pick up the Yellow Pages to make a purchase a staggering 84% of the time!!! And the largest segment of Yellow Page buyers industry statistics show are the high income earners. The 5 reasons you want to target the high income earners are;

1) They are least affected by swings in the economy

2) They are worth 500% more in lifetime customer value than any other market segment

3) They are loyal to service and convenience not price

4) They are the fastest growing segment of our economy

5) Targeting them enables you to do less and make more, so it improves your margin on every sale! We are going to cover more about why it is imperative that you target this high-end group later.

Now, Here Are 4 HUGE Reasons the Yellow Pages
Gives You a Competitive Advantage:

1) Yellow Pages is the Media of buyers. Industry studies show that an astounding 84% of prospects that pick up a Yellow Pages directory make a purchase!

2) The second HUGE advantage is Yellow Page advertising gives you perfect timing of the delivery of your marketing message and offer. It is the only Media that does this automatically. Your prospect sees your advertising at the exact moment that they are ready to buy! PERFECT TIMING OF YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE IS A HUGE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!

3) The 3rd HUGE advantage is that the biggest group, 38%, of all Yellow Page buyers are the top 20% of income earners that control 47% of ALL the disposable income. While most business owners think that the Yellow Pages is the Media of “price-shoppers and tire-kickers”, savvy marketers are reaping HUGE profits by serving the elite status, expensive tastes, and luxurious wants of this group of high-end, free-spending consumers.

4) The 4th HUGE advantage is that most Yellow Page ad design is interchangeable with their competition. They do nothing to stand out as different in a way that their ideal target prospect would find attractive. This makes Yellow Pages the ideal Media to apply Dan Kennedy-Style Direct Response Marketing.

The Yellow Pages is a business owners Gold Mine as an Evergreen source of new cash patients and clients. This creates an automatic conveyor belt bringing you qualified, presold new patients and clients to build your business year after year!!!

This Works in ALL Medias!

The most highly paid and respected Direct Response Marketer I know is Dan Kennedy. He teaches you to use 4 Medias to build your database of ideal clients. The first Media is Direct Mail. The second is Yellow Pages. The third is Val Pac, Money Mailer, piggyback type mailers. And the fourth is your website. So this applies to your Yellow Page ad design, website design, and Val Pac/Money Mailer piggyback mailers you should be using to build your database of ideal clients.

And once you have a dynamite direct response Yellow Page ad design with these 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers®, that does well in the most competitive Media side-by-side with all your competitors, you can easily and quickly remodel it into a newspaper or magazine ad, Free Standing Insert, postcard, flier, door hanger, website, or other promotional piece so there are 7 more ways to leverage this information. The 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers® include all the key components in print advertising.

Even if you do not ever do Yellow Page advertising, you can use these strategies in other Medias very profitably and very successfully. Now I will reveal to you the most costly, common myths that cause Yellow Page advertising to fail, and the insider secrets that make Yellow Page ad design extremely profitable.

The 3 Most Costly, Common Advertising Myths
that Cause Advertising to Fail.

The first myth is that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. That myth was perpetuated by Emerson who lived and died a poor preacher. He had no experience in business, and was not financially successful. I don’t think it’s wise to follow the wealth and success advice of someone who had neither.

I prefer to follow the advice of people like Bill Glazer. He’s a self-made millionaire many times over and one of the brightest marketing minds I know. Bill very accurately describes business as a three legged stool. It takes all 3 legs for your business to remain standing.

The first leg is your skills, education and training.
The second leg is your office, equipment and vehicles.
And the third leg of your stool is your marketing that automatically feeds your business new patients and clients.

Without all 3 legs, you will never have the success you deserve in business. The truth is a guy with excellent marketing and an average product will do better than a guy with an excellent product, and average marketing. Now I am not saying to not have a good product or service, all I’m saying is that when you dovetail great small business marketing with the excellent skills and products you already have… that is when you position your business to be most profitable.

The second myth that causes business failure is that if you grow your business at faster than 20% per year, you will go broke due to cash flow problems. Well now that America is more mobile than ever, more people are moving due to job changes and retirement than ever before. The current rate an average business loses customers is now 19.6%
So if you are only growing your business at 20%, you’re only replacing the clients you’re losing. To maintain only 10% growth per year, you need to attract 30% new clients. And to achieve more aggressive growth of 25% per year you would have to attract 45% new clients after you factor in the rate of attrition of your existing clients.

The third myth is that you should be doing Image advertising. Image advertising is like Nike, Coca Cola, and Target where you advertise to build your logo and Image in the consumers mind.

What they forgot to tell you was that it cost these companies about $150 Million dollars and about 5 years to build that Image. Then it costs about $5-10 Million per year to maintain that Image. Image advertising is totally unrealistic for any small business person. What small businesses need to be using is Direct Response Marketing in their print and Yellow Page ad design. Direct Response Marketing is effective, efficient, and professional. Direct Response Marketing has been described by Direct Response expert Dan Kennedy as, “the quickest path to the sale”.

What Are the Problems with Yellow Page Advertising?

You may have already tried , and not got the profits you expected. It is not your fault that you did not get the results you thought you would, and here is why…

· The problem with Yellow Page advertising is it is the most competitive Media, so you really need to know what you are doing.
· It is the only Media where you are listed side-by-side with all your competitors’ ads.
· It is expensive. You pay monthly payments all year, even for a bad ad.
· It is not like regular advertising that you can cancel after a month.
· You have to sign a contract for what is essentially an annual lease of the space, and you pay every month whether the ad is profitable or not.
· You cannot make changes in your advertising until next year, once it has gone to press.
· It is not a good Media to test in. It would take 5 years to do 5 single variable tests.
· You cannot choose where your ad appears on the page.
· If your ad lands in the wrong place on the page, response can plummet by 10 times. I once had a small in-column ad that returned $10 for every dollar I spent on the ad. I was really happy with that, so I placed the exact same ad the next year. I did not change a coma or a character. Everything was identical, but the ad landed in a bad spot on the page and my response fell from 10 to 1, to 1 to 1. That was an expensive lesson to learn because I had to wait a whole year to fix the problem. That cost me a lot of money!
· And then there are the Yellow Page reps.

Here Are 7 Things that Make Me Really Mad
About Yellow Page Ad Reps.

1) They want to design your advertising, but have no real education about what causes prospects to respond to Yellow Page ad design. They are only trained in up selling you extras that frequently do not increase profits or response.

2) They give you all kinds of horrible advice to steer you in the direction they want you to go.

3) They will say, “We’ll just use the information on your business card”.

4) They will tell you things like you need more open space to draw the eye. But I’ve never seen a prospect respond to blank space. The truth is, “Blank space never sold anything to anybody”. If blank space worked, you could send out blank postcards with just your phone number, and get response. Of course, that doesn’t work in postcards, and it doesn’t work in print and Yellow Page ad design either. It is always the ad with the most compelling bait, and the most “reasons why” that wins the most profits and new clients possible.

5) They will lie to you and tell you you will get “as many proofs as necessary”, but the system is set up to give you your proof at the last minute, frequently without any time to make the necessary changes. And more proofs just mean more trips and work for the rep. So they delay getting you your ad proof, and then a bad ad goes to press. And guess who gets to pay for that bad ad all year. Yea you, that’s right.

6) Your business hemorrhages profits every month because you took their advice. What you did not realize is that they are under orders to homogenize all the ads. To make them all look the same. Because Yellow Page publishers feel that it creates a liability issue for them if they design 1 ad better than another. That is why you absolutely have to take over all typesetting and layout to get exactly what will guarantee you the highest profits and the most new clients possible.

7) They will give you a list of commonly used words under your Yellow Page heading so that “you can look just as professional as the rest of the ads”. But that is horrible advice because what you want your advertising to do is stand out in a favorable and positive way that highlights your uniqueness. I suggest that if you are ever offered a list of commonly used words under your Yellow Page heading, that you use it as a guide of the words to avoid using in your Yellow Page ad design. Then you are guaranteed to stand out as different.

With all this misinformation, it is amazing anyone gets outstanding results from their Yellow Page ad design. It is no wonder so many small business owners have tried Yellow Page advertising and failed. It is really the Yellow Page sales reps. and publishers that I feel are responsible for making none of the ads stand out to the prime target prospect.

Highly Profitable Yellow Page Ad Design

The most highly profitable Yellow Page ad design has a good direct response headline with the most compelling reasons to respond based on the ideal target prospects most cherished wants, and the other 11 Yellow Page Response Triggers™. What you want your ad to do is stand out, not blend in with the other ads. The “design factory” at the Yellow Pages publisher has over 20,000 ads to layout to complete the book, and can commit less than 20 minutes total to the planning, content, and physically layout your ad. The layout guy quickly sees that if he can do each ad in only 15 minutes, he looks like a hero to his boss, and he can take a long lunch break. This is not the system you want to do any of the creative part or layout of your Yellow Page ad design.

BUT HERE’S THE MOST SURPRISING THING! The Yellow Page publishers’ goal is to have all the ads look as much alike as possible so that no business can claim another business got preferential treatment or more time spent on their ad. The publishers’ goal is to have the ads all look the same to reduce complaints that one advertiser got more attention or preferential treatment! They feel there is a liability issue there so they homogenize your ad content. If you have the publishers do ANY of the layout of your Yellow Page ad design, YOU’RE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE THAT KILLS PROFITS! Your ad will have no chance to stand out from the competition.

Here’s 10 Things You Will Want to Include
in Your Yellow Page Ad Design

1) What you want to do in Yellow Page and all print advertising is to stand out as different in a favorable way, and to offer more than your competition.

2) You want to answer the 2 key questions in your ideal target prospects mind.

3) You want to have your ad 10 times more credible than your competitors’.

4) You want to learn what words to never use in your Yellow Page ad design.

5) You want to learn how to expand the profits of your ad without having to pay for a larger, more costly one.

6) You want to take control of the layout, and have it reviewed by an expert before it is published.

7) You want to use the 4 secret words that double Yellow Page ad design response.

8) You want to permanently eliminate the need for referrals.

9) You want to know when is the right time to pay extra for color in your ad or a white knockout background, and when those extras are a total waste of money.

10) You want to give your ideal target prospect the highest number of and most compelling reasons to call you IMMEDIATELY.

You do that by using the 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers ™ detailed in my proven Yellow Page ads marketing system. You also need to understand the 9 Myths of Yellow Page advertising detailed in the Gold Mastery System, so that you’re not fooled by the 9 most costly, common myths.

That brings up two common misconceptions about Yellow Page advertising:

1) Misconception number 1 is that the physical Yellow Pages book will be replaced by the Internet. I thought that too in 1998 that there would be no more physical book by the year 2000, but the reality is that the Internet just added another Media. It did not replace one. The same thing happened when email was introduced. There were experts who said that postal mail would cease to exist and be replaced by email, but what happened is it just added another Media. Postal mail is still here today, and so are the printed Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages publishers just celebrated their 130th year in business. The truth is the Yellow Page advertising is more viable than ever today because many businesses are distracted by the Internet, and trying to make their websites convert to sales. Customers are still going where they are trained to go, to the printed Yellow Pages to find what they want.

2) Misconception number 2 is that Yellow Page advertising does not work. It is not the Media that does not work. It is your use of the Media that did not work. I built 3 businesses on Yellow Page advertising alone, and know of several businesses that generate over $1 Million dollars a year in revenues from their Yellow Page ad design!

The Solution

What is essential in any small business marketing is a consistent supply of new patients and clients. The Yellow Pages is my favorite Evergreen, small business marketing strategy. It allows you to have a continuous flow of pre-screened, presold prospects. Once it is set up, it works automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a whole year!

Why Do You Need the Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Mastery System?

For any business, marketing development precedes income development. In America, we have all been taught to focus on technical skills. Emerson taught that if you “build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door”. But what business owners find when they get out in the real business world is they get the best skills, they get the best equipment, but they’re still not booked solid!

But I’ve found that when business owners dovetail excellent print and Yellow Page ad design, and direct response marketing with the excellent skills they already possess … That’s when they get the grand slam home run!

What advertisers need is a proven Yellow Page ads marketing system that shows you step-by-step how to create a dynamite marketing message. You know, there are 2 ways to learn something, thru the school of hard knocks where you go out and make all the mistakes yourself, or thru the accumulated lifetime experience of someone who’s already getting the results you want. Learning thru others experience is a much more efficient and profitable way to learn. The Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System will save you money, and years of your life in failure and mistakes. It is a road map to the big profits quick and easy! There is an old saying that goes, “A rich man learns from other people’s mistakes, while a poor man only learns from his own mistakes.”

Buying shortcuts to wealth is one of the most incredible things available today. You get my expert advice sent right to the comfort and safety of your own home. You will find everything you are looking for in this Yellow Page ads marketing system, and more! You will find never previously revealed strategies and tactics that create profitable advertisements every time. Following the Instant Yellow Page Profits Gold Mastery System is like putting ALL your advertising on the fast track. It gives you the templates, and the shortcuts to the high profits, fast and easy. It gives you the ability to immediately increase the power and profits of all your advertising by displaying a complete and compelling marketing message. All your advertising will be ineffective until your build a compelling marketing message that is irresistible to your prime target prospect. The Gold Mastery System shows you step-by-step, exactly how to do that. It has been hailed as the premier Yellow Page ads marketing system by more than 37 small business marketing experts in 23 industries.

The Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System takes out all the guesswork in all your print and Yellow Pages advertising. It is a proven Yellow Page ads marketing system that is thoroughly researched, easy to understand, and easy to apply. It includes all the key components in print advertising.

There is no reason to wait until your Yellow Page ad design deadline is close to use this information. You can start using these 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers® in ALL your advertising right now! I have seen people double their profits by using their highly profitable new Yellow Page ad design as a Free Standing Insert in a local newspaper or magazine.

So if you could buy a tool for several hundred dollars that would automatically return you tens of thousands every year, would you buy it? That is what you get in my Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System!

You get the accumulated wisdom of my 36+ years experience running Yellow Page advertising, for just pennies a day. This proven Yellow Page ads marketing system guarantees your success, or your money is cheerfully refunded!

What You Have to Lose

Yellow Page advertising builds value and equity in your business. Prospects will continue calling you for up to 7 years after the ad has appeared. I still get calls off Yellow Page advertising I ran for 5 years and I have not even had a Yellow Page ad in 2 years. But I still get the calls which I refer to another business and get a 40% referral fee for the lead. So I’m still making thousands a month on Yellow Page advertising I ran 2-7 years ago. How do I know this? Because I track my calls in a way that tells me which years ad they are responding to. The most accurate way to track the source of every call is also included in the Gold Mastery system in the chapter on testing and tracking.

If you currently do Yellow Page advertising, or are even thinking about it, you’ll lose tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits PER YEAR that you don’t apply the principles in the Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery system. Just 1 idea or small business marketing strategy can forever transform your businesses profitability. Several of my students have won their industries highest awards by using the 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers™ in their print and Yellow Page ad design. If you add all 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers™ into your advertising, you will kick your competition’s butt so hard they will be wearing it as a hat!

Just 1 new client that you wouldn’t have gained without my system will pay for your entire investment. Everything beyond that is all profit in your pocket. No royalties or licensing fees to pay EVER. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to double and triple your Yellow Page ad design profits while you kill your competition!

Here’s What Doctors and Small Business Owners Have Experienced by Investing in the Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System:

“I just returned from a famous dental marketer’s conference, and I showed them the Yellow Page ad I created with your Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System. The marketing experts giving the conference said in their 20+ years of consulting to dental practices, it was the best dental Yellow Page ad design they had ever seen! Thanks Larry.”
-Dr. Jeffrey Prager, DDS

“The new Yellow Pages book just came out, and today I answered all the calls at our office while our 2 receptionists attended a seminar. I couldn’t believe the response! I would say that 90% of our calls were from our new Yellow Page ad design! I had to put in a 12 hour day just to be sure I printed up all the Work Orders correctly. We are booked solid.”
-Judy and Steve Ransom, Winners of their Industries Highest Award and a brand new Corvette! –President, Daystar Cleaning Inc.

“The fill-in-the-blank format is easy to understand, and I was able to customize it to my practice. I really liked the process you designed to get a testimonial from every client.” -Dr. Lanny Jacob

“Larry Conn is a very bright marketer. He’s become an expert on how to maximize the results of print advertising space.”
-Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing

“Your ad evaluation and feedback on my existing ad was extremely helpful and eye-opening! This is a very user-friendly Yellow Page profits system. It was a wealth of information to draw upon. Learning to use the psychological sequence, continuity, and layout is a big help.”
– Edward Bove, Tax Express

“Larry, your Mastery System spells out A-Z the best way to create Yellow Page advertising that works! Its’ fill-in-the-blank simplicity works beautifully. I thought it was fantastic! No Real Estate investor should be without this system.”
– Matt Gillogly, Real Estate Investors Marketing Consultant

“Larry, this is a “Kick Ass” ad! It certainly communicates what we do, and why the prospect should choose us over the competition.”
-Dr. James Fairfield

“Now I have more calls to my office, more new clients, and more income!”
– Dr. Mike Dossett, DDS

“This is the first time in 22+ years of business I feel confident about generating
exceptional returns on my Yellow Page ad design.”
-Dr. Brian Secrist, DDS, PC

“Understanding and using direct response marketing in Yellow Page ad design makes perfect sense! The segment by segment format made for easy reading and understanding. This is the first time I’ve been confident enough to run a full page ad. I’m excited about my advertising and how I will stand out from the other dental advertising in the book. Thanks again!”
-Dr. Stella’s Children’s Dentistry

“Your Mastery System is easy to understand and implement. Copious examples reveal common mistakes and how to correct them, or avoid them altogether. My expectation is that my ad will DOMINATE my Yellow Page heading resulting in a significant increase in my Return On Investment.”
-Dr. Mark Prather, Chiropractor

“The depth and clarity of the content was very organized and detail oriented. Your Mastery System was very helpful in designing a winning Yellow Page ad design!”
-Dr. Patrick McClusky

“We were making money with our Yellow Page ad design, but now by taking some of Larry Conn’s advice, we are going to generate a LOT more revenue over the coming years. Heck, we spend almost $50,000 per year on Yellow Page ads right now. Once we get these ads changed and upgraded over the next few months, we will be getting probably $3 or $4 to $1 Return On Investment! I give Larry Conn my highest recommendation.”
-Chauncey Hutter, Jr., Real Tax Business Success

“I gotta tell you Larry, I really love your Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Mastery System!”
-Brian Sacks, Loan Officers Marketing Consultant

“Larry, I’m glad I had a chance to meet you in Cleveland at the Glazer/Kennedy Information Marketing Summit. I read the manual and listened to the CD’s I really enjoyed the materials and the simplicity of the system you created. Thinking I don’t need your system almost cost me tens of thousands in profits, per year! Thanks for being patient with me. Now the increased competition in my field doesn’t worry me a bit. Thanks!”
-Tom Nardone, Pre-Foreclosure Marketing Consultant

“I received your Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Mastery System, and within 3 days I was able to create my Yellow Page ad design using your suggestions on response triggers, their placement, ad size and layouts that work.”
-Wayne O’Bryan, Attorney

“You have created an excellent tool for constructing and implementing the response triggers of direct response advertising into the Media of Yellow Pages. I was really impressed by the format of the system. You actually have more than just Yellow Pages information. You actually have a lifetime analysis of direct response marketing fundamentals, and case histories of what you did, what worked, and what didn’t. Your clear thinking and precise explanation makes it an easy to apply system because of its fill-in-the-blank format.
Anyone who studies your material and applies it to their trade cannot help but turn their small business marketing dollars into consistent cash and a great return on their investment.
Thanks for all you have done to put this tool together. A real PASSION! Great Job!”
-Dave Keiter, Winner of his Industries Highest Award for 2002, and a Jaguar convertible. -Owner, Yellow Van Cleaning

“The depth and clarity are great, but the real blessing comes with the illustrations-here a picture is worth a $1000! Being able to SEE how an advertising expert would do it is AWESOME!!!
– Ken Stuart, -Real Estate Investor

“This is the very first, step-by-step, point by point Yellow Page ads marketing system I have come across. If a person will just follow your instructions, their Yellow Page response and closing ratio should explode!”
–John Davis, John Davis’s Tree Service

“Your information tied all the small business marketing training I’ve had together, and directed it to the Yellow Pages. Great Job!”
–Beth Emmers, Real Estate Investor

“It was helpful to have the examples of what works, and what to avoid. I appreciate the extra detail and explanation because I have no background in small business marketing.”
–Wayne Busch

“This Yellow Page ads marketing system made a monumental task into a simple follow the numbers process. So easy to follow. Location of each key response trigger specified by ad size. The in depth description of what each response trigger required made it possible to have a headline that really grabs attention and response. Our ad now gets the prospect involved, and is much more compelling than possible before!”
– Ron Guidetti

“Excellent! Not only did it help me prepare powerful Yellow Page ad design, but it helped me become more clear in understanding what we truly offer our customers. Instant Yellow Page Profits clearly defines the individual key components to profitable print advertising.”
-Mark Bogue, Florida Property Solutions

“I’ve studied lots of direct marketing ideas, and still my mind was packed with new ideas. Larry gives you easy to understand and easy to implement ideas for your specific Yellow Page ad design. He really does all the work for you!”
– Keith Laseter, Master Tax

These are real people, with real results.

Today you have read a lot of valuable information here less than 1 in 1000 business owners know. I have covered a lot in the last several pages, but studies have shown that you will only remember about 5% of what you read by tomorrow, and I could not cover everything I have tested and proven over the last 36+ years in just these few pages. So I want to offer you some tools to invest in so you can profit from the hundreds of thousands of dollars and 36+ years I’ve personally invested in learning how to make the most profits possible with your Yellow Page ads, and all your print advertising.

What is Included in the Gold Mastery System Package?

The Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System – Covers all my insider strategies and secret tactics for all Yellow Page display ad sizes and has chapters on each of the 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers™. These are spelled out in 2 detailed manuals and 3 CDs (audios not available on the system download, only the printed edition) that walk you, step-by-step, thru the Yellow Page ads marketing system. This Yellow Page ads marketing system is the ultimate shortcut to the most profits, NOW. It includes all the key components in print advertising. Here’s some of what’s included in the Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System:

  • How to Quickly and Easily Pre-Determine which words you should NEVER use in your Yellow Page ad.
  • The four words that DOUBLE Yellow Page ad design response.
  • 74 actual ad examples with my comments on what they did right, and where the response killers are in their ads. (See ad examples)
  • How to Answer the 2 Key Questions in your ideal target prospects mind, and turn them into a client immediately.
  • How to Expand Your Ad WITHOUT Paying for a Larger Ad Size. (See chapter 10, pg.3)
  • When and How to use Color and White Knockout Backgrounds, and when they are a total WASTE OF MONEY. (See chapter 16, pg.3)
  • How to Avoid Landing in the most unresponsive part of the Yellow Page book. (See chapter 13, pg.1)
  • How to Develop the 12 key Emotionally Compelling Response Triggers that will make an outrageously profitable Yellow Pages ad for your business. (See pg. 4)
  • The 9 Myths of Yellow Page Advertising. (See chapter16)
  • How to Identify and Avoid the bad Yellow Page publishers in your area. (See chapter 16, pg.2)
  • The Truth about Online Yellow Pages, the Problems and How to Avoid Them.
  • The 4 Biggest Mistakes People make in their Offer, and How to Avoid Them. (See chapter 6, pages 1-4)
  • How to get a Glowing Testimonial from Every Patient or Client with your testimonial system that will give tons of testimonials you can use in all your advertising to prove that you deliver the best value. (See chapter 5, page 3-4)
  • Exactly where to position each of the 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers™ on the page in the top 5 highly profitable ad sizes. This is fill in the blank, paint by numbers easy. You get the psychological sequence right every time so your ad builds compelling reasons for them to “get off the fence’ and call you right now. (See chapter14, pages 4-7)
  • The Top 4 Reasons People Buy products or services. (See chapter 12, pg.1)
  • How to Permanently Eliminate your prospects need for referrals. (See chapter 5, pg.1)
  • How to Determine the Profitability of \any print or Yellow Page ad PREPUBLICATION with the 60 Point Profit Predictor Process™ ad evaluation, and personal guidance from me on your ad. I work with you on your Yellow Page ad design! (See Profit Predictor Process™ certificates in the back of the Mastery system)
  • Certificates for 1 Free, 60 point, Profit Predictor Process™ Yellow Page ad weakness and response killer evaluation. Enhances ad profitability pre-publication! I work with you to maximize your profits on your ad. ($394.00 value)

Over $1782.91 in value, the Gold Mastery System
has sold for only $697.00 plus $37 S&H since 2005.

This is a proven small business marketing and Yellow Page ads marketing system that commonly doubles and triples Yellow Page ad design profits. This gives your business new clients at only a fraction of what your competition has to pay. So not only is your Yellow Page ad design bringing in the most new clients in your area and dominating your Yellow Page competition, but you will dramatically reduce your cost per lead. Your competition will be left scratching their heads, wondering why their Yellow Page ad design response has plummeted.

36th Anniversary Offer- Price Slashed by $600!!!
and Two Super Valuable Bonuses!

I am celebrating my 36 year anniversary in Yellow Page ad design. Here is something special I am willing to offer you. I am going to offer you 2 versions of the Gold Mastery System at a fraction of the price which it has successfully sold since 2004.

And I have two special bonuses that I am willing to include for those of you who take action now. The first bonus will show you how to scientifically predetermine which local Yellow Page publisher is used by your ideal target prospect in your exact area. This saves you from having to be in multiple Yellow Page books because that is rarely necessary once you possess this marketing tip that none of your competitors have or even know exists. This insider marketing secret saved one of my marketing consulting clients over $50,000 per year because they had been advertising in all the Yellow Page books offered locally, and they found that two local Yellow Page publications were a total waste of money.

If you take action on the Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System right now, I will give you that bonus plus a second bonus that details the insider secrets of “Relationship One-Step Marketing”. That second bonus contains the insider secrets to dominating the competition and having the majority of your prospects call you presold. I recommend that you act now so you can use these bonuses to determine exactly which local Yellow Page book your ideal target prospects use and prefer, and position your business to have your ideal prospects call you presold on using you before they have ever met or spoken to you! These are the Yellow Page ad design insider marketing strategies that I use in my own advertising and small business marketing agency.

REMEMBER! The best ad in a Yellow Page publication your ideal prospect does not use will not do well. But a kick ass ad in the local Yellow Pages your ideal prospect does use can make you rich!

When you consider that this investment will be bringing you tons of new business for the next 5-10 years, it is easy to see that it really only costs you pennies a day to create an automatic Yellow Page ads marketing system to feed your business new, presold patients and clients day after day, year after year. This is the automatic Yellow Page ads marketing system that makes getting new patients and clients all year long a breeze. It includes all the key components in print advertising. Make this a turning point in your business life and invest in your Gold Mastery System today! This investment pays for itself, usually the first week your Yellow Page advertising appears. Your investment is protected because you get my Risk-FREE, 10 Times Your Money Back Guarantee.

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Risk-Free, 10 Times Your Money Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that this Instant Yellow Page Profits™ Gold Mastery System will work for your practice and any small business owner that I have a risk-free, 3 Way, 10 Times Your Money Back Guarantee. I want you to understand you are completely protected by my amazing 3-way guarantee. I have removed the risk of taking action on this today.

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1) Gold Mastery System 2 Manuals Download (Does not include the 3 CD audios of me reading the manuals)- This is my step-by-step, “paint-by-numbers” Yellow Page ad marketing system, which leads you through creating a powerfully profitable small business marketing strategy with 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers® for your practice or business. This is your best choice if you have an ad deadline of less than 2 weeks because you can download your Yellow Page ads marketing system immediately. The Gold Mastery system (both downloadable and printed versions) includes my testimonial system that gets 100% of your patients and clients to offer to obligate themselves to give you a testimonial. It includes all the key components in print advertising. You will have tons of great testimonials to use that will increase credibility and profits in all of your advertising.

Click Here for The Gold Mastery System – Downloadable Version -$57USD + NV sales tax, available for immediate download. Certified 100% Secure ordering with Credit Cards and PayPal. Be sure to use your PayPal email when ordering.

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2) Gold Mastery System 2 printed and bound manuals and 3 CD set mailed to your doorstep anywhere in North America. The printed Gold Mastery System includes the 2 printed manuals, testimonial system, and 3 audio CDs of the author, Larry Conn, reading the manuals so you can listen to these proven profitable strategies in your travel time. Orders placed by 2 pm PDT are shipped the same day UPS ground from California. It takes up to 7-10 days to receive your manuals and CDs in the United States depending on the distance shipped. Canadian orders will ship immediately, but may take 2-3 weeks to arrive due to Canadian customs delays beyond my control.

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3) A 2 CD/1 DVD set of 2 – 90 minute teleseminars, and a 1 hour speaking presentation I did on “How to Master the Art of Print and Yellow Page ad design” that hundreds of dentists paid thousands to see. The CD/DVD set covers:

A) What Questions Your Ideal Prospects Need Answered to Make a Buying Decision.

B) What Your Small Business Marketing Strategy and Advertising Needs to Include for Your Advertising to Outperform Your Competition.

C) The 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers® that Answer Every Question in a Prospect’s Mind.

D) How to Attract the High-Income Patients and Clients.

This CD/DVD set is an excellent value, and is available to United States addresses only for only $20USD + NV sales tax, shipping and handling included while limited supplies are available.

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To Your Profits,
Larry Conn

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