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Slash Your Advertising Costs While Increasing Incoming Calls and Sales for Your Local Service Business. My Goal is Your Success!

My goal is to end local service businesses wasting money on advertising that fails to return many times the amount invested, and grow profits! My clients are shown how to reduce the cost to get the phone to ring and make a sale. Have you ever paid for local advertising you thought would work, only to be sadly disappointed with the sales generated? Then I can help!

2 Critical Mistakes that Cause Local Service Businesses Advertising to Fail

After auditing hundreds of local service businesses advertising sent to me from 47 states and 9 foreign countries, I have found they ALL make the same 2 critical mistakes that kills profits.

The first mistake is using too few Advertising Response Triggers™. Most advertising only contains 2- 3 Advertising Response Triggers™. Using only 2-3 Advertising Response Triggers™ does not raise the prospect’s interest level high enough for them to call you immediately.

But when you add up to 12 Advertising Response Triggers™, your prospect’s interest level goes so high that they immediately reach for the phone to call and make an appointment. Up to 12 Advertising Response Triggers™ will also outperform all your competitions’ advertising, and positions your business for market domination. This puts your local service business in the enviable position of getting incoming calls and sales at a fraction of what your competition is paying. This advertising upgrade not only increases your profit margin immediately, but makes all your advertising more responsive and profitable.

The second most common mistake that kills advertising response is using the wrong Media. You can have the best marketing message in your advertising and still fail because it needs to be seen where your local prospects go to search for a provider when they do not have a referral from a friend. 20% of prospects find a referral from a relative, friend or neighbor, but that leaves 80% of prospects searching for a local service provider!

12 Advertising Response Triggers™

I specialize in developing a powerful marketing message with up to 12 Advertising Response Triggers™, and positioning it in the right Media where 80% of all prospects go to find a provider. It’s NOT where most local service businesses think it is. This is why all their advertising under-performs and is too expensive.

You may have tried local advertising and failed. It’s not your fault. You may have just copied your competition, who are making the same 2 advertising mistakes most local service businesses make when implementing their local advertising.

3244% Increase in Incoming Service Calls!

You can view the case study that produced a 3244% increase in incoming service calls for my client here

Free Advertising Audit

How can I help your local service business? It all starts with a Free Advertising Audit of your current advertising to see how it can be improved and upgraded to perform optimally. If you do not have any local advertising yet, I can save you a lot of time and money because you will not have to try the plethora of advertising Media to see which one works right now for your local service business.

I can position your local service business to get the phone ringing with new sales on your first campaign.

Click Here to Start Saving Big Money on Your Local Service Business Advertising by getting your advertising audited and/or scheduling a Free Discovery Call.

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