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Advertising Mini Master Class

This Mini Master Class in Local Service Business Advertising Includes:

  • The 12 Advertising Response Triggers™
  • 10 Questions Your Prospect Needs Answered to Make a Buying Decision
  • A Prospects Ladder of Desire and Convincer Strategies
  • Most Profitable Media for Local Service Businesses

Here are the 12 Advertising Response Triggers™ that are proven to work in ANY Digital or Print Advertising:

1) Unique Selling Proposition – This is what makes you stand out as different and better than your competition. Why should your ideal target prospect pick your business over any and all choices?

2) Targeted, Benefit Filled Headline – Your headline should stop your ideal target prospect in their tracks by highlighting the top benefits sought by your ideal target prospects.

3) Emotional, Pertinent Photo or Graphic with Caption – Images are important to attract the eye and tell your story, but they must be captioned to be easily understood. Captions are also important so that scanners get the point when they first scan your advertising.

4) Guarantee, Personal Promise – Shows you stand behind your work, and provide good value.

5) Powerful Reviews or Testimonials – Reviews and testimonials add credibility to your marketing message, and proves you deliver value to your clients. Prospects now use others experiences to make a buying decision more than ever.

6) Bullets – Helps scanners get your marketing message, along with “Dual Path of Readership”.

7) Secondary Means of Response – Use your website and other online properties to build the value of your services and deliver more information about the benefits of using your local service business.

8) Compelling Offer For New Ideal Clients –Their main judgment on the value you provide will be determined on their first purchase. The offer is what knocks the prospect off the “fence of indecision”, and gets them to call to book your first available appointment.

9) Call to Action -Tell them what to do next and create urgency.

10) Media – Your advertising must be in the Media prospects use to find a local provider when they do not have a referral for them to see it.

11) Ad Sequence, Continuity and Layout – Reader gravity/continuous eye flow. Many ads lack continuous eye-flow making the prospect jump over and miss many selling points. The prospects’ eye should be lead to start at the top left and read continuously until they get to the bottom right corner of the advertising. This also increases comprehension, which is important because people do not buy what they do not understand.

12) Phone Number(s), Soft Offer – Adding “Free, friendly phone advice” doubles response in my testing. If you can get them to call and ask a question, you have them on the phone to book an appointment with your valuable incoming call script. Many times a prospects just needs a question or two to answered to feel confident enough to book an appointment.

Advertising 101 –

No local service business ever dominated their market with bad advertising. But superior marketing

has created market domination time after time!

  • The right message (12 Advertising Response Triggers™)
  • To the right market (Most profitable niche)
  • At the right time (When they need it)
  • In the right Media (Where they go to find local service businesses when they don’t have a referral)

Message + Market + Timing + Media = Profitable advertising

Your Prospects’ Ladder of Desire

Prospects have different levels of information and “convincer strategies” needed to be confident enough to make a buying decision.

  1. The first group needs some information to make a purchase or appointment.
  2. The second group needs more evidence.
  3. The third group needs overwhelming evidence.

Your marketing message in your print advertising and online advertising needs to address all three groups “convincer strategies” to maximize advertising response and profits.

The 10 Questions Your Prospect Has to Have Answered Before Making a Buying Decision:

You will not see this information anywhere else. I developed this list of questions in the prospects mind after studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and completing hundreds of marketing strategies for local service businesses. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science of how the human brain sorts information. Here are the questions in your prospects’ minds.

1) What’s in it for me?

2) What’s the risk to me?

3) Who can I speak to if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

4) Why should I do business with you above any and all choices?

The first 33% of prospects make a purchase after these top 4 questions in their mind are answered. (Prospects that make a buying decision easily.)

5) Who else has done business with them?

6) How easily accessible are they?

7) How do I contact them, and what do I do next?

8) Why should I buy or make an appointment right now?

The second 33% of prospects make a purchase after the first 8 questions in their mind are answered. (Prospects that need more information make a buying decision here.)

9) How can I find out more about this?

10) What if I want to speak to a real person to ask a question, before I make a buying decision?

The third 33% of prospects buys only after ALL 10 of the questions in their mind are answered, every time they make a purchase! (These prospects need overwhelming reasons to make a buying decision every time.)

When you have only 2 – 3 Advertising Response Triggers™ in your marketing message, you are only raising interest levels to where the first 33% might have enough information to buy. That means you miss interesting 67% of your prospects.

You need to be selling to 100% of your target market, not just the first 33% like most local service business ads.

The 12 Advertising Response Triggers™ answer every question that all 3 groups of prospects have in their decision-making “Ladder of Desire”. That is why it is essential to add as many response triggers as possible to your marketing message to answer the questions in all 3 groups of prospects’ minds.

Most Profitable Media for Local Service Businesses

If you were playing darts, you would shoot for the bull’s-eye to try to gain the most points.

What you want to do with local service business advertising is focus exclusively on what will bring you the most calls from your ideal target prospects at the lowest possible cost. This is where choice of Media is critical.

One of the biggest reasons local service businesses advertising fails is they use the wrong Media. You can have the best marketing message, niche market and timing, but if you advertise in the wrong Media, virtually no one will see it at the exact time they need your service.

Example: Many local businesses where I live advertise on mailer inserts, radio or billboards. This type of advertising produces very few incoming calls and is too expensive because the marketing message is delivered at the wrong time.

You need to enter the conversation going on in the prospects’ mind. Ask, “Where do prospects go when they do not have a referral from a friend, neighbor or relative?” If you are a local service business, do prospects listen to the radio or go for a drive to find a billboard when they need a provider? The answer is “No”. They go to the internet.

But where on the internet do they go… Yelp?

Currently, about 80% of prospects without a referral go to Google. Only about 10% of prospects click on the paid ads at the top because they know that they bought their rank, may contain viruses and may lack relevancy to the search term queried.

Google My Business 3-Pack

Under the Google pay per click ads on desktop is the Google My Business 3 pack. Ranking in this area is highly profitable. Google My Business (GMB) pages are also the only listings that show up on mobile devices, which is more than 50% of all search queries. Consequently, this is an area to really focus your marketing efforts.

Below the Google My Business 3 pack are the website listings. My clients tracking shows that about 70% of their new business comes from their Google My Business page and 30% from their website. This means your GMB page is twice as important as your website!

The website listings are frequently not visible and prospects need to scroll down just to see them. Studies on website behavior show that less than 50% scroll at all. This means that even if your website is on page #1 of Google, you are still losing 50% of potential prospects because they do not scroll down to where the websites are listed.

Now more than 50% of all searches are on a mobile devices, so it is SUPER-IMPORTANT that your website looks great and conveys your marketing message and call to action well on mobile too!

As I stated previously, no local service business has dominated their marketplace with weak, unresponsive advertising. But superior marketing

has created market domination time after time!

Here is your chance to identify how to upgrade and position your local service business advertising, at no cost or obligation to you!

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