Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the most cost-effective and consistent way to generate sales for local practices and businesses? Google My Business and Directory Advertising

2) How can I find out if Google Hates My Website? “Live” Deep Website Audit & 10 Point Road Map

3) What are the top 2 online locations I should position my local practice or business for the most consistent, and cost-effective sources of new sales? Google My Business andLocal Search Engine Optimization

4) How do you create online credibility? Online reviews are “Word of mouth in print”. Businesses with great reviews get higher conversion to sale from the same traffic. Businesses with bad reviews repel prospects to their competition. I have a review system for getting more 5 star reviews than what you are doing now. Local businesses with a review system will wind up with more good reviews, consistently, and higher credibility, which is what Google likes to see as reviews are a MAJOR ranking factor. See what Larry’s Clients say about his work here.

5) Is Yelp pay-per-click a good deal? No, it is too much money for less than 5% market share, and my testing shows you spend $130 for every $100 of business you get, so you will be losing profits big time.

6) How can I find someone with the personal experience to lead my campaigns through all the pit falls to a successful advertising campaign? Highest ROI Possible

7)  How can I monitor website visitor activity to see where they go, and why they leave without buying? I recommend using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and for the most information, videos of all visitors visits, where they click, where they scroll, etc… These upgrades can be installed on your website relatively easily.

8) Is it true that Google will begin displaying “Not Secure” on non-HTTPS websites in October 2017? Yes, it is true. I have already upgraded my sites and some of my clients sites to HTTPS, so I know all the broken links and challenges in this upgrade. See how in the address bar for this site it says, “Secure”? Website owners that upgrade now will get increased sales. Website owners that upgrade later will see no increase in sales. “Early adopters win again!”

9) Are the new Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) a good idea for local businesses? Yes, if you get more than 50% of your traffic from mobile devices, like local restaurants and attractions. (Check your Google Analytics for exact mobile vs. pc traffic percentages.)

If you have a question not answered here, please use the contact form on my Contact page, and I will answer your question promptly.