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Frequently Asked Questions

No, advertising on your own when you don’t know what works is the most expensive advertising a local service business can do because of the dismal results. And what is the cost of open slots on your calendar in the last year? If you add this up, open slots on your calendar is typically the biggest loss of potential income for local service businesses. But when you fill your calendar with paying clients, your margin and profits increase dramatically!

Working with many local service businesses for years has shown me what is working right now to promote local service businesses. The truth is I reduce local service businesses advertising expenses so dramatically that even including my fee they are paying less and getting more incoming calls for service. I believe in finding the “win-win” in every negotiation, because I only win when my client truly wins too!

Good marketing more than pays for itself, and my fees are a fraction of the cost of having a lesser-skilled marketing person in house.

In your Free Discovery Call, I will locate and recommend ending the marketing that is not working. This frees up that budget to be used for advertising that is already proven to make your phone ring with new business.

No. I will make recommendations of the top things to do to advance your business marketing development. Some of these can be done by the business owner, and some require specific expertise to complete. I will let you know what you can do, and only complete those tasks if you prefer I do it for you.

Yes. I establish the baseline of where your business is now. Then you will receive reports about every month showing the progress achieved. I will email you short screen share videos that show you what I am seeing with the specialized software subscriptions I use to track your progress in building your business.

Yes. This is the dream of many local service business owners. I have sold 3 local service business myself, and know what it takes to build a local service business to the point where someone will pay top dollar for it. The first 2 things you need to build the value of your local service business are:

  • An accurate, up to date database of your clients
  • Turn-key marketing that the new owner can use to continue to make the phone ring with new business. There are other things needed, but these 2 are the best place to start.

YES! By studying your Google Analytics reports (free software available from Google), we can determine how to make more money from your existing website traffic. Heat maps tracking can also determine where your prospects are focusing their attention on the page, whether they scroll down and where they click out of your website. This enables us to make upgrades to keep more visitors on your site longer, which will increase sales from your existing website traffic.

Places to start the website upgrades are:

  • Improving the copy with the 12 Advertising Response Triggers™, especially where visitors focus most.
  • Making sure your website answers the 10 questions all prospects need to be ready to make a buying decision. (Most websites only answer 2 – 3 questions in the prospects mind)
  • Moving your offer to where visitors will see it most.
  • Removing bottlenecks and choke points in the website that cause visitors to click out of the site.
  • Making it super-easy to contact you to get their questions answered.

Yes. I do not recommend faking or buying reviews, because it is unethical and will backfire when Google figures out what you are doing. You can boost your total reviews number and star rating using ethical and honest methods that are proven to do just that!

No. I have helped with local service businesses marketing in 47 states and 9 foreign countries, so I know how to get the upgrades done regardless of your location.

No, there is no contract. My work is on a month-to-month basis. I will prove my value to you, or you can cancel with just 30 days notice to close down the account.

Yes, and my work is surprisingly affordable!

Yes. That is exactly what the Free Discovery Call does. I will answer your questions, and let you know the next steps to growing your business at no charge. There is no sales pressure on these calls. The Free Discovery Call is just a discussion with a recognized marketing expert to determine the next steps to growing your local service business. You can schedule your Free Discovery Call today by clicking the button below.

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