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Do Prospects Use Reviews to Make a Buying Decision?

Consumers use reviews to help make a purchase now more than ever. Do you have a system that generates positive reviews from your actual clients?

If you do not, you should start now. Local service businesses with the highest star rating and a high number of reviews get more business because consumers feel confident they will be happy with their purchase. Consumers use other people’s reviews now more than ever and they are an essential part of your marketing message. Positive reviews and testimonials are a highly effective Advertising Response Triggerâ„¢.

Your Google review profile also affects how your Google My Business page ranks. Ask me how to improve your Google review profile, and get more 5 star reviews from your actual clients.

Yes, reviews can be faked and bought, but I do not recommend that because it usually backfires when Google figures out what you are doing, removes the fake reviews and downgrades your ranking substantially. Google can even suspend your Google My Business page for posting false and misleading reviews because it is against their Terms of Service.

What every business needs is a review system, and I can recommend the best way to generate a steady flow of positive reviews.

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