Only One Accurate Way to Track Advertising that Avoids Human Errors and Inaccuracies

I recommend you hold all your advertising accountable. The way you do that is with call-tracker phone numbers. These call-tracker phone numbers immediately forward to your main phone line, and are used to see how many calls are generated by a specific advertising campaign.

This is the only way to accurately track advertising campaigns results.

You can even (legally) set up call recording to see how the calls are answered, and how the incoming call process can be improved. I have never seen an incoming call process I could not improve.

Implementing an Incoming Call Script Can DOUBLE Profits from Your Advertising

Advertising becomes much more profitable when an incoming call script is implemented. I have seen local service businesses go from booking an appointment on 1 out of 3 calls to booking an appointment on 2 out of 3 calls. This simple step DOUBLES profitability!

Call tracking, recording and implementing an incoming call script are 3 very valuable tools you can use to improve ALL your advertising results immediately!

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