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Are Pay-Per Click Ads the Place to Start Advertising?

What every local service business should be doing with their advertising is creating a staircase. The first step in the staircase is implementing the advertising that will bring you the highest response and Return On Investment (ROI). The second step should be the second most profitable Media, which will produce calls at a slightly higher cost than the first step. The third step should be the third most profitable Media to advertise in, and so on.

Let’s say you pay $10 per click, and it takes 3 clicks to generate a call, and 3 calls to book an appointment or make a sale. That means it cost $90 to make a sale, and that is too much for most local providers. There are much less expensive ways to get the phone ringing with new business that we can discuss on your FREE Discovery Call.

For this reason, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Google Ads are NOT the place to start your local advertising. They might be second or third steps for most local businesses. Google searches are “intent based”, while Instagram and Facebook are “interruption marketing”.

Interruption Marketing requires special considerations and consistent follow up because the prospect is not showing the intent to purchase now. Pay-per-click ads like this may prove to be too expensive, but you can test on a small basis and see if it will work as a source of new business.

If you are currently doing pay-per-click advertising, you know how expensive it can be. Do yourself a favor and book a FREE Discovery Call so we can determine where you can get incoming calls at a fraction of what you are paying with pay-per-click.

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