Does Your Website or Google My Business Page Attract More New Business?

Google My Business is a free page and website that Google makes available to every local business. Google recognized that local businesses cannot compete with large national websites like Yelp, Home Advisor, etc… so they created Google My Business pages to appear for hyper-local results in about a 5 mile radius around the businesses address.

This page is actually more important than your website because Google My Business listings appear ABOVE the website listings on desktop computers. Additionally, Google My Business listings are the only listings on mobile devices, which will take you to Google Maps. For all local businesses, it is more important to rank in the top 3 in Google My Business than it is to be on page #1 of Google with your website, because prospects have to scroll to see the website listings on desktops, and only 50% of prospects scroll at all.

Local Service Businesses that are ranked in the top 3 of Google My Business get the majority of the prospect calls

because they are the first 3 most relevant listings to the search query listed highest on the results page.

In the example below left , you can see how Google My Business (GMB) pages are listed above the websites on Desktop, and are the only listings on Mobile devices that will display Google Maps listings only (below right).

Google My Business Rankings

Many local service business owners mistakenly believe that they can just look at their phones or pc and get their Google rankings. But there are hundreds of factors that affect rankings, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get accurate ranking results that way. I know it is counter-intuitive, but that is the way it works, and I can prove it!

Where do your best prospects go the 80% of the time they do not have a referral from a friend or relative? Call Tracking studies show the majority go to Google to find a local provider. But where on Google do they go first?

• to the Google Ads?

• to the Website Listings?

• or to the Google My Business Pages 3-Pack?

Call tracking studies prove conclusively that the majority of prospects search in the Google My Business listings more than all other sources combined (Google ads and your website listing). Google My Business pages are where Google exclusively displays local results for mobile and pc users. Prospects do not trust the ads that paid for ranking. Consequently, less than 10% click on the pay-per-click ads. And 50% of prospects do not scroll at all, so they never reach the website listings below the 3 pack for Google My Business pages. Additionally, searching for a provider on a mobile device takes you to Google Maps, where only Google My Business (GMB) pages are listed by how they rank locally.

My call tracking studies have shown that a prospect is much more likely to go to your GMB page first. Then if they need more information, they click the website icon to go to your website for the additional information they need to make a buying decision.

This means your Google My Business page is more visible locally and important for generating incoming calls than your website. (Many business owners are surprised to discover this truth!)

So what is the most important factor in your Google My Business page generating the most calls possible? How your business ranks vs. the local competition, which is very high here in Las Vegas.

My specialized software uses Google’s API to accurately show your Google My Business page rankings in up to 169 places in a 5-mile radius around your practice or business in a Geogrid Local Ranking Report.

Business owners I have spoken to say, “Yes, I checked my rankings on my phone and I rank #1, but I still don’t get many calls from Google!” This is because local rankings are difficult to understand, and take into account hundreds of algorithm factors not publicly disclosed by Google. Since location is a HUGE ranking factor, you should rank #1 from your location because you are the closest provider.

*If you do not rank #1 from your practice or business location, you have major problems with both your website and Google My Business page that need to be fixed immediately to prevent you from losing more money in lost business.

Here are some more examples of geogrid local ranking reports:

This geogrid shows how you can rank #1 at your location, but rank poorly where your prospects search for a local provider.

The geogrid ranking report above shows rankings around the local business as low as 18th and 19th, which is too low to be seen by the majority of prospects even though they rank #1 at their business address.

This next geogrid local ranking report shows dramatic improvement in rankings which DOUBLED Incoming Calls and Slashed Advertising Expenses from more than $30 per call to under $10 per incoming call!