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Does Website Design, Development and Security Matter?

Website design, development and security are very important to being highly visible online and on Google. Cheap template websites, are exceptionally hard to rank in the search engines, and that is why I recommend WordPress websites. WordPress was reverse-engineered to be easily indexed and understood by Google. I have seen the Vice President of Google on video say how much he loves WordPress. WordPress websites cost a little more, but pay off in the long run.

Security is also a concern with websites because bots scour the internet looking for security vulnerabilities. Bots, not humans, do 99% of hacking, so it is not a personal attack.

I have had clients ask, “But why would someone hack my little website?” The answer is bots can hack hundreds of unsecured and unmaintained vulnerable websites, and then use the power of those hundreds of websites to conduct what is called a DOS attack on a targeted website. You can read about DOS attacks on the internet. Some website owners have been hacked for this purpose, and don’t even know it because there are no obvious symptoms of a security issue or attack.

Other website owners have become the target of DOS attacks and had their sites crash suddenly, display videos from a porn site or get hacked for other purposes.

To minimize the chances of your website being attacked, you need regular maintenance to patch known vulnerabilities in the WordPress program, the plug-ins and themes that make up the coding of your website.

I get security notifications from a reliable source so I can remove problematic and unsupported programs, plug-ins and themes in the websites I manage when they become vulnerable to hacking.

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